Fritz the (Jihad) Cat

* Well, those were the day’s, way back in the seventies… and the only problem, I mean the only problem on anyones mind, was to get laid by the members of the opposite camp by pretending that the last thing on anyones mind would be something as profane as SEX…

Yes, those were the days. And the only cat we believed we knew was Fritz the Cat, a cartoon character, who was, or who became, somehow, believe it or not, some kind of terrorist. Terrorism was kind of cool, ‘revolution’ was the ‘in thing…’

Pali-Arabs calling themselves ‘Black September’ and Krauts calling themselves ‘Red Army Fraction’ joined together then and there and started to blow up s#*t. And you always believed the Nazi’s were bad..?

Nowadays things have become more complicated…


This article focuses on the story of Fritz Gelowicz, one of the three arrested earlier this week for plotting a massive and imminent attack on commercial and American military interests in Germany. But it also demonstrates that Gelowicz did not work in a vacuum; rather, there was significant support for “radical Islam” right in the German town of Ulm. And that seemingly unlikely place only underscores the fact that jihadists can plot and potentially wreak havoc wherever they are allowed to operate unchallenged, both by the larger community, and by fellow Muslims who are all too often assumed to be uniformly “moderate.”

“Germans concerned about Muslim converts,”

by Alexander G. Higgins for the Associated Press:


Abu Fritz on the dole: Fighting the jihad in the German country side…


The village of Oberschledorn, western Germany, Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2007, where three men were arrested by police on suspicion of terrorism on Tuesday. Three suspected Islamic terrorists from an al-Qaida-influenced group nursing a ‘profound hatred of U.S. citizens’ were arrested on suspicious of plotting imminent, massive bomb attacks on U.S. facilities in Germany, prosecutors said Wednesday. The three men had some 700 kilograms (1,500 pounds) of hydrogen peroxide — easily enough to make a bomb with the explosive power of 550 kilograms (1,200 pounds) of TNT, prosecutors said at a news conference. (AP Photo/Eckehard Schulz)

Fritz Martin Gelowicz, described as the leader of the Islamic Jihad Union terror cell, converted to Islam 10 years ago at age 18 in his hometown of Ulm, security officials told The Associated Press.

Ulm, in Baden Wuerttemberg in southwestern Germany, is a center for radical Islamic activity along with Neu-Ulm, just across the Danube in Bavaria. Authorities say the local Islamic scene is marked by particular zeal.

There’s a lot more, read it all

Here is the article from JW

Fitzgerald analyzes Fritz

More BS about ‘homegrown’ terror 

* Fixated on barking up the wrong tree, the dogs of the MSM keep yapping away at ‘homegrown terrorism’- as if that had somehow (how exactly?) some kind of significance.  Once again: Islam is an ideology.  It is not a race and not so much a religion as a strategy for conquest and booty. Would anyone associate a Nazi or a Commie with anything ‘homegrown?’ If not, why not? Why should it matter?


3 thoughts on “Fritz the (Jihad) Cat”

  1. I wonder where the Multicultural House in Neu-Ulm was getting its funding before being closed down in 2005. From the State as a “harmony” initiative,
    or from the Saudis? Islamic Information Centre under investigation, but still open for jihad & living off jizya?

  2. Islamic Information Centre (IIZ) in Ulm appears not to be open for jihad, and its website is unavailable. 🙂

    Expatica has a bit more of the detail on the Mayor of Ulm’s “shocked” reaction, Fritz’s middle-class background, wanting to be called Abdullah & married a German Turk he met in a mosque.

    *The office of the Islamic Information Centre (IIZ) remained firmly closed on Thursday, but a sticker on the door said: “Islam is peace”.

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