Australia: Infiltration in full swing

* In the lands of the kuffar, those lands which have not (yet) been conquered by Islam, little is known about Hizb-ut Tahrir, one of the more militant and subversive strands of the ‘Religion of Peace’- and although they’re banned in most other places, even in Islamic countries, they are still allowed to infiltrate and settle in the Dar-ul-Harb, the land of war, behind enemy lines, in order to spread their totalitarian belief-system. Because for a true believer there’s only Islam, nothing else matters:

* Interesting that Islamic countries know their birds by the feathers as we can see here, and they manage to keep them out:

Islamist leader in call for revolution

Natalie O’Brien | The Australian

THE mysterious sheik behind the Australian chapter of Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir has revealed the organisation’s support for military coups and revolutions to overthrow non-Muslim governments worldwide.

Ismail Al Wahwah, who was little known until last month when he was banned from a Hizb ut-Tahrir conference in Indonesia, spoke out on an Arabic radio program that revealed him as the “active member” of the group in Australia.

In an interview conducted in Arabic on SBS radio last month, he attacked the West’s lack of values and backed the use of suicide bombings in Iraq and Palestine, even if they killed Australians.

“I say any occupied people have the responsibility to defend their country,” he said in the interview, which The Australian had translated into English. “The victim … should not be asked how he is defending himself.”

Sheik Wahwah is understood to be the unofficial leader of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia. The Australian has obtained the first pictures of the man widely known in the Muslim community as Abu Anas.

Hizb ut-Tahrir’s media spokesman, Wassim Doureihi, denied the sheik was the group’s leader in Australia, saying Sheik Wahwah was a senior member and that his brother, Ashraf, a civil engineer at North Sydney Council, was the official leader.

* You see, when they are among Muslim brothers, they are proud ‘leaders’ of the jihad-insurgency. When they return behind enemy lines in the lands of the infidels they lie and deny, classic taqiyya.

* The question remains: How did this PoS get into the country?

Could it have something to do with what this guy does here?



Hizb ut-Tahrir is a secretive organisation known as the Party of Islamic Liberation, which advocates the destruction of Western civilisation and the overthrow of governments and their replacement by Islamic rule.

The group is banned in Europe, China and Saudi Arabia, but remains legal in Britain and Australia, actively pushing the idea of the caliphate.

* You go figure: ‘Banned in Saudi Arabia’- so here we have a guy who’s ideology is even more dangerous than the Islam of the Wahabites who fuel and finance the global jihad. How did this ratbag get into Australia?



We have a responsibility to monitor Mosques

Truth tellers do it tough in a world where political correctness stifles any debate. But monitoring mosques is long overdue. New York Republican Congressman Peter King has become the latest target of those who value political correctness and pandering over the national security of our nation.

Read it all

* Reminder:

Most of us probably can still remember clearly Sheikh al Hilaly’s rants about Muslim rights to claim Australia:


“The Western people are the biggest liars and oppressors and especially the English race. The Anglo-Saxons who arrived in Australia arrived in shackles.

We paid for passports from our own pockets. We have a right in Australia more than they have.”

“But when you become acquainted with their (Aboriginal) traditions among their tribes, you find that they have customs such as circumcision, marriage ceremonies, respect for tribal elders, and burial of the dead – all customs that show that they were connected to ancient Islamic culture before the Europeans set foot in Australia. “ (source)

And it would be a fair assumption that most of us did not think much of these antics, and shrugged them off as bragging of an uneducated simpleton.


‘Off the rails? Completely insane?’- No. Muhammedans are serious. All they want is US infidels dead or converted. Once they achieve critical mass they will ‘ship us out’- (Nacer Benbrika, Islamic cleric)


Al Hilali was not long ago ‘replaced’ by FEHMI NAJI EL-IMAM, a so-called ‘moderate’ who pretends not to know who was behind 9/11 or the London 7/7 bombings. Obviously the Bali bombings was something Australians brought upon themselves.


Hirabah-Not-Jihad push part of Muslim Brotherhood “strategic disinformation and denial and deception campaign”

* This analysis demonstrates that “Truespeak” contributors are part of the Muslim Brotherhood threat network, with the implication that this entire communication and lexicon effort is part of a strategic disinformation and denial and deception campaign.

* The primary strategic concept to accomplish the Brotherhood’s objective is “civilizational jihad,” the usurpation and replacement of Western Judeo-Christian and Western liberal social, political and religious foundations by Islam.


Hugh Fitzgerald on the loyalty of Muslims to the infidel nation state:

“Are their loyalties divided? When push comes to shove, which will they choose – freedom or Islam?”

A very few will follow Ibn Warraq, Wafa Sultan, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, right out of Islam. Some more will attempt to hold on as Muslim-for-identification-purposes Muslims, possibly pretending to others, and even to themselves, that they can somehow “reform” Islam and convince one billion primitive Believers to accept the suggested “reforms” — though of course no details are ever given or can be given, as to the passages in Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira that would have to be excised. Those who tell us that Muslims can stick merely to the Qur’an delude themselves, or possibly attempt to delude only us, that the Qur’an all by itself, is menace enough, is more than enough.

For almost all Muslims — 98% or more — who will, knowing full well what is in Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira — and yet continue to identify themselves as Muslims, the question you ask about divided loyalties remains moot. There can be no divided loyalty for Muslims. They are clearly taught that their sole loyalty is owed to Islam and to fellow Muslims, members of the world-wide Umma. The very idea of a Muslim pledging his allegiance to an Infidel nation-state, and meaning it, and yet remaining a good Muslim, is absurd. It misses entirely the point of Islam, the whole structure of Islam as a Total System, demanding total loyalty.

End of story.

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  1. I am surprised this b•assturd is still walking around. Time to put the fear of God into these mosnters.. and I do NOT mean alla.

  2. I demand that all aussies write and lobby the federalis govt of aussie to stop all foreign aid to indonesia and malaysia and all mussie lands, I am sick to death of our money being used to prop up a islamic culture of death and tyranny, if their lands are so bad, thats their problem, stop funding islamic jihad by goving money in overseas aid when it never ever gets to those in need. vote for pauline hanson i sure will, deport all muslims and ban all mussie immigration now. I think its time we start organising rallies to speak out against islam and lobby for deportation and eviction of all mussies to another mussie land, they wanna be mussies send em to mussie lands and tell them piss off we are fricken full and hate their guts, close down the mosques, ban any othe rmosques opening. goddamit people get active and stop the islamisation of australia by stealth….at least in ww2 the govt told us whom the fricken enemy was, now they lie through their arses and never admit islam is a evil cult of death andmadness only evil people belong to THEY ARE ALL THE ENEMY!!!!!!!! time to bring back ownership of our guns before it is too late to protect us and our lives from the enemy within our midst
    Damn them all to hell and get the frick out of our lands you fil;thy pigs mussies

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