Opus Steve dresses down Lola in the comic strip censored by newspapers across the country

Voluntary Submission to the Koranimals in the ‘Land of the Free?’

By Berkeley Breathed

Amazing that in America, the ‘land of the free’ none of the far left whackjobs from the MSM have the guts to print a few silly cartoons that might, or might not offend Muslims. But the conservatives don’t seem to be particularly eager to print them either.


Where would we be without the internet?

The second episode is out, we can see what caused such an uproar at the Washington Post: the shocking burqini.

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Charles from LGF comments:

The only thing remotely offensive about this strip is its complete lack of humor. I would say “shame on the Post” for their unbelievable cowardice (masquerading as “sensitivity”) in refusing to publish it, but it’s long past the point where there’s anything surprising about it.