Gitmo, where the torture never stops

* That is, if one were to believe AP or the general main stream media, for whom jihadists can do no wrong and must be treated with kids gloves, because its ‘all our fault’- its all because of Bush-hitler and anyway, these poor fellows should be all released in Hollywood since there are lots of lunatics like them, they might just fit in… right? Right: 

By ANDREW O. SELSKY, Associated Press Writer

Gitmo Thugs whine  and complain that their asses are not licked gently enough


A Guantanamo detainee, center, is escorted by US military personnel away from the dental clinic, at Guantanamo Bay US Naval Base, Cuba, in this May 15, 2007 file photo. For some men trying to get out of Guantanamo, the biggest obstacle can be another detainee. Prisoners often confront allegations leveled by other detainees as they appear before U.S. military panels. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, file)
Detainees flinging body waste at guards. Guards interrupting detainees at prayer. Interrogators withholding medicine. Hostility and tension between inmates and their keepers at the Guantanamo Bay prison are evident in transcripts obtained by The Associated Press.

These rare detainee accounts of life inside the razor wire at the remote U.S. military base in Cuba emerged during Administrative Review Board hearings aimed at deciding whether prisoners suspected of links with the Taliban or al-Qaida should continue to be held or be sent away from Guantanamo.

The Pentagon gave the AP transcripts of hearings held last year in a trailer at Guantanamo after the news agency sought the material under the Freedom of Information Act.

Amid the tensions, the transcripts also show a few relaxed encounters between detainees and their guards and interrogators.

The military has said Guantanamo is relatively calm compared to last year. But a report released by the detention center last month shows mass disturbances are up sharply over 2006 and forced removal of prisoners from cells and assaults with bodily fluids are on pace to match or exceed last year’s total.

The transcripts, obtained by the AP on Friday, illustrate the friction.

A Yemeni detainee, Mohammed Ali Em al-Zarnuki, warned his panel of three U.S. military officers that inmates would attempt suicide unless guards stop interrupting prayers, moving detainees during prayer time and whistling and creating other distractions.

Four detainees have committed suicide at Guantanamo — three last year and one on May 30. Several other detainees have tried to kill themselves, including by overdosing on hoarded medicine.

* Does your heart bleed already?  In that case you must be reading the wrong blog. These thugs are lucky to be alive at all, and any day they have above ground is WAY more than they deserve.


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  1. We need to consider putting Pelosi, Kucinich and other Democrats in Gitmo, who like smooching up to murdering thugs who have no problem murdering our own citizens.

  2. personally i’d quietly remove the guards and other u.s. personnel overnight and give it a case of global warming in the morning.
    no more complaints, no more prayer interruptions…no more “heroic” returns to european countries. also no chance of any ending up on a battlefield in iraq, pakistan or afganistan.
    sorry if i have no compassion (well, not really) but i have little time for people who think they have the answers and should kill us all to prove it!

  3. Do you think that the newly captured jihadists should go to the newly, ‘globally warmed’ Gitmo? Let them start ‘glowing in the dark’?

    Geez that brings back fond memories, we used to have t-shirts when I was in the USMC that said, Nuke them and when they glow in the dark – shoot ’em. I used to wear mine until it got holes in it and had to throw it away.

    I was in during the Beirut bombing and we didn’t have a love for what was going on over there at that time!

  4. “I was in during the Beirut bombing and we didn’t have a love for what was going on over there at that time!”

    Wasn’t that when you losers skulked off after the shiites blew up a truck bomb killing about 200 of your wussy kind. If I remember correctly you left with tails between your legs ‘coz ya didn’t have the balls to finish the job, or help out your zionist masters. Have you guys ever won a war on your own? Cos if my memory serves me right the french helped you gain independence, ww1 and ww2 was almost over when you joined, korea ended up in stalemate and in vietnam you got your asses whupped, in pretty much the same way you’re getting your asses whupped in afghanistan and iraq.

  5. k.johannsesn,

    you are a poor reader of history. The World Wars ended sooner because of US involvement, get your facts straight. And as for ‘zionist masters’, I suppose man didn’t land on the moon, John F. Kennedy is alive and well (living next door to Elvis) and muslims discovered Australia before Aboriginals even got there…..

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