Malaysia: “There is no compulsion in Religion” Turns Into 6-Month Indoctrination Session

* ‘There is no compulsion in religion’ is one of the favorite taqiyya-lines, or escape hatches that Muslims use when confronted with the prosecution and physical threats to unbelievers in Islamic countries, where ‘no compulsion’ obviously means ‘you can have any religion as long as its Islamic’


Islamic Tolerance Report from AP

HAH ALAM, Malaysia—A Muslim-born woman who was forced to spend six months in an Islamic rehabilitation center because she wants to live as a Hindu said Friday after her release that she will never return to her original faith.
Revathi Masoosai, 29, said officials at the center tried to make her pray as a Muslim, wear a head scarf and eat beef, a practice sacrilege to Hindus.

“Because of their behavior, I loathe Islam even more now,” she told reporters. “They say it’s a school, but it’s actually a prison.”

Her case is one of a growing number of conflicts in Malaysia between religious freedom and state policies that favor Islam, the official faith of this southeast Asian nation. The battles have strained ethnic relations in the multicultural nation.

* Irene ‘Gulag’ Khan, resident Islamic agit-prop from Amnesia Intentional. was not available for comment…

5 thoughts on “Malaysia: “There is no compulsion in Religion” Turns Into 6-Month Indoctrination Session”

  1. What can we say, ignorance among some malay muslims in malaysia, makes it very difficult. they hide behind the veil of islam, when islam actually promotes love and understanding. to those poor souls who live in their biggotry, the more you force, the more you repel. scring people will only force people to do things they DONT want to do. there will be no passion and true belief. if people want to fast, let them fast, if people want to pray let them pray, if they want to leave the religion, let them leave. I salute Revathi , for having the courage and passion to stand up to these biggots.. as well as Lina Joy!!!!

  2. Muslim Violence in Southern Thailand Intensifies – VOA Story

    They are openly trying to take over Southern Thailand >
    Take particular note of the comments of the Imam – sounds a little bit like our Islamic moderates.

  3. Malaysia is fast headed down the toilet now anyway. During the 80s & 90s we heard over and over about the tiger economy of malaysia, and how it’s a prosperous and modern muslim state. But what we didn’t hear was that most of the wealth and prosperity was generated by the large chinese and indian minorities, treated as little more than dhimmis by the muslim majority. A number of chinese malaysians I know have emigrated to Australia to escape the increasing persecution and limited opportunities, taking their skills and work ethic with them. One told me she left because she knew that no matter how hard she worked, and how many skills she learned, she would always be subordinate to some barely educated lazy idiot who only got the top job because he’s a muslim.

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