Neil Boortz had enough, slams Muslim taqiyya caller


Radio host condemned for ‘Islam is a cult’
CAIR cites Neil Boortz for angry confrontation of Muslim caller

* Looks like the cat is out of the bag….. 

America’s Enemies: Traitors from Within Senate Roll Call on ‘John Doe’ Amendment

Michelle Malkin posts the roll call for the vote on the “John Doe” amendment; it’s interesting that Hillary Clinton voted for it.

UPDATE at 7/19/07 7:20:41 pm:

The real victims of this idiotic vote will be the airline industries, as people increasingly choose not to travel rather than go through the gamut of craziness. And of course, that’s exactly what the global jihad wants.

Good work, Democrats!

Democrats strike a blow for jihad: cut provision protecting those who report suspicious activity.

With thanks to Jihad Watch

Allowing for CAIR’s Flying Imam lawsuit against the “John Does” who reported the imams’ suspicious behavior, and making Americans afraid to report on suspicious activity for fear that they, too, will be sued. Bottom line: jihadists get a free hand in airports. Congratulations, Ms. Pelosi. “This is a slap in the face of good citizens who do their patriotic duty and come forward, and it caves in to radical Islamists,” says Peter King, and he’s right.

Quote of the Day:

“Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” Barry Goldwater

8 thoughts on “Neil Boortz had enough, slams Muslim taqiyya caller”

  1. BRAVO!!

    That’s what we need, more people with this man’s passion.
    The muslim taqiyya boy was left speechless – but of course, he had no answer to the question posed by Boortz. Where is the outrage, indeed ?

    I suppose Boortz will be forced to apologize for this ?


    He has said everything many of us are feeling but don’t have a large public forum.

    Oh Hurray Mr. Boortz, I know you will never apologise, well done.

  3. Sheik, you mentioned the following on an archived JW thread

    [Will]Caldwell is a true Manchurian candidate, a recent ‘revert’ who already uses turnspeak and the whole headbanger-kaboodle to further the cult. He calls for censorhip in the form of (‘responsible’) feedom of speech and all the rest is all just very typical Islamo-dogma.

    1. how common is it to give the name “Will” to a muslim at birth?

    2. isn’t it a common belief of muslims that everyone is born a muslim?

    One wonders if this could be the same “Will” in the Boortz tape. is the same “Will”

  4. The democrats are working furiously to bring about a final defeat in Iraq (especially now things may be improving) and can’t see America hit again by jihadis soon enough apparently. Not even our lefties in Oz are this morally bankrupt. If I was a democrat voter over there, I’d imagine I’d be a wee bit angry about this, I wonder if they are getting it though?

  5. I wonder why this Boortz recording re-surfaced again after 2 years? I recall hearing it in ’05.

  6. “CAIR cites Neil Boortz for angry confrontation of Muslim caller”

    CAIR – Celebrating Allah’s Insane Religion

  7. If we in the uk said these true things we would be arrested and no doubt at trial there would be at least one, perhaps more muslims in the jury! This is quite true. We are just laying down to be murdered whilst our goverment panders and changes our country to suit them. We are all afraid to say anything for fear of arrest.

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