Amnesty calls for Bali bombers lives to be spared…

* Amnesia Intentional, Irene ‘Gulag’ Khan’s far left Islamo-fascist front against freedom and democracy, is looking for bleeding hearts and other useful idiots to save the lives of the good Muslims who blew up 200 Westerners in the Bali bombings.


FRIENDS and relatives of Bali bombing victims have rejected calls by Amnesty International for the lives of three Bali bombers to be spared.

The human rights group has called on Australians to write to the Indonesian authorities in a bid to avert the execution of Imam Samudra, Ali Ghufron and Amrozi bin Nurhasyim
The three could soon face the firing squad after Indonesia’s Supreme Court rejected their final appeals.

The three played key roles in the 2002 terrorist attacks on the resort island of Bali, which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

Coogee Dolphins member Eric de Haart lost teammates Clint Thompson and Josh Iliffe in the deadly car bombings in Kuta.

Mr de Haart said he was “gobsmacked” by Amnesty’s action.

“I honestly can’t believe they would expect anyone who has had anything to do with Bali, or who has been associated with Bali, to support that motion,” Mr de Haart said.

“That’s just beyond belief.”

He said the bombers had laughed at their crimes and shown no remorse.

“There certainly couldn’t have been anyone from Amnesty International walking through the morgue like I did, trying to sort through body parts trying to identify my mates.



Bucktooth Bashir: Still laughing at us

* We shall see whether Yudhoyono has what it takes to get these swine to hang. The Muhammedan movement is growing stronger by the day in Indonesia, one of the most corrupt nations in Asia. We have seen how Bucktooth Bashir got off and how others had their sentences reduced.

Mohammed said, ” No Muslim should be killed for killing a Kafir” (infidel). Vol. 9:50 Sahih Al-Bukhari

* “Allah will endow a person with an understanding of the Qur’an, so that he understands the ransom of blood-money for captives and the judgment that no Muslim should be killed for killing an infidel.” Islam is a license to kidnap and kill.



Malaysian PM: Western nations misunderstand Islam

* That much is true. If there was a clear understanding what Islam is all about there wouldn’t be a single mosque in any western country. Scumbags like this jihadi wouldn’t be members of the commission of immigration and the FBI wouldn’t get ‘cultural training’ by some Islamic da’awa doctor.


New York – Malaysia’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi called Friday for increasing dialogue to repair misunderstandings by the West about Islam.

‘The main cause is the misperception in the West that Islam promotes exclusively and encourages extremism,’ Badawi said in an address to the UN General Assembly.

He said action should be taken to generate ‘greater understanding’ between civilizations and cultures and dialogue to establish ‘the truth that Islam is a religion which espouses universalism, not exclusivity, and tolerance, not bigotry.’

He said religion cannot be blamed for what he called the existing disputes among nations.

Following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States and subsequent attacks in London, Madrid and Bali, Islamic groups and governments have campaigned to change the perception that terrorists were inciting Muslims to fight the West.

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Seven Questions for Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia:

1. At independence, Malaysia (or, as it was then known, Malaya) did not have a Muslim majority. There has been a steady rise in the percentage of Muslims, compared to the indigenous tribes, the Hindus, and the Chinese. What explains this demographic shift?

2. Singapore broke off from Malaysia and established a separate state. What were the main reasons the Chinese of Singapore so desperately sought to be independent of Malaysia?

3. The Bumiputra system, was established to favor in education and in the economy, supposedly, the “sons of the soil” or the indigenes. The “sons of the soil” tribes, however, are mostly Christian. Yet the Bumipura system, as every Chinese and Hindu in Malaysia knows, favors only one group: Muslims. Why is that, and do you now believe it is time to assure all citizens of Malaysia equality before the law by ending the Bumiputra preferments for Muslims in Malaysia?

4. Your predecessor, Mahathir Mohamed, famously gave an address to the Organization of Islamic Conference, in which he told a crowd of enthusiastic delegates that Muslims must learn to rival the West in their scientific attainments, but the only attainments to which he made reference were those of military technology. There was no mention of any encouragement of Muslim study of the nature of the atom, or of the structure of DNA, or of fractals, or how the brain works, or anything at all that might be described as science for its own sake. There was only mention of military technology, of weaponry. Why do you think that was?

5. Chok Tok On, Prime Minister of Singapore, in a speech he gave in Washington a few years ago, said this:

“Terrorism is a generic term. Terrorist organisations such as the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka or ETA in Spain are only of local concern. The virulent strain of Islamic terrorism is another matter altogether. It is driven by religion. Its ideological vision is global. It is most dangerous.

The communists fought to live, whereas the jihadi terrorists fight to die and live in the next world.

Read more by Hugh Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald on Singapore and Malaysia

7 questions for Abdullah 


Discover Islam


Britains Al Bebeeceera Problem

Another outrage perpetrated by the BBC: BBC’s Newsround fed youngsters Al Qaeda propaganda, claims ex-spy chief.

Important: The BBC apology that is anything but an apology, or

Its all America’s Fault:

Getting to the bottom of the Children’s BBC Newsround 9/11 Scandal is proving a tough battle. First we have lots of complaints on September 11th 2007 about the BBC’s Why did they do it? page, the one that says:

The way America has got involved in conflicts in regions like the Middle East has made some people very angry, including a group called al-Qaeda – who are widely thought to have been behind the attacks.
In the past, al-Qaeda leaders have declared a holy war – called a jihad – against the US. As part of this jihad, al-Qaeda members believe attacking US targets is something they should do.

When the attacks happened in 2001, there were a number of US troops in a country called Saudi Arabia, and the leader of al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, said he wanted them to leave.

…which as anyone can see, clearly suggests that the 9/11 atrocities were the result of American foreign policy, rather than, for instance, murderous islamist hatred that stretches back at least several decades to the days of Sayyid Qutb, the foundation of the Muslim Brotherhood and beyond (that’s not to suggest Newsround should be that detailed – but their coverage is clearly unbalanced as it stands).


8 thoughts on “Amnesty calls for Bali bombers lives to be spared…”

  1. For once we have a member of the ummah ready to execute some peaceful ones who killed infidels and what happens? Another Western organization has to stick its nose in there and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. These left leaning groups are even worse than the Islamaniacs for undermining the West. One day they will see what their efforts will get them for a thank you.

  2. Re Bali Bombers:

    I read the readers comments on the Herald-Sun site. The overwhelming majority thought AI had lost the plot, which of course they have, as has the UN, the Human Rights orgs etc etc.,22023,22497258-661,00.html

    Why do they want to deprive these “beings” of their “virgins”?

    I hope AI gets the message that people are starting to see through them.Unfortunately as I mentioned above they are not the only organization that has lost the plot.
    They all need to be flushed out.

  3. Apparently the Bali Bombers are due to be executed by firing squad, but Muslims consider this to be torture, so they want to be executed in the approved Islamic fashion, by beheading. I’m sure the Indonesian Govt could accommodate them.

    * “If they are to be executed, they just want to be executed under the Islamic law.
    “And they are ready because they will meet the prophet Muhammad, the mujahids, and beautiful virgins.” (Lawyer for the trio, Achmad Michdan)

    Where they are likely to go, they may well meet Mo and the mujahids, but I wouldn’t count on any beautiful virgins.

  4. I want them DEAD. I think they should be dumped in the ocean from 30,000 ft. Why treat these devils in a humane manner?

    What is wrong with us for being too kind to those who seek to kill us?

  5. “And they are ready because they will meet the prophet Muhammad, the mujahids, and beautiful virgins.” (Lawyer for the trio, Achmad Michdan)

    Why don’t the lawyer want to join them? I have a few [slightly used] virgins by the name of Hitlery and Grossie Rosie [both of them moslem-lovers] available for the lawyer 🙂

  6. I dont know whats happening to Australia. People on radio talking about things happening in the middle east like the two gay Saudi men who got sentenced to 7000 lashings, people are saying……oh well…….if thats the law in their country…….fair enough. Or stoning to death women for infidelity, chopping off hands for petty thefts, beheading for this, beheading for that……all ok as long as the arseholes running a given country dont forget to make it legal first. What the hell…….we are becoming a pack of barbaric cavemen like them. Their beliefs are winning……I believe voilence should only be used as a last resort……in any instance. That means……yes……I beleive in sparing the lives of the barely bombers…….I hate them…..but can not condon killing someone “after” they have been captured…….imprisoned……and can do no more harm…….but they would remain there until they died….never released.

    Islam is the problem. If I had my way the religion would be banned in the same way that the nazi party and beliefs are. There is no room in a civilised mind for accepting their ways…….not here…….not in their country…….we should be condeming all the stuff they do…..even to their own…..killing people and torturing people because of sexual acts done in private with consenting adults should outrage the world…..and these scum have seats on the united nations……..because they have oil……we are in bed with the devil……all of us……Islam is darkness…..death……torture…..mutulation…….and repression……and I’m disgusted that our country has anything to do with these monsterous dictorships and monachies. I wish westerners would wake up and see them for what they are………one day I believe they will take over here in Australia and force us to accept their ways and kill most of us over time……..even those that tow the line. There is no room for them on this earth…….we should contain them in their middle eastern hell holes and not let them out to threaten the free world.


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