Shocks, Horror: Tunisia Bans Hijab Mania

Women’s Hijab Banned: Tunisia Government Crushing Islam

Alhamdullillah, Bismillah, Rahman Rahim:

Believers should be burning flags and embassies worldwide, no?

An Islamic nation bans the veil and the rest of the billions of tiny minority extremists is just quiet about it? What kind of evil Jewish plot is this?


France ban on wearing hijabs (headscarves) in schools and British MP Jack Straw’s comments against veils drew worldwide Muslim condemnation while being widely publicized by the mainstream media. Now Tunisian Government has enforced a law that states women in Tunisia can no longer cover their heads according to Islamic teachings by wearing the hijab! But unlike France or England majority of the Muslims worldwide haven’t even heard about Tunisian Government’s deadly and preposterous ban let alone condemned it.

The Tunisian government has succeeded in keeping the news away from the Muslim masses outside of its borders. As expectable Western Governments or the international media downplayed the Tunisian governments preposterous law that grossly violates basic human rights, fearing of uproar amongst the already frustrated Arab Muslims would fuel the emergence of Islamic governments in place of west dependent despotic Arab regimes. More pathetic was the indifference from few non-Tunisian Muslims privy to the illusive news item.

* Could it be that SOME Arabs have more common sense than the dhimmified Western apes who believe socialism goes hand in hand with Islamization?

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(The article is over one year old, but it might help some PC-infected Western Dhimmi’s to grow a backbone, which is what this is all about…)


Dumber than dirt: Magic Bullets Discovered in Sadr City by AFP Photographer

No, its not a Gavin King report!


No: Its NOT Dan Rather’s girlfriend either!

An elderly Iraqi woman shows two UNFIRED bullets which she says hit her house following an early coalition forces raid in the predominantly Shiite Baghdad suburb of Sadr City. At least 175 people were slaughtered on Tuesday and more than 200 wounded when four suicide truck bombs targeted people from an ancient religious sect in northern Iraq, officials said. (AFP/Wissam al-Okaili)

To make it even tastier, there’s another one from July 10, 2007, apparently featuring the same woman, holding another unfired round:

LGF Link


Snapped shot has more…

Good night America! If this is the kind of news your wire services are feeding you there is no hope…!

14 thoughts on “Shocks, Horror: Tunisia Bans Hijab Mania”

  1. From last year:

    “But the country whose government is currently going after the hijab most vigorously is Tunisia. The wearing of the hijab has been spreading rapidly in Tunisian towns, prompting President Ben Ali recently to reactivate a 1981 decree banning the wearing of the hijab in government offices, schools, universities, and public places in general. His government views the hijab as one more sign of the unwelcome but growing influence of Islamists in Tunisian society. This past Ramadan, in a reversal of the standard pattern for Muslim religious police, Tunisian police were seen tearing headscarves off women in the streets.

    The authorities consider the hijab unacceptable in a country that enshrined women’s rights as long ago as 1956, with the banning of repudiation (male-initiated casual divorce), polygamy, forced marriage, and the granting of women’s rights to vote and sue for divorce. Ben Ali sees women “as a solid defense against the regressive forces of fanaticism and extremism.””

    A solid defence. Ben Ali is smart. The headscarf is visual reinforcement of Islam. It’s 24/7 advertising. A salesman’s dream. RIP EM OFF! Or kick em out, probably easier.

  2. Mullah and Gramfan:

    If you ask nicely, ‘atheist’ will surely have an informed, intelligent, humorous answer to your questions.

  3. These are exactly the kind of bone heads that the more educated islamic killers are brainwashing into destroying our western civilization. Even more unbelievable is that they may well succeed if we don’t slap ourselves awake.


  4. Wow, this is the absolute truth we have been searching for, allah is real, he has retrieved these bullets from her head and made them new again, like they’ve never been fired before. It’s a miracle!!!
    allah arkarkarkarkbarr!!!
    Even more fascinating are those tattooed eyebrows, who needs a time machine to see our cave man ancestry when we have a world shrinking into an all seeing affair…

  5. I just looked again. I think “she” is a man!!
    If “she” isn’t,,no wonder they wear burkhas!

  6. listen ignorent folks if u have nothing positive to say about islam i believe u should dismiss urself. we dont need narrow empty minded ignorent ppl. islam doesnt need ur insult. whatever u say or do Islam will still stand and there nothing u could do about it! Allah has said in his holy book of quran: if you have a plot, plot against me! so whatever dispute u have it take it on wit him. his religion has been going strong for ceturies and is the fastest growing religion in the world . u think ur lame insults will have an impact…well guess what …ur thoughts or bs dont really count…and most important of all get a LIFE!. because if i were to talk shit about others religions i would have alot to say. but of course we “real” muslims have something called “minds” nd we use it to the full advantage and dont say crap abt other ppl.because we are what u call….civil..look it up in the dictionary nd apply it in ur life.

  7. Hey people!! this picture was taken in Iran and THE GIRL DOESN’T WANT TO HAVE A MANDATORY HIJAB!!! police uniforms are quite easy to recognize for any Iranians. Please do not push your own agenda with falsehood and stolen picture.

  8. Of course the picture was taken in Iran with a girl who doesn’t want to have a mandatory hijab. Why do I get the impression you missed the bus, Mohammed?

  9. Muslimah,
    You demonstrate quite ably why muslims are morons – thank you. Muslimah – we have a life – you DO NOT. Civility is not the issue here – it is muslim behaviour, which is often NOT civil.

    you missed the point. Where is the picture has been taken is very clear, but you have completely missed the message. As written above, muslims are dumb. And you add additional proof. Thank you.

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