Mohammed (El Baradei) Keeps Deceiving & Blames US

* The head of the UN’s toothless nuclear watchdog says there’s no evidence Iran is building nuclear weapons, and condemns the United States for being too critical of the poor beleaguered Islamic Republic: ElBaradei denounces bomb Iran rhetoric.


Who do you believe? Me or your lying eyes?

The IAEA chief Mohammad ElBaradei has criticized US detractors for not giving Iran a chance to come clean on past nuclear activities.

ElBaradei further said despite suspicions over Iran’s future nuclear activities, the International Atomic Energy Agency had not encountered any undeclared facilities, enrichment activities or any ‘weaponization’ programs. The UN watchdog agency has not received any information from the intelligence sources making claims in this regard, he added. “We haven’t received any smoking gun,” ElBaradei said.

The UN nuclear agency had not seen any evidence that requires going beyond diplomacy, he said, addressing those saying that the solution is to bomb Iran.

ElBaradei said the talk of bombing made him “shudder” because the rhetoric was reminiscent of the period before the Iraq war, when he had pleaded for more time to let inspectors verify claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

* Me thinks Mohammed roots for Islam, what say you?


A poster on LGF nails it:

Baradei is a Muslim, whose only loyalty is to Allah and other Muslims, not humanity at large. This trumps even the Arab Persian schism. He is practicing taqiyyah at the highest level, denying, covering, denying, distracting, demonizing the United States, denying….surprise! The Iranians have nukes!

The United Numnuts are prostate before the Muslim voting bloc of 50 or so poorly run nations, allied with leftists in non-Muslim countries. This has resulted in the absolute insanity of the most bigoted and oppressive dictatorial regimes sitting on the old and new Human Rights Council and is Orwell’s 1984 writ large where bad is good and good is bad. Truly the criminals are running the police station.

Why the United Nations is allowed to continue its grotesque farce on United States soil with funding mainly from western/democratic nations (the others are basket cases on the dole) is a question for the ages. Unjustified white guilt will be the death of us all.


UN ‘Human Rights’ Head Joins Thugfest in Tehran

The UN hit bottom a long time ago, but they’re still digging. In the latest no-longer-shocking episode, we have UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour sitting with Iranian madman Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at an Israel-bashing meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (a Communist relic reincarnated as an Islamist tool) in Tehran, led by Cuba.


Rooting for the mullah’s in Islamistan…?

Eye on the UN has more. The day after this little meeting of the minds, Iran executed 21 prisoners.


That’s Arbour at far right, in the orange scarf, two seats away from Ahmadinejad.

* Remember Luise: If you lie down with dogs and you’re likely to catch fleas… 

2 thoughts on “Mohammed (El Baradei) Keeps Deceiving & Blames US”

  1. I am so sick of the UN and the US paying for this nest of vipers on our own soil. Did you know the US is giving the UN the money to build a new building at something like 2% interest (on the loan part)? Where’s my 2% loan? Don’t I deserve it, after all, I am not conspiring to destroy the West like the UN is.

  2. What idiocy, using a Moslem to watch Moslems develop nuclear weapons! Yes, this Moslem is watching his Moslem brothers develop nuclear military capability, not doing the job for which he was selected to be a watchdog, to raise the alarm, if those whom he is watching are engaged in developing nuclear weapons. And the Iranian thugs cum mullah thugs make no bones about their goal: to develop nuclear weapons.

    But then, the UN (Useless Nations) has become a farce since membership is open to one and all–not the free nations that formed it in World War II.

    Appoint a viper to keep a nest of vipers from turning itself loose against the clueless world? El Baradei is as much of a viper as any of his ideological brothers (Moslems).

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