India: Koran Dropping Sets Off Thousands Of Raging Muslims

Dropped Koran Leads to Mob Violence in New Delhi

In New Delhi today, thousands of raging Muslims set fire to two police stations and injured two dozen police officers, four of them critically, after a policeman dropped a Koran in the course of removing an illegal market stall.


Police try to maintain law and order
NEW DELHI: Two police posts were set on fire by thousands of agitated residents and students around Jamia Milia Islamia University on Saturday evening. The angry mob first set Jamia police post on fire and later targetted Sahinbagh police post in Sarita Vihar. About 40 people, including policemen, were injured in the violence.

Around two dozen police officers were injured in which four were reported to be critical. The incident happened after local residents in the area resisted police’s efforts to remove a patri market. In course of the encroachment removal drive, the Koran was reportedly dropped by a policeman, leading to tension. A local leader reportedly slapped a police officer.

Police had to use tear gas to disperse the angry mob. Around 3,000 people had collected around 6.30 pm and took out the police records from the Jamia police post and set them on fire before setting fire to the the post too. The SHO of the area Rajesh Sharma and additional SHO Akhilesh Singh were severely injured. The injured police officers were rushed to AIIMS, Holy Family and Apollo. Several vehicles including police jeeps were also set ablaze by the mob.

Traffic in the area was disrupted for nearly four hours. CRPF personnel and additional police force from other districts were deployed. Just when the traffic situation became normal, the mob pelted stones at the Sahinbagh police post and set it on fire too.

* Perhaps the angry Muslims were just claiming their country back, what say you? 

2 thoughts on “India: Koran Dropping Sets Off Thousands Of Raging Muslims”

  1. Where was the rage when the qur’an was being used for drug smuggling?

    I expect that was allowed because the drug trade not only hurts kaffirs but raises money for jihad……………… they really are sick puppies.

    I have a qur’an and I drop it ritualistically on a daily basis…………makes me feel better.

  2. I dread to think what they’d do if they caught up with me!
    Every time I visit a book shop, I remove a koran from the religion section,
    and place it in the true crime section. It’s great therapy, you should all try it.

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