CAIR- Agit-Prop Hooper confirms Islam is an ideology, NOT A RACE

‘There is NO Islamophobia”- alert:

Hooper (without the coffee filter this time) smears Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch for statements he never made.Watch the video with Dennis Prager, Christopher Hitchens conducted by Paula Zahn, on CNN of all places!

Hooper, spokesman for unindicted co-conspirator in terror group funding case defames Spencer on CNN

Prager and Hitchens shredded Hooper, and it is all worth seeing, but Hooper went out of his way to defame me about 4:30 into this segment, and so I felt it incumbent upon me to answer. He quoted a genocidal comment that was made on this website yesterday, and made it appear as if I had written it. (Prager would have none of it, and spoke highly of Jihad Watch, for which I thank him, although at the end of the segment, when Hooper attributed something else to me that I have never said, Prager disavowed it and responded, “I will” to Hooper’s “Then tell Mr. Spencer that.” In fact, I do not hold and have never stated anything of what Hooper attributes to me on this show.) In reality, someone kindly alerted me to the existence of the comment shortly after it was posted, and I removed it and banned the poster. The comment itself seemed to me and to others who posted on the same thread to have been written by a provocateur — someone who wanted to discredit Jihad Watch and me by planting a comment here. Such people come through here fairly often. And now, after Hooper’s use of this comment despite its being deleted, I suspect even more strongly that it was written by a provocateur.

* More likely than not. That’s what they do, people who kill and lie for their ideology will defame their adversaries, no doubt.

I allow comments here because I believe in free speech and free inquiry. But in reality, I don’t endorse any of them. Some I agree with, some I don’t, some are brilliant, some are not, some apologize for jihad and defend jihadists, and some are extremely angry with jihadists — but no one can legitimately assume that I endorse any of them unless I say so. And certainly if I remove a comment, it is a clear message. Every comments field bears this heading: “Note: Comments on articles are unmoderated, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Jihad Watch or Robert Spencer. Comments that are off-topic, offensive, slanderous, or otherwise annoying may be summarily deleted. However, the fact that particular comments remain on the site IN NO WAY constitutes an endorsement by Robert Spencer of the views expressed therein.”

Were Hooper interested in honest dealing, he would have noted that, as well as the fact that the comment he quoted was deleted, and not attributed it to me. Had he actually done his homework, he might have noted the many times I have stated here that genocidal comments are not welcome — and they certainly don’t reflect my views, or he could have quoted something I actually said.

Four or five years ago I called Hooper, ready with questions. He is, after all, a media spokesman, and I was ready, even eager, to give him a chance to clear up all the questions and suspicions people quite rightly have about CAIR. He called me “Islamophobic” and hung up on me. I saw what he was then, and I see it even more clearly tonight. I think you will be able to see it too.

Charles at LGF has both parts of this long segment with Hitchens, Hooper, and Prager.


* Mostly unnoticed by many bloggers is that Hooper actually calls for ‘making all desecration of religious books a hate-crime’-, a dangerous proposition. Once implemented, it will doubtlessly be used by harebrained judges to enforce censorship like judge Higgins did in Melbourne with the 2 pastors who read from the Koran in front of their congregation.

CAIR’s Vision for America

One picture tells all:


Currently posted at the web site of the Saudi-funded radical Islamic front group calling itself the Council on American Islamic Relations, a little 8K JPEG image that reveals a very large agenda: the US Capitol building re-imagined as a mosque, complete with gold dome and minaret:

10 thoughts on “CAIR- Agit-Prop Hooper confirms Islam is an ideology, NOT A RACE”

  1. That was worth watching.

    Couldn’t help but notice Hooper’s comments re genocide and was wondering if he has had a word to Imanutjob in Iran re his frequent calls to annihilate Israel, or doesn’t that constitute genocide?

    Of course it does!

    Bet Hooper won’t be placing a long distance call to Iran any time soon.

    Still,,he did admit islam is not a race. He must have finally taken that on board.

  2. “Watch the video with Dennis Prager, Christopher Hitchens conducted by Paula Zahn, on CNN of all places!”

    Increasingly more people are becoming knowledgeable and critical of Islam! I was reading an article in some remote area of the internet and was surprised at the breadth of knowledge and the intensity of the criticism regarding Islam.

  3. “Hooper (without the coffee filter this time)”

    LOL! That was outrageously funny!

  4. Islamsforlosers>>Iblis Hooper is so full of crap

    You’re being gracious. The crap in his head is the better part of him!

  5. We have not a man like Robert Spencer in Europe and that is our problem. I’ve followed Roberts’ writings for a time and praise him for his integrity and courage. I will repeat everyday: “CAIR can go to Hell and they can take their 72 virgins with them.”

  6. Yes indeed,ever so slowly the world is beginning to find out the real TRUTH about Islam.It’s similar to a small snowball starting to roll downhill from the top of a very high mountain.The evil & lies of Islam are down below in the valley.It’s only a matter of time & it can not be stopped.
    Nice site ya’ got here Sheik,bless you for your efforts to save mankind from the 7th century savages.

  7. Like I said on JW, Ibby admitted that Islame is an ideology, not a race – now look up ideology everyone…. ” a system of ideas and ideals, esp. one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.” -from Oxford American Dictionary. That in itself is an admittance that Islame is not a religion, but a political agenda masquerading as a religion.

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