Meanwhile, on the other side of the world: 2-3-4: What are we fighting for…???

The cry of the Stop Bush ‘07 protesters outside APEC:

‘We need a new world ass, the old one has a hole…!


Your guide to the ‘New World’


Join the ‘New World’ movement, here

More pictures of the new barbarism at the Daily Telegraph site and at Andrew Landeryou’s.

Our ‘friends’- the Muhammedans:


One could almost swear they have an agenda, what say you?

6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, on the other side of the world: 2-3-4: What are we fighting for…???”

  1. * One could almost swear they have an agenda

    And John Howard still doesn’t realise it, & continues to try & turn shiite into gold with Muslim Reference Groups & Centres of Islamic Studies.

  2. “Your butt is wide, well mine is too.” (Weird Al – “I’m Fat”)

    * Join the ‘New World’ movement, here

    StopBush2007 appears to be comprised of the usual “green left” groups, not overtly Islamic, & probably unaware of how Islam might deal with them, if it is not confronted … eg Community Action Against Homophobia – how would they fare under Sharia? or Lesbian and Gay Solidarity Melbourne. I had a quick look through some of the supporting groups, & they probably are “Muslim friendly”, but not necessarily in favour of sharia, jihad etc. But still worth watching, as Islamic-socialist alliances are around; more likely to worship Gaia than follow Mo?.

  3. It’s quite funny how a mediocrity like Bush is painted as some evil genius.
    One would think he’s been around 1400 years causing all sorts of mayhem and destruction rather than the peaceful ones.

  4. Yes, atheist, at least someone cares enough to work to stop islamofacism, whereas you would glory in it until the day your head came off.

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