Taleban vows to abduct more foreigners

Terrorism pays: South Korea paid Taliban $2.46m for hostages

* Kidnapping and hostage taking for ransom is traditional Muhammedan business. Its not clear why the Taleban are trying to sound apologetic.

Spencer explains, here

Why argue with success? Terrorism works: Every time the brave mujaheddin kidnap Westerners, or in this case Korean would-be missionaries, their respective governments cave in and reward the kidnappers for their crime:

(AP) Al Bebeeceera


Terrified, dhimmified, submissive, forcibly converted to Islam?


The men accompanying the last hostages freed gave an unsigned note to journalists accusing the South Koreans of coming to Afghanistan on a mission to convert the staunchly Islamic country to Christianity.

They came to our nation to change our faith,’ the handwritten note read. The Afghan people have given their lives for their faith. This is the reason we arrested them.’


JANDA, Afghanistan – Taleban militants vowed to abduct more foreigners after ending a six-week hostage drama by releasing the last seven of a group of kidnapped South Koreans under a deal with the Seoul government.

We will do the same thing with the other allies in Afghanistan, because we found this way to be successful,’ Taleban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi told the Associated Press via cell phone from an undisclosed location.

The seven hostages were handed over Thursday to the International Committee of the Red Cross in two separate exchanges close to the central Afghan city of Ghazni, Red Cross officials and an Associated Press reporter said. The freed hostages did not speak to reporters.

The final three released _ two women and a man _ were handed over by armed men on a main road in Janda district after apparently walking through the desert for some distance. Covered in dust, they were quickly bundled into a Red Cross vehicle and driven away.

The seven were part of a group of 23 church volunteers who were abducted on July 19 as they traveled by bus along a dangerous road in southern Afghanistan. The militants killed two men soon after taking them, and released two women earlier this month in what they termed a goodwill’ gesture. On Wednesday, the Taleban released the 12 other hostages.

Michelle Malkin: ‘Why caving in is a bad idea’

Al-Azhar University, the most respected institution in Sunni Islam, endorses ‘Umdat al-Salik, a manual of Islamic law that says this: “When a child or a woman is taken captive, they become slaves by the fact of capture, and the woman’s previous marriage is immediately annulled” (o9.13)? If the capture of non-combatants is forbidden by Islam, are we to believe that these captured women and children were acting as soldiers? If the vast majority of Muslims reject this sort of thing, why does Al-Azhar say that ‘Umdat al-Salik “conforms to the practice and faith of the orthodox Sunni community (ahl al-Sunna wa al-Juma’a)”?

If the killing of these hostages is likewise forbidden, why does the same manual stipulate that prisoners can be killed, exchanged for ransom (why exchanged for ransom, if they are not hostages?), enslaved, or released, depending on what is best for the Muslim community (o9.14)?

* Update:

Al Reuters uses a Muhammedan stringer  (Sayed Salahuddin) to cook the news for you:

South Korea pays Taliban $20 million ransom, Taliban promises to kidnap, kill more foreigners

Terrorism pays.

A senior Taliban commander said on condition of anonymity at the weekend that the deal also included a ransom payment of more than $US20 million ($24.32 million), which would be used to buy weapons and fund suicide attacks.

15 thoughts on “Taleban vows to abduct more foreigners”

  1. The real question here is what the hell were 23 Xtian Koreans doing there in the first place ? Wouldn’t be to spread the word of Jesus would it?
    No sympathy from me I’m afraid.

  2. atheist…

    we allow mohammedans freedom to preach their violent, backward religion in our mainly christian countries (as well as buddhist, sikhs, hindus, satanists, jedis and any other religion that cares to name itself)…are these people so insecure in their faith that they cannot take a bit of reciprocation?
    personally i have little time for religion and it’s followers but other than islam i can live happily beside the others.

    i feel sorry for korea and the kids that were kidnapped, the only way to deal with the monsters that kidnapped them is not give in, unfortunately it’s not an easy decision and usually we blame the victims not the perpetrators. if a mohammedan hits you on the nose, you hit him back twice as hard and keep doing it until he’s had enough, you don’t pay him, millions of dollars cause he’ll always come back for more as he feasts on weakness.

  3. frakked,
    “we allow mohammedans to preach their religion here”….. and do we like it ? NO ….. so why do these idiot Jesus freaks inflict their superstition of choice on the Afghanis ? they got what they deserve …. I hope the ones that got away alive have learnt their lesson… And FYI if a mohamadden ever comes knocking on my door preaching their filth I won’t take it lying down. Come to think of it, I’ve only ever had visits from the Jesus freaks.
    What about you ?

  4. atheist,

    When mohammedans come knocking they don’t come to preach, they come to move in.

    That means they move YOU OUT.

    Remember the ancestors of the Afghans, who were Buddhists and Hindu’s?

    What happened to them?

  5. atheist,

    than you for joining the islamists. I am not ashamed of being called a Jesus freak, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    You have yet to provide facts about why being a Christian is so bad, and how it is just as bad as islam……

  6. John
    because you are not a Christian by choice. It was something rammed down your throat as a child or by a very good con man. In the case of the con man I’d say you even give 10pc of your wage to whoever it is. In the case of traditional xtianity such as catholicism it was definitely rammed down your throat as a child. You can’t possible be telling me you believe what is written in the bible regarding Virgin births, raising from the dead, all the stuff about miracles, etc etc etc . Sick stuff indeed …..

  7. atheist,

    Actually, I ‘became’ a Christian (not an xtian) when I saw that evolution was unfeasible, and that the universe shouts of being created. So, no, I wasn’t ‘born’ into it, I was ‘born again’, and not at the point of a sword either. But that is not relevant to this debate, what is relevant is that peaceful people are willing to go into hostile areas in an effort to help people, and yes, even evangelise. How is this done? By example, not by knocking on doors with tracts to hand out, but by helping people in need. Why? Because if we love our neighbour as ourselves, we are compelled to do this. How does this compare in any way to the islamic religion???

  8. Jesus loves Osama bin Laden.
    Think about that John.
    Love thy neighbour? But it’s you who hates Muslims isn’t it? Aren’t you the one who wants a stop to Muslim immigration into Australia ? You prove once again how hypocritical Xtians are. You prove how religion poisons everything and by not accepting evolution as feasible you prove that you truly have been brainwashed by some relgious fundamentalist fruitcake who probably believes the world is only 6000 years old. Oh, and I was “born” right the first time in case you were wondering ? What was wrong with you to have to be “born” again ? I’ most curious to know..

  9. atheist,

    You are twisting words, but lying is ok if you are an atheist, as you believe you don’t have to answer to anyone. Look back at what I wrote previously, you will see that I believe we should clean up our own back yard first. I also stated that I love muslims, but I hate islam, there is a big difference.
    You were born physically, but where is your soul? You should take this subject to a different blog site if you want to argue ‘religion’ and theology.

    Please answer this question, what did the Koreans in Afganistan do to deserve their treatment?

    (You should try facts rather than the usual atheistic/humanistic method of ad-hominem attacks)

  10. John
    there is really no point debating with someone who has been indoctrinated with some ancient superstition which claims that it knows all the answers to the universe and the after -life . I’ll tell you what is wrong with those Koreans in Afghanistan. They belive their god is better than the Afghani’s god and they feel the need to “spread the word”. One group of indoctrinated people trying to impose their ways on another group of indoctrinated people. Talk about a volatile mix. They were asking for trouble and they found it. What a shame those Koreans didn’t just go to Japan where 80pc of the country claim to be atheist. That’s where they should be concentrating their efforts don’t you think ? Why pick on some poor starving vulnerable Afghani to indoctrinate with your bullshit ? It really is sick what happened there …

  11. atheist,

    so, according to you, no-one should try and help feed the hungry and clothe the poor in Afganistan? Just because your religion (belief system) has no basis for empathy doesn’t mean others shouldn’t want to help. Don’t you think they are displaying love for their fellow man?
    Have you really researched the differences between islam and Christianity? The moral equivalency you espouse is truly breathtaking.

    John 15:12-14

  12. firstly you’d be surprised how much money atheists give to charities and helping the less fortunate in society. Bill Gates just donated 1 billion dollars to third world charities and yes, he is an outspoken atheist. This is just one example of thousands I could give you but I do realise in your narrow minded view of the world you probably can’t comprehend how people of no religion actually have morals and there are statistics proving that relgious people are more likely to end up in jail than atheists. You’ll find that god less countries such as Sweden have VERY low crime rates compared to religious countires such as the US. Are you starting to see the picture ? Civilised society = no relgion. The less relgion the more civilised a society is. Just think, you can contribute to civilising Australia if you just stopped participating in religion. Go on, do us all a favour, instead of being born again, why not just grow up instead.

  13. atheist,

    please provide the statistics that prove more Christians go to gaol. Please get the photos of Bill Gates visiting the needy in Afganistan.

    I have never claimed that atheists don’t give to charity (good straw man argument from you) but you may wish to look at:


    And by the way, the crime rate is rising in many European countries (including Sweden) and yes, it is a ‘religious group’, but guess what, not Christians but memebers of the ROP.

  14. John,
    I don’t know why I bother …..
    here is little prayer for you:

    ” Jesus, Please protect us from your followers”.

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