Haneef released to home detention

TERROR suspect Mohamed Haneef will be released but forced to stay in residential detention.

Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said Dr Haneef would be freed from immigration detention, but he’d stay in what he called ‘residential detention’ at his Gold Coast home for the time being.

“That means that rather than being detained in immigration custody, namely in Villawood or some facility such as that, he will be released into residential detention which means that he can reside at his unit on the Gold Coast,” Mr Andrews told reporters.

“Or if he wishes to reside somewhere other than that unit on the Gold Coast, then any reasonable request in that regard will be taken into account and met.”

Mr Andrews said he would seek further advice from the commonwealth solicitor-general about whether he would need to reverse his decision to cancel Haneef’s visa.


Haneef terror charge a ‘mistake’

THE Federal DPP has dropped the terror charge against Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef, branding it a mistake by a prosecutor in a hurry to get to court.

TERROR suspect Mohamed Haneef, here with wife Firdaus on the Gold Coast, has had the charge against him dropped.

In a media conference this afternoon, Dirrector of Public Prosecutions Damien Bugg said he had established that there was no basis for the prosecution’s assertion in court that Dr Haneef’s SIM card was used in a terror attack at Glasgow Airport.

* He only shared the same house with the terrorists and is closesly related to them. Not that he ever noticed anything, of course…

The prosecutor had been in a hurry and “made a mistake”, Mr Bugg said.

Haneef could face more charges

AUSTRALIAN Federal Police head Mick Keelty has not ruled out more charges being laid against terror suspect Mahomed Haneef.

Speaking at a news conference after the terror charge against Dr Haneef was dropped, Mr Keelty defended his agency’s handling of the case, and did not rule out further charges against Haneef.

Asked by a journalist whether the case had been a fiasco, Mr Keelty said: ”They are your words, not mine.

‘The police investigation has been thorough, I make no apology for that, nor should I in a terrorism investigation in this country.

”We have done our job well in this instance, we have done our job professionally.”

Mr Keelty listed challenges in the investigation, such as the enormity of information that had to be considered and the time difference between the United Kingdom and Australia.

“The organisation and the investigation team in particular has worked to a deadline to achieve those ends, and at the same time meeting some of the obligations that we have at an international level to provide some answers back to the UK,” he said.

“So the team has at all time acted professionally.”

Asked if he would rule out further charges, Mr Keelty said: “The investigation is continuing.

“We don’t intend to scale down the investigation,” he said.

* Good on you, Keelty. Show us the money. Or start reading ‘Prophet of Doom’ or the ‘Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades’- it might help you understand the meaning of jihad in the context of Islamic conquest.


Mufti Ali Goma’s doublespeak exposed:

Its all the fault of ‘secularists wo are trying to distort the image of Dr Goma’- of course:

Top Egyptian Cleric Denies ‘Freedom to Choose Religion’ Comment
Cairo: Egypt’s top cleric yesterday denied in a statement that he had said a Muslim can give up his faith without punishment.

Ali Goma’a, the mufti of Egypt, was quoted as saying in a posting on a Washington Post-Newsweek forum that Muslims are free to change their faith and this is a matter between an individual and God.

“What I actually said is that Islam prohibits a Muslim from changing his religion and that apostasy is a crime, which must be punished,” Goma’a said.

* Talking from two sides of his mouth in the Arafat tradition. The lies for the infidels and the truth in Arabic…

The alleged fatwa coincides with an uproar over the case of 12 Egyptians who converted to Islam from Christianity and now want to re-embrace Christianity.

“There is a campaign by secularists to distort the image of Dr Ali Goma’a,” a senior official in Al Azhar told Gulf News.

“He cannot deny punishment in this life for the apostate,” said Mustafa Al Chaka of the Islamic Research Centre.

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  1. Great-another Muslim Mengele on the loose. Now if he commits some kind of atrocity his excuse will be “I became a radical after I was arrested-before that I was peaceful”, blah blah blah. A pity a tracking device can’t be implanted into such people-if they’re found to engage in atrocities, push a button and blow them up.

  2. “So the team has at all time acted professionally.”

    That farce involved teamwork? 🙂

    When will any of them take Islam seriously, and act accordingly?

    I hope you lurk in here, Mick. I don’t hold any malice towards you, or any of our bumbling politicians, but wake up & smell the Jihad. It’s all around.

    Where’s Elliott Ness?

  3. ISLAMSFORLOSERS said “Great-another Muslim Mengele on the loose.”

    A few years ago, IIRC, the Federal Govt. was limiting the number of Oz trained doctors, by not giving them Medicare provider numbers, effectively making it impossible for them to practice medicine. Now we have “chronic shortage” of doctors that must be met through immigration. With it comes the peaceful ones, and their take on medicine; and what better place to get access to poisons, toxins & chemicals than in hospitals? Jihadi supermarket!

  4. Off-topic, but topical – Andrew Bolt is back, for anyone who hasn’t noticed.

    The Washington Post “Muslims Speak Out” propaganda hasn’t formally acknowledged Gomaa’s doublespeak, but it has Tony Blair sticking to his script of “Moderate Islam Must Triumph”, and Dhimmy Carter with his “People of Faith Share Much Common Ground” crap.

  5. Keelty really stuffed this case up, IMHO. The politicians acted on his advice.

    He should go.

    I was angry with him after the Bali 9 case when he delivered those young drug dealers into the hands of Indonesia’s death-row happy cops. I have no time for drugs, but these kids should have been arrested in OZ which is where those drugs were heading.

    He has no credibility any more.

    Thanks Mullah. I noticed Bolt is back:)
    He has a thread on this stuff-up today, Saturday.

  6. “Thanks Mullah. I noticed Bolt is back:)
    He has a thread on this stuff-up today, Saturday.”

    He’s in fine form, too! Howard & Co. are in a fix a few months from an election, and with APEC coming up in October. I’m sure some of the local jihadis would be waiting & watching to see what becomes of Keelty. If he stays, he is “damaged goods”. If he goes, his replacement will have little time to deal with the Haneef blowback, let alone APEC, which must be jihadi prime time. October 2007 might be a good time to avoid the Sydney CBD.

    If we had a few straight-talkers in power, instead of people talking in riddles, evasions, circles etc, like this exchange at a typical Ruddock press conference…


    These 25 are believed to be of concern coming up to the APEC…


    No, no, it is believed that whoever spoke to somebody or said they spoke to somebody may have received information to that effect and I can’t either confirm or deny that information.

    Plagiarising old “Yes Minister” scripts again. 🙂

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