Silence in the Western Media: Violent clashes over East Berlin’s first mosque

That’s why this is only being reported in the ‘Middle Eastern Times’

Mysterious, isn’t it?

‘Right Wing Extremism’ is to blame, of course:

BERLIN — German police arrested 20 people including 15 far-right extremists in violent clashes overnight over the construction of the first mosque in former communist East Berlin.

Some 450 far-right extremists protested against the mosque in the Pankow-Heinersdorf neighborhood Wednesday night and fought with the police and a group of about 80 counter-protestors, police said Thursday.

Far Right Extremists like These?


The police said that the troublemakers faced charges of assault, disturbing the peace, and resisting the police. Five counter-protesters were also arrested. Nobody was injured.

The local council in Pankow-Heinersdorf, home to the Politburo elite in the days of the Cold War, last year said that it has received complaints about the mosque and even threats to burn it down.

Some residents argue that there are no Muslims in the neighborhood and therefore no need for a mosque, while others have gone further and said that they fear an “Islamization” of the area.

Muslim authorities say that they are building a mosque in Pankow-Heinersdorf because one near the city’s Tegel airport had become too crowded and because the land, which used to belong to the communist East German state, was cheap.

Mosques are common in western Berlin with its large Turkish community, but this is the first to go up in the east of the city.

German authorities are concerned about a rise in rightwing extremism, particularly in the economically depressed east of the country where the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party has gained support in recent elections. The mosque is due to be completed in 2008. ?

* Right. Wake me up when ‘right wing extremists’ are bombing the subways or fly jets into buildings…


More from Spiegel online:

The Muslims are coming


A member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in Berlin stands in front of a sign that reads, “There is no God but Allah.” The community has just won approval for a new mosque in an eastern district of the German capital.


The small print underneath sez ‘Believe it or else’- but don’t take my word for it…


Why Mock Islam?

by Ali Sina

Because it is therapeutic! Mocking is a very powerful way to convince those who are unwilling to think to do it. Shame is a great motivator.

Muhammad suffered from malignant narcissistic personality disorder. His followers, to the degree that they emulate him, think like him and try to behave like him, have entered into his narcissistic bubble universe and have become narcissists by extension. This happens to all cultists. In all cults, the insanity of the guru reflects on the followers who surrender their intelligence to him and follow him unquestioningly and brainlessly.

Read it all…

Heard a good one lately?

Turkey`s ruling party after Sunday`s election triumph will want to prove that more Islam and more democracy can coexist on its route into the European Union.

Stupid is as stupid does. You can mix meat with mashed potatoes, but when you allow your culture to be destroyed by the barbarians there won’t be a place to come back to.

Wake up, people: Islam wants you dead or converted. Reverse the trend before it is too late!


Ahmaddiyyah Muslims:

the Ahmadiyyah Muslims, or of the Ismaili Shia…”
Hugh Fitzgerald explains:

The first are not considered orthodox Muslims; in Pakistan they must identify themselves on official documents not as “Muslims” but as “Ahmadis.”

The Ismaili Muslims are, according to Ibn Warraq, possibly the least menacing of Muslim groups. But they are a very small group.

The Camp of Islam, becuase of the immutable texts and how those texts are naturally received and perceived, and have been acted upon, is a permanent danger to the Camp of Infidels. Ahmadiyya Islam, whose adherents are not considered truly Muslim (and denounced as
“Qadianis”), and discriminated against in Muslim Pakistan, and despised by Muslims elsewhere, are not going to change Islam. Nor are the Ismailis, whom we all know from those old newsreels in which the Aga Khan, the head of the Ismailis, was weighed so that his followers could produce for him his weight in diamonds (or was it gold?), is not the answer either, because of the limited appeal of this not-quite-orthodox sect. Would that all Muslims were Ismailis. But very few are, and it would be folly for Infidels, at this moment in history, to drop their guard — which is already close to the ground, and pin pious hopes on either the Ismailis or the Ahmadis. Look at sub-Saharan Africa, where the Ahmadis have in the past been missionaries, helping to persuade non-Muslim black Africans to become Muslims. And then what happened? The Saudis, the Wahhabis, moved in, built their mosques and their madrasas, spread the money around, and it is now the Ahmadis who are in retreat, and those who were Ahmadis now turning to the full-monty of Wahhabi Islam. With the results we all see, and some that we don’t see — to our peril.


5 thoughts on “Silence in the Western Media: Violent clashes over East Berlin’s first mosque”

  1. One mocks Islam because it deserves no respect and because it’s less violent than the way the peaceful ones always act when they feel under attack. We mock, they kill-that’s the basic difference between Islamaniacs and infidels.

  2. “Why Mock Islam?”

    Perhaps in part because our politicians refuse to take it seriously, and tell us
    to, for example, treat “Sheik” Hilali as a joke. He isn’t, but nobody told the Chaser. 🙂

    A Deutshe Welle account,2144,2680282,00.html
    has 600 demonstrators against the mosque; the one pic of a protester holding a sign in English – Mo Ahmadiyya mosque – doesn’t look particularly “right wing” as in neo-Nazi etc. Most just seem to be opposed to isalmisation in their quiet part of the city.

  3. “Why Mock Islam?”

    Sometimes you don’t even need to mock it. Muslims do such a good job of exposing its failings – all over the world!

    But Ali Sina has a point: it IS therapeutic. It is also very therapeutic to see more and more posters on ‘blogs like this and so many others.

  4. Mockery is the only weapon I have against a death cult that wants to kill me and my civilization and is moving into my home in vast numbers due to the ignorance or complicity of our politicians.It seems that if one gets a degree there is no longer a responsibility to research a topic.Whatever ridiculous notion or cliche’ that comes into my head must be right because I am sooo smart.

  5. re. the clampdown in Malaysia against bloggers who mock islam or the Queen.. er. the king.. I tried to post this on Malaysia-online and somehow found it didn’t take my comment 🙂

    What a LOAD of CRAP!! You can’t insult islam [the religion of peace®] but it’s of course OK to insul the other Religions.. the truly PEACEFUL ONES!!

    Remind me to AVOID your country for future holidays. I will also avoid buying products from islamic countries.

    The HYPOCRISY makes me SICK!!

    So allow me to ‘insult’ the ‘prophet’ of the mahometans – who are nothing but lazy crybabies: your ‘prophet’ ammried a 6yo girl and consummated the marriage at 9yo.

    yourr ‘prophet’ is the ultimate pedopphile.

    Of course I forgot – the TRUTH can hardly be an insult.

    So here goes: your ‘prophet’ was also a DRUNK! Oh.. the TRUTH rears its ugly head again!!

    Oh I got it!

    islam is THEE ‘religion of peace®’.

    Now THERE’s an insult!

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