A Day in The Islamic Republic of Iran


* Spiccoli was there and looked away. He didn’t see a thing. Our pictures are better than a thousand words:


This is what a night of drinking and unauthorized sex gets you in Iran.

* Check out the link to the Daily Mail, the (suspected Muhammedan posters) are totally in agreement…


* Even the otherwise timid Economist calls it

Islamic Republic of Fear

Restoring the revolution, taking away civil liberties

THE head of Iran’s judiciary is a confident man. Despite foreign attempts at slander, Ayatollah Mahmud Hashemi Shahrudi recently declared, his country has presented a fine image to the world of Islamic law at work.

If news were limited to such mercies as the recent release, on bail, of Haleh Esfandiari, a 67-year-old Iranian-American academic, after six months in jail on charges of espionage, or the amnesty granted to 4,000 other prisoners on the occasion of the birthday on August 20th of Imam Hussein, a revered Shia martyr, Mr Shahrudi’s confidence might be justified. But these welcome developments come against a darkening backdrop, as the administration of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad intensifies a campaign to reimpose the moral fervour, and xenophobic zeal, of the 1979 Islamic revolution’s early years.

The rest of the world may be more concerned about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. But for many Iranians, the issue that has begun to outweigh other troubles, such as poverty, unemployment and the danger of war with America, is human rights.


Iran’s hangmen work overtime to silence opposition

By Con Coughlin / Telegraph UK

Stonings, hangings, floggings, purges. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad might claim that United Nations sanctions can’t hurt his country, but that is not how it feels for Iran’s long-suffering population which now finds itself on the receiving end of one of the most brutal purges witnessed since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

The most visible manifestation of the new oppression sweeping Iran has been the wave of public executions and floggings carried out in Teheran and provincial capitals over recent weeks in a blatant attempt by the regime to intimidate political opponents. The official government line is that the punishments are part of its “Plan to Enforce Moral Behaviour”.

It’s the same kind of argument that was used immediately after Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took control to purge the country of its prosperous, secular middle class and secure his hold on power. Now Mr Ahmadinejad is adopting similar tactics in a desperate attempt to keep his embattled regime in power.


New “morals” campaign in Tehran shuts down two dozen barbershops and hairdressers

* There is no end to the stupidity and the oppression of the Islamic thugocracy…


9 thoughts on “A Day in The Islamic Republic of Iran”

  1. * But this month diplomats at the Japanese and Australian embassies in the capital were alarmed to find the bodies of two convicted criminals hanging from cranes stationed directly outside their office windows.

    I’m sure that the Australian Embassy would have sent a “cable” to Alexander Downer’s office about the dangling bodies, but no mention on his web site, though he has been discussing the important issues, like Wikipedia.

  2. Mr Coughlin says that “…Mr Ahmadinejad… [was] … in a desperate attempt to keep his embattled regime in power.”

    Embattled by whom?
    I’m no expert on Iran, but I know that Irans population has doubled since 1979.
    Does anyone think that, in case Mr Ahmadinejad’s (and Mr Khameini’s)digraceful regime was toppled, Iran would become a democracy? I don’t.

    The problem is this: Democracy can only be installed in societies that are aged and demographically ‘cooled down’, like in Ukraine or Georgia.
    The reason is that in Eastern Europe everyone who sat at the round table could get a position afterwards.
    But as long as Iran hasn’t stopped with overproduction of humans, there will always be more aspirants than positions.
    Regimes, like the Iranian one, know this; thats why they refuse allowing things like contraceptives, abortions, sexual liberties and so on.

  3. Thanks Michael (Ger)

    Actually, Iran’s population has more than tripled since the Islamic revolution. Before the Ayatollahs came to power their numbers were below 20 million. They stand now somewhere around 70 million, it would be interesting top get some confirmation from our Muslim posters…

  4. sheik
    the point you make is correct however the same applies to Mexico where there population also tripled over a similar period. There are now over 110 million ( mostly starving ) people in Mexico who are being kept poor becasue of religion. True, they don’t go and blow themselves up but you might like to give a few examples of where Iranians have attacked the West in recent times. They were not ivolved in 9/11 , 7/7, Madrid or any of these recent events. All I can remember of recent events about Iran was the kind treatment they gave those idiot pommie soldiers who illegally entered Iranaian waters last year.

  5. atheist,

    you are truly beyond good and bad.

    But most off all beyond reason.

    Please provide evidence that “110 million people in Mexico are being kept poor because of religion.”

    Besides, last time I checked Mexico was not a totalitarian theocracy that seeks to develop nuclear weapons to wipe out other nations. Since when does Mexico seek world hegemony? Neither does anyone in Mexico claim that they’re on a divine mission to take the world back to Atztec-ism, where priests rip out the hearts of prisoners.

    Try ‘corruption’ and ‘incompetence’ in Mexico. Apply that to other places such as Venezuela. But you wouldn’t criticize Chavez, because he just happens to be a man of your ‘faith’…

    Furthermore: “still waiting for those examples of where Iranians have attacked the West or blown themselves up”
    The Iranians have attacked the US embassy right after the Islamic revolution and held 120 American diplomats hostage for 444 days, an act of war that was ignored by dimwit Carter. In the following years, Iran has committed many, many acts of terror against the West and in the West, including blowing up discotheques in Berlin, funding Hezbollah and other terrorist groups. One could fill pages upon pages, but why spent time with a fool who is determined to ignore it? Do your own research!

  6. um,,, still waiting for those examples of where Iranians have attacked the West or blown themselves up ….You’d think with 60 million of them who’s sole purpose in life is to kill infidels and establish a world caliphate that there would be at least one or two examples. My point, by the way, is that Islam keeps the Iranians poor and stupid just as Christianity does in Central and Sth America.

  7. Sheik, I have just reached my fill of the worthless bastard known as atheist. He is a worthless, filthy lying FUCK.

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