Nutroot accuses Hanson of ‘Playing The Race-Card’-

…and plays the race-card himself…

Obviously, Karl Stevanovic is too dumb to tell race from ideology:

Repeat after me, Karl: ‘Islam is not a race, Islam is an ideology’-


Hanson cites Bible urination as reason to stop immigration

By Hal Crawford

A resurgent Pauline Hanson has called for an end to Muslim immigration to Australia in a fiery television appearance peppered with references to female genital mutilation, terrorism and urinating on Bibles.

Ms Hanson, the 53-year-old former One Nation leader, appeared on Nine’s TODAY to promote her new Pauline’s United Australia Party.

“I’m very discriminated against in my own country,” she told hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson.“Where Christmas carols aren’t sung in our schools or Christmas carols played in our shopping centres … it’s about time Australians stood up.”She called for a “moratorium” on Muslim immigration to Australia, often clashing with Stefanovic in a verbal joust which ended with the latter accusing Ms Hanson of “playing the race card”.

“Karl, I think you should get out from behind your desk and speak to ordinary Australians,” Ms Hanson said in response.”Maybe if we look actually at the female genital mutilation that happens to young girls in this country. I think it’s absolutely atrocious, it’s digusting, if people want to live like that they can go back to Muslim countries … this is Australia.”Ms Hanson confirmed that terrorism and security were key reasons behind her proposed ban on Muslim immigration.She also referred to a 2006 incident where two boys were expelled from an Islamic school in Melbourne for urinating on a Bible, and Sheik al-Hilali’s infamous comparison of women in Western clothes to “uncovered meat”.“I’m very concerned about [Australia changing]. I’m sick of people coming out here and saying our girls are like the meat market, or you have the Bible that’s urinated on. Am I supposed to just forget about it?”


Update: Looks like the politically correct ‘sensitive’ wankers from ninemsm took the voting feature down from their site because of overwhelming support for Hanson.

* But look at the letters: ninemsm deliberately prints the Muslim objectors, and now stopped accepting any more comments…

Update: Its gone…


Muhammad & Aiisha: The prophet’s example for all mankind, for all time


Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64
Narrated ‘Aisha:
that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death). Every good Muslim seeks to emulate Muhammad, like this one:

Katie Bice/Herald Sun

A STUDENT has pleaded guilty to committing indecent acts with a nine-year-old girl in a change room at Chadstone shopping centre.

Mohammad Sehnawaz Khan, 22, lured the girl and her younger sister away from their parents in the Myer Chadstone store on March 13 after they had asked to go to the toy section.

Khan asked the pair to try on some clothes and took them into an unattended changing room area where the elder girl was assaulted.

The Indian national then fled the store and the girls immediately returned to their parents and told them of the incident.

He was arrested a week later after police received a flood of calls when security footage was released of Khan carrying clothing into the change room.

Khan, of Springvale, appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court this morning and pleaded guilty to three counts of wilfully committing and indecent act with a child under 16 and one count of child stealing.

Magistrate Belinda Wallington remanded him in custody to appear in the County Court in November.

18 thoughts on “Nutroot accuses Hanson of ‘Playing The Race-Card’-”

  1. When I saw that poll late on Thursday afternoon the ratio was 30:1 in favour of Pauline Hanson. (The numbers were in 5 figure digits).

    As for Carl, well,,like so many other journalists he needs to educate himself a little more or is he afraid?
    I hope Pauline does a little more homework also. It can only help her.

  2. Damn, this Hanson Lady is one HOT TOUGH Broad!! She’s a REAL XENA!!

    keep up the GOOD WORK, MS. Hanson!!!

    Much LOVE from USA, NYC!!!

  3. Someone ask Karl if he knows what the hadiths are. That’d be fun to watch. Sounds like his experience of muslims goes as far as a shopping mall in Bankstown!

    Karl Stefanovic is one of the reasons I don’t watch mainstream Aussie news anymore, so cowardly that he must suck up to his future muslim overlords. I mean is it really worth it Karl, to humiliate yourself like that? Theres a guy on talkback here in Perth who does the same thing,” it’s just a minority of muslims who are the problem ” Actually it’s the majority of muslims who are illiberal, anti-democratic, approve of terrorism and want sharia, but nevermind, why split hairs huh?

    I’ll stick to Fox news and Radio America, or KRLA. Conservative U.S. radio is the only place I know of where the presenters aren’t infected with gutless PC-ness.

  4. Savitch

    Agreed. If I didn’t have cable there would be no news worth watching. The morning shows are simply “fluff’ pieces.
    Thank heavens for the ‘blogs also!

  5. if only Pauline had spoken out against Muslims 9 years ago when she first went into politics. My guess is she hadn’t even heard of the words “Muslim” or “Islam” 9 years ago. Talk about jumping on an extreme right band wagon !!! sigh

  6. Atheist,

    I think many of us have become more aware of islam since 9/11.

    I know I had heard of islam before and no doubt you had also. I recall many acts of terrorism before e.g Lockerbie, Munich, plane hi-jackings etc.

    I always thought it was “just another religion”. Possibly you did also:another belief system that you could criticize,perhaps?

    Now I don’t think it is.

    Post 9/11 has, I think, created a different perspective on things. The cartoon fiasco added to this perspective as this incident maid us painfully aware that our free press wasn’t so free after all.

    Is Pauline Hanson getting political mileage out of it? Possibly.

    But that’s what politicians do.

  7. Atheist – a lot of people didn’t know much about Islam 9 years ago, including myself. And for a lot of people, including myself, ignorance was bliss.
    Then 9/11 happened. A lot of people decided it was time to learn more about Islam. It was hoped that this research wouldn’t uncover anything sinister or untoward about the so-called ‘religion of peace’ and then we could all go back to living our ignorantly blissfsul lives. Well, my hopes and the hopes of many others have been completely dashed. Thankfully I still have a lot of bliss in my life, but I’m no longer ignorant about Islam.

    You, Atheist, either choose to be blissfully ignorant (scared of the truth, perhaps?) or are an apologist for evil. One way or the other, this makes you lower than pond slime in my books.

    p.s It’s good to know that Karl Stefanovic is still presenting. What better chemical-free cure for insomnia could there possibly be!?

  8. Pauline is made of the same right stuff as Thatcher!
    Right on Ms. Hanson. I hope to see you on USA TV early on!

  9. Hurrah for the skanky ho.
    The woman is a dumb ass and those that follow and admire her are bigger dumb asses.
    She has managed to urinate a bible!?!?!?!?! and I thought passing a kidney stone was difficult.

    “Gramfan Says:
    August 17th, 2007 at 5:44 am
    I think many of us have become more aware of islam since 9/11.”

    I suspect that you have difficulty distinguishing your ass from your elbow, expecting you to have any great awareness of anything other than hunger, thirst or whether it is day or night would be asking for too much.

    “Savitch Says:
    August 17th, 2007 at 2:43 am
    Someone ask Karl if he knows what the hadiths are. ”

    Asking Pauline to distinguish her ass from her elbow would test her mental capacities, asking her if she knows what the hadiths are would cause her pea brain to meltdown.,23599,21473277-2,00.html

  10. “Windsor!!?”

    Oh dear. You do sound so scared, dear ‘Windsor’.
    Whatsamatta ?

    You frightened your local Imam’a gonna have your wee willie removed so you can become a Pearl Boy?

    Pauline’s doing just fine.
    She’s telling it like it is, Pearl Boy.

    And there’s about 7,000,000 Australians who agree with her.
    That’s more of us than there is of you scummy lil jihadis.

  11. GF…
    Are you saying Munich, Lockerbie etc happened in the name of religion ?
    I’m starting to think you really may be as dumb as Pauline Pantsdown …

  12. atheist
    back to your old self I see. Poor you!

    I don’t care what you think.

    I am sorry my post was too hard for you. I thought you had asked an honest question so I gave you an honest answer. My mistake.

    No more. Time’s up! Your baiting is boring and contributes nothing to this blog.

    I was mentioning acts of terrorism, most of which were committed by people who happened to be muslims, now I see you were too dumb, simple and illogical to figure that out.

    So is your real name Paul or Pauline? Or Dumb and/or Dumber?

  13. GF….
    I can provide you a list of hundreds of terrorist acts carried out by Christians since the end of WW2. I know it would be waste of time though because in your little narrow minded view of the world all Christians are good and all Muslims are bad. I want to feel sorry for you but I won’t waste the energy so I’ll just hope you drop dead instead.

  14. Gee, thanks Atheist.

    I’m a bit better than you. I have never wished anyone dead. Do all atheists think like you do or are you out there on your own?

    Heard of karma by any chance?

    And the amount of islamic terrorist acts is now 9245,,,and this is after 9/11.

    Get over your tu quoque arguments and your assumptions. Better still, grow up!

  15. The 2006 incident where two boys were expelled from an Islamic school in Melbourne for urinating on a Bible was dismissed as an “immature prank” by
    the spokesman for the Islamic Council of Victoria, with the media to blame.

    Flushing a couple of Korans down a college dunny in the USA, OTOH, is a full-fledged hate crime.

    KORAN – Killing Or Raping in Allah’s Name

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