9/11: Rocket Attack Wounds 25 Israeli’s; Pali’s Celebrate

The problem with letting the Palestinians continue these rocket attacks without serious reprisal is that they’re learning, and getting better at it: Rocket wounds 25 in southern Israel.

JERUSALEM – A Palestinian rocket from the Gaza Strip landed near an army base in southern Israel early Tuesday, wounding 25 people, Israeli medics and the army said.

The army confirmed that a rocket had landed in a base about a half-mile north of the Gaza Strip and said dozens of people were being treated on the scene for moderate to light injuries.

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fire crude rockets almost daily at towns in southern Israel, wreaking panic but rarely causing serious casualties. If confirmed, the injuries in Tuesday’s early morning attack would be the most caused by a single rocket.


 Following yesterday’s terrorist attack, Palestinians took to the streets, dancing and singing and handing out candy.


A Palestinian Islamic Jihad supporter distributes sweets as he celebrates the rocket attack on an Israeli army base in a street in Gaza City, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2007. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra) 

* Just like on 9/11 2001 

3 thoughts on “9/11: Rocket Attack Wounds 25 Israeli’s; Pali’s Celebrate”

  1. They’re only doing what they are very good at : enjoying death and destruction.
    And perpetrating it wherever possible.

  2. Targeting an army base is way better than targeting civilians. So in this sense this is an improvement to the Palestinians’ previous war tactics.

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