Goodnight Turkey!

* ‘Secularism is restricting the religious freedom of the individual’-


* Think about it. Let it sink in. Freedom to choose your religion, including freedom from religion, is ‘restricting the freedom’ of the Islamic zealots to regulate your life and to whack you into submission.

‘Secularism is restricting the religious freedom of the individual’-

Unquestioned, this is what we’ve been hearing lately, from the Islamists who want to take ‘secular’ Turkey (which it never was) back to the 7th century. But this bullshit is what just about all of the half- witted, politically correct western media apes reported for weeks now:

The argument is perverse. It is the same as a prison inmate claiming ‘being outside is too confining, I prefer the rules and regulations of the prison system, at least I get 3 meals a day and I have a place to sleep’.


Secular Turks demonstrating for Democracy

Since, in any society, the primitives will always and everywhere outweigh the others, it was important that those to whom, thanks to Kemalism, the freedom to think was granted, should never have taken those freedoms for granted. Now it may be too late. Make no mistake; there is a program by those who want more and more Islam. Its proponents are patient: look at the statements about waiting for the right moment by the sweet-reasonably sinister Mr. Gulen, waiting in his Washington-area exile, for the results of the election.

Fitzgerald: Kemalism on the ropes


There are few societies in which the veil and the cocktail dress coexist for long. One usually drives the other out.

“Ataturk’s modern secular Turkey has simply been outbred by fiercely Islamic Turkey. That’s a lesson in demography from an all-Muslim sample

Onur Oymen of the secularist Republican People’s Party recently denied that the secularist ralliers represented “moderate Islam.” He declared: “You can’t have democracy without secularism. The notion of moderate Islam to check radical Islam is nonsense. This idea being promoted by certain countries should be abandoned.”

Link: Australia Tomorrow


Britain’s far left Gurdian supports Islamofascism, communism, cannibalism, or any totalitarian dictatorship as long as its not ‘right wing’- even if it takes us to the abyss:

Turkey’s PM wins historic landslide


Ululating Islamofascists in Istanbul last night


Fitzgerald: Ataturk’s legacy 

 Turkey: The Next Islamic Republic

In the end, the secular Turks didn’t do enough. They lazily relied on the army to protect them, the army that would stage a coup and come to their rescue. But an army can stage a coup only when Islam is still in a state of weakness. Now the same infiltration that has gone on in many parts of Turkish society has also been going on, still at the lower levels, of the army. And given the way in which the Islamic forces have so cleverly used their time in office to appear, quite wrongly, as a “moderate” force, a “new kind of Islam” — the kind of thing that the defeated secularists and Western governments all want desperately to believe because the truth is too unpleasant, too hard to take — one wonders if the army can indeed stage another coup. 

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  1. Secularism is too constricting? These people would rather have everyone placed into straitjackets called Islamania. The biggest mistake Kemal made was to not abolish Islam along with the caliphate. The Turks had better be careful-they seem to be at the same point in their history as Iran was in 1978.

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