Virgins? No Virgins for Mahmud

*Al Reuters reports that it was a ‘suspected radical Islamist’- well it can’t be all that bad then, right? But what if he was a “moderate?’

* A would-be mass murderer in Morocco tried to take out a bus full of tourists today, but only succeeded in blowing up himself.

* Sounds like Al Reuters regrets that the bomber didn’t succeed. Are those tourists ‘islamophobic’ now?


BAT (Reuters) A suspected radical Islamist tried to blow up himself near a bus carrying tourists in the Moroccan city of Meknes on Monday but he detonated the gas cylinder he was carrying before reaching it, police sources said.
“The gas cylinder exploded some metres (yards) from the bus and badly injured the attacker,” said one police source.

Another source said authorities suspected the bomber was a member of the radical Islamist Jihadia group.

Police sources said the failed suicide attack came after anti-terrorism police stepped up a crackdown on radical Islamists in the past six months, arresting scores of suspected jihadists.

“That crackdown move put terrorists on the defensive and destabilised their plots and forced them to commit acts of despair like this one,” a third source added.

The sources said the attack in Meknes, 136 km (85 miles) southwest of Rabat, was a reminder of similar bombings in Casablanca in March and April this year, when seven suicide bombers killed themselves and a police officer.

Two of the suicide bombers that killed themselves near U.S. diplomatic offices in Morocco’s commercial hub, Casablanca, in April clearly intended to attack those buildings, the authorities have said.

In June, Morocco raised its security alert to the highest maximum level, suggesting an attack was imminent.




Update: The bomber, Hicham Dokkali, was an engineer who worked in the tax office in Meknes

* He only wanted to collect the Jiziyah from the infidels…

* Didn’t we have an imam in Australia who was a taxman also…?

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  1. The photo of the virgins? is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!
    What are you trying to do? Our western society is going down the toilet quick enough. The one thing the Muslims are right about is their contempt
    of western decadence.
    This should be pulled immediately.

  2. Why aren’t the ladies wearing burqas?

    Muslim males go into a furious frenzy of desire when females expose more than their eyeballs. The sight of all this flesh will send them stark raving mad. Do you really want such a catastrophy on your conscience, Sheik?

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