Islam: A Parasite That Consumes The Host

Islamic peoples take their religion seriously:

All 4 major schools of Islam, Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, and Hanbali Madhabs, known as the Four Schools of Thought in Islam, have never renounced violent jihad against unbelievers and Jews. On the contrary: Ask any Muslim and he will tell you that there is no such thing as ‘moderate/militant/fundamentalist or extremist’ Islam, there is only ONE Islam according to the Koran and sunnah, the sayings and traditions of the prophet Muahmmad. “Islam must dominate and not be dominated”

Mentally lazy, clueless Westerners continue to fail to do their homework and don’t bother to look at the ‘immutable’scriptures’ that mandate violent jihad-warfare against unbelievers and Jews. The idea that Muslims are somehow ‘marginalized’ or that ‘poverty breeds terrorism’ is equally false:

When we take a closer look at who the terrorists are we find that just about all of them are well educated and usually from well off, in many cases wealthy families.


Today’s Australian features an article by Sally Neighbour that typically misses the point:


“Europe’s failure to integrate the second and third generation of its immigrants into society, both economically and socially, has left many young Muslims torn between the secular West and their religious heritage. This inner conflict makes them especially vulnerable to extremism: the radical views, philosophy and rhetoric that is highly advertised and becoming more and more fashionable among young Muslims in the West.”

* What’s wrong with this statement? Everything!

The whole idea that Europe somehow “failed to integrate the second and third generation of its immigrants into society, both economically and socially,-“ is false and wrong to begin with. Europe, or any other place, did not fail in any way to do such a thing. While Europeans can be accused of ignorance towards the doctrine of Islam, its mainly socialist elites are definitely guilty in not informing themselves about their own history and the tenets of Islam.

The damage is done:

After 1400 years of jihad against the world Muslims have been allowed to migrate in large numbers  (why exactly?) into the Dar-ul-harb, to settle behind enemy lines to establish a fifth column, in order to subvert and to conquer the infidels and to make Islam the only religion. Again, this is a clear mandate from Koran and Sunnah, which the overwhelming majority of Muslims are determined to act upon.

What we have here is not simply ‘just another religion’- instead is a militant, hostile and genocidal ideology to begin with, one that forbids the believers to integrate or assimilate, and Islam must, by its own doctrine ‘dominate and not be dominated’- Muslims don’t migrate to the West to become Americans, Australians or Europeans, they come with the mental baggage of Islam and Islam must conquer, at any cost.


Muslims are commanded ‘not to take the unbelievers for friends or protectors’ and ‘to wipe them out to the last’


Do we allow Nazi’s or large numbers of white supremacists to settle among us?

Of course not, you say. But Hitler and Muhammad have much in common:

For der fuhrer and der prophet, victory was achieved by violently forcing their religion upon others. Mein Kampf:486 “The greatness of a movement is exclusively guaranteed by the unrestricted development of its inner strength to achieve final victory over all competitors. The justification…for fighting to achieve complete victory…is caused by absolute intolerance.”

Muslim:C9B1N31 “I have been commanded to fight against people till they testify to the fact that there is no god but Allah, and believe in me (that) I am the messenger and in all that I have brought. Qur’an 9.123 “Fight the unbelievers around you, and let them find harshness in you.”

Why then do the authorities believe that it is perfectly permissible to allow, or even encourage, a flow of Muslim immigrants whom, all polls suggest, carry a burning antisemitism with them, as well as a more muted hatred of Hindus and Christians — indeed, of all non-Muslims. Is this to be ignored? Not discussed? Too unpleasant to even raise the subject? Why? We cannot allow further entry to carriers of a certain germ — the disease of antisemitism, the disease of Jihad, the disease of the wish to inflict dhimmitude, to use conversion and subversion within the Bilad al-kufr, to have Islam “dominate and not be dominated.” But why then are Muslims allowed in, carrying Jew-hatred, if those hypothetical groups of fanatical white supremacists would be kept out — and rightly? Do our Western governments recognize no duty to protect their loyal citizens, from what poisons others, incapable of such loyalty, and viewing these new countries as places only to eventually conquer (no matter how fantastic the possibility may now seem), will bring hidden, or obscured, in their mental baggage?

We in the West have an obligation to defend a civilizational legacy, even if many of us, individually, have not exactly proved ourselves worthy of it.

A moratorium on Islamic immigration is a first step to protect ourselves, our culture and civilization and to safeguard future generations. This is not a race thing. This is a race for our survival. Repeat after me:

Islam is NOT a race, Islam is NOT a race Islam is NOT….

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  1. The only thing Western governments care about is maintaining power. Political party does not matter. We see all over the West how officials keep the doors wide open to immigration from the ummah, downplay or hide nefarious activity of the peaceful ones within our midst and send tons of money to the ummah. Politicians are shameless, self serving creatures who will sell out everyone in order to achieve and manintain power-this is why the peaceful ones continue to eat away at our civilization like termites through a tree.

    As for comparing Islamaniacs to Nazis it is true both have much in common. Still, there is irony-had Hitler won WW2 he most likely would have
    implemented the Final Solution for the peaceful ones. After all, people of the Middle East hardly fit the “Aryan” type plus their Uncle Adolf would have wanted all that oil of theirs as well.

  2. “A Parasite That Consumes The Host”
    An interesting thesis Mr H, unfortunately westerners have also carried another parasite for about 2000 years. A whiny delude parasite of middle eastern origins that thinks God has chosen them, and for whom western governments are spending billions of their hard working taxpayers dollars to support.

    Adolf respected the mohammedans because they got to were they were through the ultimate forge of a race – war – and not through the parasitic means used by that other rable that claim to be chosen.

  3. The above poster has an utterly distasteful user-name, and likewise for his/its comments which are incorrect, but since we can’t take him /it seriously, it doesn’t really matter.

  4. Dear Sheik,
    I do wish you had not made such racist remarks about ‘white supremecists’.
    Now: I’m serious Sheik.

    Lately, I have been thinking of becoming a ‘white supremecist’ on principle.
    Principles are important.
    Race is important.
    Just ask The Arabs how important race is…
    They’ll tell you!

    The Pakistanis also insist that race is important.
    So do the various Chinese ‘races’.
    (well, they are quite convinced they are different races, but to be honest, Mr Sheik, they look pretty much like the same race to me…)

    Indians think race is important.
    So do the Eskimo people: so important that they even went so far as to change the name of their race to Inuit.

    Race is very important to so many, many, billions of people all over the world that it is very, very, remiss of anybody, anybody at all,
    to dismiss the Race-ness of anyone else.

    Therefore, since I am of a distinctly mongrel-breed myself, I have had to give the Matter due consideration.

    There are so few White People left on this planet that they are now in grave danger of becoming an extinct race!

    Just like the Panda bear and those Misty-eyed Gorillas!

    I am giving serious consideration to converting to White Supremecy.
    After all, I am a Greenie.

  5. What a sad person the offensive H.K. is. Deserves our pity.

    Probably spent a traumatic lifetime resenting his/her/its parents for not being of the chosen people.

    A miserable, tragic life, an under-achiever, filled with envy of the chosen people. The same as his/her/its idol the evil, pathetic Adolf.

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