Korean Hostages severely beaten as punishment for refusing to convert to Islam

‘There is no compulsion in religion update”

From Yonhap:

ANYANG, South Korea, Sept. 2 (Yonhap) –– A pastor at the South Korean church whose volunteers were held hostage for six weeks by Afghanistan’s Taliban said some of the captives were “severely beaten” by the insurgents when they refused to convert to Islam.

The 19 former hostages, freed in stages last week under a deal between the South Korean government and the Taliban, arrived on a flight from Dubai on Sunday morning. Earlier, the Islamic militants had killed two male hostages but freed two females.

* Park also told Yonhap that the Taleban tried to sexually assault some of the women, but that two of the male hostages fought them off.

* How are prisoners of war treated in Islam?

3 thoughts on “Korean Hostages severely beaten as punishment for refusing to convert to Islam”

  1. Christians have long since come to understand that the Best way to bring someone into the Fold, is by Example.

    muslims just Kill.

    This is a distinction that people like atheist willingly Refuse to understand.

  2. Publishing a cartoon of the false prophet Mo is not “conducive to friendly ties” between the “Islamic world” and the West, but kidnapping, hostage taking, beating and sexual assault are … the work of a minority of misunderstanders, and are rewarded with jizya.

  3. Otter,

    atheist is unfortunately trying to promote the idea that all religions are the same, and he wants them all banned. (He has yet to inform anyone how this will be achieved, but if it is anything like some of those famous leaders from history, then expect millions killed or imprisoned for their beliefs)
    I suppose if Christianity was made illegal, we should also get rid of all institutions created through it, starting with the 7 day week, then Christmas and Easter, then the Salvation Army, then all those hospitals and overseas aid missions, the Red Cross, the presumption of innocence, all scientific breakthroughs discovered by Christian scientific researchers, etc etc. Then we could bring back slavery to western nations…. then we could let islam take over by stealth….

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