Pauline Hanson registers new political party which targets Islamic Immigration

A Noble Cause:



…but instantly the ‘former fish & chips shop owner’ is being attacked and roasted by the turds from the MSM. Even the ‘reasonably balanced’ Herald Sun does everything to discredit her, but the jackass who smears her doesn’t even dare sign his name to his article.

So much for courage.

The spiteful wankers from the MSM won’t be ‘martyr’s’- like these kidz:


A profile of the creepy 11-year old zombie girl who hosts the Hamas TV show Tomorrow’s Pioneers, one of the most depraved Islamist propaganda efforts in the world today:

Hamas Child Star: ‘Every Palestinian Hopes to Be a Martyr’

Back to the story: 

 Pauline Hanson registers new political party

RIGHT-wing firebrand Pauline Hanson has flagged a moratorium on Muslim immigration as a key feature of her latest bid for a Senate seat.

Ms Hanson says she will run on similar policies to those that won her international notoriety a decade ago when she vies for a Queensland Senate seat at the upcoming election.
The main difference will be that this time the former fish and chip shop owner, who claims credit for forcing the Howard government to adopt a harder line on immigration controls, will target Muslims.

* Is there something wrong with free enterprise that employs people? Please let us know. Stopping Islamofascism is a sensible, a reasonable, a noble thing to do. Our very survival is at stake…


“We need to have a look at our immigration levels and I’d like to have a look at putting a moratorium on any more Muslims coming into Australia,” she said today.

The former One Nation leader has also applied to the Australian Electoral Commission to register Pauline’s United Australia Party.

If successful, the party’s abbreviated name, Pauline, will appear above the line on the Senate ballot paper, making it easier for people to vote for Ms Hanson.

The 53-year-old populist politician today said her policies had not changed since her days as the independent MP for Queensland electorate of Oxley.

* Why is she smeared as a ‘populist?’ Can you show me ONE polit-whore who is NOT a populist?

Ms Hanson won Oxley at the 1996 election after being expelled from the Liberal Party because of her explosive views on immigration.

* Trying to protect your country from an alien invasion makes you ‘racist’ and gives you ‘explosive views on immigration’ – looks like patriotism has become a swear word…

* Now tell me: Which Islamic country would have US? And is not Africa for the Africans? WHERE are we going to run to after the Muhammedan takeover? Where can WE expect to retire with welfare and medicare after Eurabia succumbs to Islam?

Her maiden speech warning against Asian immigration to the House of Representatives in September 1996 raised hackles in Asia and caused a sensation around the world.

* Yes. ‘Asian immigration’- the euphemism for the Muhammedan nightmare.

What if Pauline was right? Perhaps she had a problem expressing herself. Yes, perhaps she is not as slick as some of the smarmy MSM types who are aiming for the value free society. Perhaps she had a problem with the ideology of Islamo-fascism. Perhaps it was not about ‘race’ at all, because if it was, WE would have nothing to do with her.

She went on to launch the anti-immigration One Nation party that eventually foundered amid bitter infighting, but not before it won a big tally of seats at the Queensland state election. Then she lost her own seat at the next federal election.

“Most definitely, nothings changed,” Ms Hanson told ABC Radio today.

“I think that we need to look at getting out of the 1951 convention of refugees, and not being forced into taking refugees in this country that bring in diseases, who are incompatible with our lifestyle.”

* Who wouldn’t agree? Especially the mental disease called Islam which commands the believers to kill infidels and Joozzz until all the world belongs to Allah…

 Herald Sun

* Correction: The article is from AAP 

15 thoughts on “Pauline Hanson registers new political party which targets Islamic Immigration”

  1. Leave out the emotive “RIGHT-wing firebrand”, and the sentence reads
    “Pauline Hanson has flagged a moratorium on Muslim immigration as a key feature of her latest bid for a Senate seat.”

    I’d like to see every candidate of every party flagging a moratorium on Muslim immigration. Muslims have made it crystal clear that they reject democracy in favour of a global Islamic Caliphate under Sharia Law, and immigration into Dar al-Harb is the trojan horse they use to undermine Western democracies.

  2. She has guts. She always did. Maybe not the brains she needs but who cares?

    Is she the only person in the world who has the guts to do this?

    Last time she picked the wrong ethnic group. This time she has it right and isn’t afraid like, all the others who are running, to say what many want to say.
    I hope she does well. I hope she surprises a lot of people.

  3. GF –
    did you stop for a minute to think what would happen if Pauline Pantsdown was our PM ?
    Kuwait would stop buying our sheep.
    Emirates would stop flying here.
    Saudi Arabia wouldn’t sell us any oil.
    The NAB would need a new CEO.
    Thousands of muslims already living here would start blowing themselves up.
    Indonesia and Malaysia would stop issuing visas for Australians to enter as tourists. etc etc etc etc etc etc
    Knowing people of your ilk this is probably exactly what you want.

  4. Atheist, now please list the negative effects.

    But seriously, a muslim on the Herald Sun comments made that exact assertion. If we stop muslims coming into the country the ones already here, that are planning to kill us anyway, may follow through. You know, the standard creepy veiled threat they are so good at.

  5. Atheist:

    Yes, that list would be a welcome start.

    Especially if Kuwait stopped buying our sheep. Millions of the poor pathetic creatures would be spared the horrific tortures that mohammedans subject them to, such as gouging their eyes out, cutting tendons so they cannot escape, cramming them into the boots of cars etc. prior to killing them.

    If thousands of mohammedans already living here started to blow themselves up, who are we to complain if they are desperate to join their allotted 72 recycled virgins in paradise? If they require any assistance, just call me.

    Atheist, you might find that there are far more of that ‘ilk’ than you ever imagined once Ms Hanson gets started!

  6. athiest

    1. The oil market is an open market, the Saudis do not control the flow of oil.

    2. Kuwait would stop buying our sheep – so you think that for selling sheep to the Kuwaits, we must offer up Australia to be islamised.

    3. Emirates would stop flying here – big deal. It is they who will lose out on commerce. Knowing the money grabbing ME sheikhs, I will bet they will continue to fly.

    4. Indonesia and Malaysia would stop issuing visas for Australians to enter as tourists. etc etc etc etc etc etc. Reciprocity will then hold. Again, you will find that Indonesians and Malaysians are more keen to go to Australia then the reverse.

    5. Thousands of muslims already living here would start blowing themselves up – Precisely. In other words you have admitted that we have imported a violent fifth column (so much for Islam is the RoP), and are ready to give into blackmail at the very thought of violence.

  7. Atheist

    I think you have received a few good answers from the above posters.

    Do you really think she will become PM? I don’t. She is just sending a strong message at this stage.

    However I am glad you have so much confidence in her!

  8. I will be voting for the RED NUGGET no two ways about it, so will every other fed up Australian whose city has been almost wreaked by these things!

  9. Oh and let them start blowing up
    They wont there is not enough of them and they know it, we pussy whipped them in Cronulla imagine if angry Australians got organised?
    People are too scared to say what they feel with their name on it, just encase some Jihad cyber freak gets your address and Fartwa’s you, which does happen and it happened to SAND MONKEY!!!!!!!
    Which happened to Sheik in a paper up there, so it is real and they will hunt you down and cut your neck until you are dead.
    You all may be surprised how many will rise up and do something about our Muslim problem if it arrives. Just one bomb thats all it will take just one!

  10. “…they know it, we pussy whipped them in Cronulla imagine if angry Australians got organised?”

    Huh? Isn’t a pussy whipping somethin’ your gal does to you coz ya to timid to wear the pants?

    “People are too scared to say what they feel with their name on it, just encase some Jihad cyber freak gets your address and Fartwa”

    I have windsor yehudi’s address. If you want I can give it to you. So that the two of you can get together and sniff each others fartwas.

  11. Pauline called it rightly on Asian immigration.
    She’s calling it rightly on the 1951 Refugee Convention.
    She’s calling it rightly on Islam.

    I’ll be voting for the United Australia Party if it gets going and puts up a candidate in my electorate!

    All muslims and muslimas are cowards and scum, no matter how sweet they may be to your face…

    Cronulla scared the shitters out of them.
    And that was just a Family Beach Day Rally!!

    Imagine ….

  12. Give the lady all the support you can. We in what used to be GREAT Britain are suffering from our gutless appeasers – BUT comes the day of reckoning … One last point, may I correct what appears to be an error in translation ? Muslim martyrs do NOT get the services of 72 virgins – they get the services of ONE 72 year old virgin.

  13. amd.. you make me laugh!

    you mahometans are vile cockroaches and we all know the size of their brains.

    This is your brain: (0)
    And THIS is your brain on islam: (.)

    Any comment?

  14. every true Australian please get behind Pauline Hanson or we are gonna end up like the once “great” Britain

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