Italians grow a spine: “No more Mosques, No more Musulmani”


* Not that integration ever happened in the first place: The soldiers of Allah invade the Bilad al Kufar in large numbers to conquer, not to assimilate or integrate. Talk to any Muhammedan and he will proudly tell you that he didn’t come to Europe/America or Australia to become European, American or Australian, but to make the nation state that granted him asylum, welfare, childcare, medicare and free housing ISLAMIC.


Because when it comes to the crux of it all, it is Islam and nothing but Islam that matters.

A whiff of anti-dhimmitude from bella Italia:


There is more fear and distrust in Italian cities about immigrants identified as ‘Arab’, or those coming from Islamic cultures. With the drop of opinions in favour for granting these immigrants the right to vote in local elections, a strong rise in opposition to the construction of mosques, and a progressive decline of those who see favourably the formation of mixed couples. These are the results of a study carried out by the Milan Chamber of Commerce in Milan, Bologna, Rome, Naples and Palermo.

According to a representative sample of the population, the opinions in favour of the opening of a new mosque fell to 28% against 48% last year.

The motivations of the ‘no’ are various: according to 30% of those against “public money could be better spent”, 28% think that Islam is “a dangerous religion which does not allow integration”, 24% of those against clearly speak of mosques as “gatherings of terrorists.”

Italy gives Islam the boot:


The favouring to granting the right to vote in local administration for immigrants regularly present for 10 years is in vertical fall in the Italian cities: in 2005 a total 63% were in favour, last year 51%, in this year’s polls only 28%. As many as 60% of the people against the right to local elections vote explain their position with the fact that “they don’t have Italian citizenship yet”, 13% because the immigrants “are not part of our system and of our society”, 12% think that “they are not perfectly integrated even after 10 years.”


“The mosques are our barracks; the minarets are our bayonets. … “

Tayip Erdogan, Turkey

According to the research carried out on the occasion of the forthcoming Euro-Mediterranean conference of Milan, scheduled for Monday with the participation of Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, among others, the opinions in favour of the ‘mixed couples’ are also down: they were 72% in 2005, 68% last year, now they are 52%. Moreover, half of the polled by CedCamera do not point out what activity they would be ready to launch no matter if the person is Italian or Arab and 25% say they have major distrust compared to a year ago towards Muslim immigrants, against 60% who do not reveal a different attitude and 1% who say they have less distrust today as regards the ‘Arabs.’ The fear of attacks is more clear: passing near crowded public areas, such as train stations, underground stops or trade centres, 54% of residents of Milan, Bologna, Rome, Naples and Palermo say they feel less safe compared to a year ago, 22% feel the same fears and 22% did not answer. Only 0.4% of the residents of the five big cities say they feel more safe today compared to a year ago

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  1. Clearly, those italians are islamo-phobic! How dare they to put their safety above the whims of the Muhammedans?

  2. Good-it’s nice to see a country in Europe wake up and realize the danger of Islamania.

  3. Thank God, atleast The Italians still have their good ol’ common sense left. Let this be a lesson for the sane and civilized world. Kudos to Italy ! As a Roman Catholic it makes me all the more proud too ! Viva Italia !

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