Swiss Support Anti-Islam Demo in Brussels


Muslims demonstrate in Bern for the Islamization of Switzerland

Link (in German Only) Translation needed

No wonder Christians are running from the churches:

Dutch bishop urges faithful to call God ‘Allah’

Breda – The Dutch Roman Catholic bishop Tiny Muskens is urging the faithful of all religions to call God Allah in order to foster mutual understanding. The bishop of the city of Breda says God does not mind what he is called and points out that Allah is the Arabic word for God. The bishop, who is retiring in a few weeks, added he did not expect his ideas to find immediate acceptance. He expects it could take 100 or 200 years. Bishop Muskens has previously defied the Vatican by calling for the acceptance of married priests and the use of condoms against aids. He has also said that those who are poor may steal bread.

*Could it be that Bishop Muskens is a deluded socialist jackass? At the current rate of Muhammedan infiltration it won’t take even 50 years before all the churches in Holland are converted to mosques or burned to the ground.

* Perhaps Bishop Muskens should ask the Arab Islamo-Christians how ‘Allah’ helped them against dhimmitude and forced conversions…


‘Al-Ilha’ the pagan moon-god of the ancient desert Arabs, Muhammads alter ego


“Someone like me has prayed to Allah yang maha kuasa (Almighty God) for eight years in Indonesia and other priests for 20 or 30 years. In the heart of the Eucharist, God is called Allah over there, so why can’t we start doing that together?”

 Bishop Muskens proposal will undoubtedly receive a warm welcome from the Islamic community in the Netherlands. Particularly as it follows last week’s remarks by Geert Wilders about banning the Qur’an and, shortly before that, former Muslim Ehsan Jami’s comparison of Muhammad with Osama bin Laden.

* Well, I guess all’s well then.  Why can’t we all just get along…???

Homegrown Muslim Terror in the US dates back 30 years

Does anyone remember this?

Some Things You Never Forget’

Thirty years ago, gunmen stormed three D.C. buildings, taking 150 hostages and one life. Today the city remembers that terrifying hint of things to come.

By Theresa Vargas

Washington Post Staff Writer

The small scar above Marion Barry’s heart has had three decades to fade, but it’s still noticeable — evidence that some things don’t disappear with time.


Hostages who were held by gunmen at the B’nai B’rith International Center board a bus after their release. The March 1977 siege by a group of Hanafi Muslims lasted 39 hours and ended with one person dead and dozens hurt. (1977 Associated Press Photo)

For 39 hours in March 1977 — before the word “terrorism” entered our daily vocabulary — 12 gunmen paralyzed the District in a three-point siege. The group of Hanafi Muslims held about 150 people hostage in three buildings, and before they surrendered, a young reporter was killed and dozens were injured, including D.C. Council member Barry. A shotgun pellet pierced his chest, right above his heart, nearly killing him.

The siege started March 9, 1977, at a time when security was still relaxed in government buildings and hostage videos weren’t a few clicks away on the Internet. It was before people searched mail for white powder or suicide bombings claimed regular headlines.

“This was an early wake-up call about violence and terrorism and the extent to which groups will go to engage in violence either for the sake of violence or to make a point,” Daniel S. Mariaschin, executive vice president of B’nai B’rith International, said yesterday. “Little did we know 30 years ago that this kind of issue would be a daily concern for all of us, not only here in Washington but abroad as well.” He will speak at today’s event.

The 12 gunmen had several demands. They wanted the government to hand over a group of men who had been convicted of killing seven relatives — mostly children — of takeover leader Hamaas Abdul Khaalis. They also demanded that the movie “Mohammad, Messenger of God” be destroyed because they considered it sacrilegious.

* What happened to that movie? Why isn’t it in the cinema’s?

Most of the hostages, more than 100, were captured at the B’nai B’rith headquarters.

* Looks like they were ‘good Muslims’-with the usual grievances against the Jooozzz…

Read it all


AP calls Muslim convert ‘man’

Man pleads guilty to terror camp charges

By LARRY NEUMEISTER, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK – An American credited with playing a key part in a probe of an Oregon terror training camp pleaded guilty to terrorism charges Monday, admitting his role after his violation of a plea agreement let the government bring more serious charges against him.


11 thoughts on “Swiss Support Anti-Islam Demo in Brussels”

  1. Until the day I die, I will NEVER EVER call my Judeo-Christian God, “Allah.”

    Has this Dutch “Bishop” gone insane?

    You are right – “allah” is a pagan moon-deity of pre-Islamic Arabia, not a “God” in any way, but an idol. The Mohammedans are idol-worshippers.

    I am shocked, disgusted, appalled, and horrified by this “Bishop.”

    I saw your link on Jihad Watch, thanks.

  2. No, my comment above is to “Dutch bishop urges faithful to call God “Allah.”

    How revolting. What a revolting suggestion. I think I’m going to be sick.

  3. * Dutch bishop urges faithful to call God ‘Allah’

    Koran / Sura 4:171 “… Allah forbid that he should have a son …”

    Holy Bible / John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    If Bishop Muskens wants to play the harlot, & follow “Allah”, he might ponder on the fate of the harlot, as described in Revelation 17.

  4. wow, glad i wasn’t visiting my favorite swiss city last weekend… why do i keep repeating “napalm, napalm” over and over…..
    don’t think my swiss friends will have been to happy with that performance!

    as for the bishop, christians are going to have to learn that if a mohammedan strikes you, you strike him back twice as hard (not giving in to his wishes!), and then every time he does it you retaliate twice as hard again, eventually he will crawl back into his hole for a while until you have to do it again. turning the other cheek doesn’t work with these idiots!

  5. >>Breda – The Dutch Roman Catholic bishop Tiny Muskens is urging the faithful of all religions to call God Allah in order to foster mutual understanding.”

    All they have to do is acknowledge that Jesus is God FIRST!

  6. Why not call “God” al-lah??

    Because ‘al-lah’ (the Islamic deity) and ‘Yahweh’ (the name of the Christian God, which westerners traditionally have meant when using the word ‘God’) are two separate entities that teach diametrically opposing doctrines. THAT’S WHY.

    Islam ‘s “Book” the so-called ‘Glorious Kuran’ teaches Muslim followers for example (per word of al-lah) : “and when the forbidden months have passed, slay the non-believers everywhere they are found; besiege them, capture them, torture them, prepare every stratagem of warfare against them.” The homicidal content of this teaching is unmistakible and as mentioned earlier this teaching is (supposedly) directly from al-lah Himself.

    In sharp contrast the Judeo-Christian Bible teaches the 10 Commandments which include “THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT MURDER.” These are words directly from Yahweh!

    How could ANYONE EVER mix these two up???
    How could a Christian clergyman overlook such gaping differences???

  7. Dutch Dhimmi Bishop, what a fool…

    GO Europe! Keep on fighting!

    This dhimmi Mayor is a total coward and a despicable and cartoonish porcine traitor.

    This will go to court hopefully, thus drawing more publicity. Where are all the lawyers when we need them?

    Might 200,000 March in Brussels 9/11/07 Against Islamification BECAUSE Mayor Has Forbidden It?

    Everybody please sign the petition!

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    avoid tough questions

    allow Sharia to rule
    bring back eighth century

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe
    wants a Taliban Earth

    that’s what liberals want too
    destroy all human rights

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