‘It’s a Syndicate, a Muslim Mafia’


‘Out of Context’- alert:

MAS Leader Whines: They’re Quoting My Words! It’s a Smear Campaign!


As expected, Dr. Esam Omeish, the MAS leader caught on numerous videotapes spewing violent, hateful jihad rhetoric, is whining today about a “smear campaign.”

“Smear,” in this case, being defined as having his own words quoted and reported.

* Sounds just like suing somebody for reading from the Koran…

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Pamela sez:

The guy is a jihadi, of course he had to resign. That is not what is disturbing. What is disturbing is the asshat Governor that appointed him. Think about it.


RICHMOND, Va. — A member of the state’s Commission of Immigration resigned Thursday, a few hours after Gov. Timothy M. Kaine was told about online videos showing the appointee condemning Israel and advocating “the jihad way.”


From the “Dumber Than The Police”-Department:

FBI Takes Cultural Training from Muslim Brotherhood Front Group

* Can you imagine? 6 years after 9/11 this kind of BS is still going on?

Here we go again, as the leaders in charge of protecting us from terrorism show an amazing cluelessness about the subversive Muslim Brotherhood groups operating in the US. Bill Gertz in the Washington Times:

FBI reaching out to jihadist-linked group

By Bill Gertz
September 28, 2007

The FBI is cooperating with a U.S. Muslim group recently linked to global extremists and is asking the group to provide “cultural training” for its special agents, according to a Senate Judiciary Committee report.

* When I hear ‘outreach’ and ‘cultural training’ I get the creeps. How ’bout you?



Omeish, the Jihad doctor, becomes ‘victim of Islamophobia’

Remarks taken out of context,’- sez he…

Esam S. Omeish, the Muslim leader from Fairfax County who resigned from the state immigration commission after controversial remarks made on video surfaced, defended his remarks today and said he was the victim of a smear campaign.

“The smear campaign brings forward comments and speech excerpts which were taken out of context . . . and used to undermine a whole community of faith in a relentless campaign of Islamophobia intimidation,” Omeish said in an 11 a.m. news conference.


Fibbi Defends Jihad Doctor:


Fibbi with suit, necktie and coffee-filter 

Very predictably, unindicted Hamas co-conspirators CAIR and their thuggish leader Ibrahim Hooper spring to the defense of Muslim American Society leader Esam Omeish, whine that his “jihad” rhetoric was “taken out of context” (apparently, there has never been a case in history where radical Islamists were quoted in context), seethe over the “smear campaign” that consisted of quoting Omeish’s own words, and let the mask slip even further with a vile remark about Israel’s “apartheid-like policies:” CAIR Supports VA Muslim Leader Smeared by ‘Islamophobes’.

It’s one Muslim Brotherhood front group defending another Muslim Brotherhood front group.

You can tell Fibbi about your feelings right here:

Contact: Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR National Communications Director, +1-202-744-7726, ihooper@cair.com, or Rabiah Ahmed, Communications Coordinator, +1-202-439-1441, rahmed@cair.com, or Amina Rubin, Communications Coordinator, arubin@cair.com, all of CAIR, +1-202-488-8787

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  1. Out reach and cultural training:

    Terminology for the islam-ignorant to go back to sleep and do nothing.
    Since these people are in our lands it is they who should do cultural training. Skip the outreach part.That’s just a conversion ploy.

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