UK Jihad Doctors!

Two Terror Suspects Are Hospital Doctors

* Terrorism is all caused by poverty, right? ‘Lets just give them what they want and the bombing will stop’- that’s what we hear from the hateful far left nutroots who just can’t get over their ‘why can’t we all just get along’- muliculti-diversity ideology, even if it costs them their own necks….


Allahpundit points out this image from the Daily Mail, showing the terrorist with most of his clothes burned off, trying to open the Jeep’s rear door: 

Perhaps now we can cross ‘poverty’ off the list of root causes:

Sky Crime Reporter Martin Brunt said two of the men arrested, one at Glasgow airport and one on the M6, are believed to be hospital doctors working in the UK.

He said: “This is very far removed from the picture we normally have. These are professional people with highly paid jobs who are intent on killing people.”

Meanwhile a suspect car has been blown up by police in the grounds of the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley where one of the suspects from the Glasgow airport attack is in a critical condition and being held under armed guard.

The hospital was cordoned off and army disposal experts called in to carry out the controlled explosion. Strathclyde Police said they believed the car was connected to the attack at Glasgow airport but did not contain explosives.

Why blow up a car if it doesn’t contain explosives?


Here are the gas canisters with which they tried to create a sort of homemade fuel-air explosion

Doctor’s house searched

Anti-terror police swooped on what is thought to be the home of a hospital doctor as part of the investigation into the failed car bombings in London and Glasgow.

A police cordon and tent were in place at the detached property in a suburban cul-de-sac in north Staffordshire.

The Metropolitan Police would neither confirm nor deny that the search was linked to arrests of a man and woman on the M6 in Cheshire yesterday.

Officers arrived at the house in Sunningdale Grove, Chesterton, last night, said residents. The house, they said, was rented by a doctor thought to be married with one young child.


Update: Two doctors held over terrorist attacks

While police swoop on motorway to arrest woman in a veil

One of the doctors, the man arrested on the M6, was said to be a Jordanian-born doctor at the North Staffordshire Hospital in Stoke-on-Trent.

He lived with his wife and baby in a rented house in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, where forensic officers were carrying out a detailed search last night.

The doctor is suspected of having played a key role in the planning of the terror strikes.

One of the two men overpowered as they attacked Glasgow Airport has 90 per cent burns and is too badly injured to be interviewed, but the second was being questioned last night.

Police believe they are all part of a previously unknown Al Qaeda-linked cell made up of people of Middle Eastern origin.

* They are not ‘Al Qaeda-‘ they are good Muslims and they all read the Koran.
The doctor involved in the Glasgow attack is an Iraqi who is thought to have been granted asylum in the UK while a third suspect comes from Lebanon.

At least one other member of the cell was still being hunted last night.

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  1. A very important point was made to day
    which was at least when the IRA bombed they warned the public and also gave a reason for it.

  2. Does anyone know if muslim doctors take the Hippocratic oath? It appears they don’t take it seriously, or else it is abrogated by the koran.

    One would think twice before seeing a muslim doctor. Of course that would be racism on our part, not self-preservation.

  3. Who better than doctors to be able to acquire assorted drugs and chemicals for use in terrorism without arousing suspicion? How about a stethoscope buy-back scheme?

  4. How can these doctors take care of their patients. These are killers and they may have killed many innocent people during treatment. So what we see to-day is that Islam itself is an evil idoelogy. Whoever read Quran and whoever understand the meaning of Quran can easily become a terrorist. This is what has been done by Mohammed. Until 9/11 Muslims have been fighting against infidels and they lied to all but to-day the whole thing is changed and everyone understands what Islam is. It is not a peaceful religion and it is not a religion. It is an evil ideology invented by a crazy guy who lost his mother and father before he realized anything. This man got money when he was fourty and he wanted power. Suddently he invented a religion and started raping Jews and became a terrorist. Mohammed is the most dangerous terrorist we have ever seen in the history of huamans.

  5. The so called “militant” Islamic bit is what cracks me up. Does anyone actually READ the Koran? It’s natural that a Muslim should be militant – it’s seen as a viable way to achieve the goals of Islam.

    I wonder how many people will die before some people start cluing in to this. Islam always gets a free pass because it’s a “religion” if it was Communism – and a political movement people would have turned on it long ago.

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