“Freedom of expression must go hand in hand with the duty to act responsibly”

First Denmark And Now This!

From MPACUK- the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK:

*  STOP mocking our prophet, you filthy kufar’s! Didn’t you learn anything from the Danish cartoon riots just over a year ago?


The Swedish Mohound Dog: Swedish Paper won’t Apologize

The Swedish newspaper that published artist Lars Vilks’ sketches of Mohammed is refusing to apologize to the world’s 39.7 gazillion seething Muslims.

From MPACUK: A year on from the Danish Cartoon row another Nordic newspaper has published cartoons insulting the Prophet Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him. This time the culprit is Sweden’s Nerikes Allehanda newspaper which has published a cartoon depicting the face of the Prophet on the body of a dog!

This is a disturbing development as it comes just 1 year after the Danish cartoon row and signals a rising trend in Islamophobia on the Continent.

Printing content like this achieves nothing positive, instead it results in the further isolation of Muslims and plays into the hands of extremists who will use this is as propaganda and poison impressionable young minds.

Freedom of expression must go hand in hand with the duty to act responsibly. What about the right of people to live in peace with their neighbours, is this not a democratic right that we must also protect and uphold?

* Interesting that the adherents of the worlds most oppressive, bloody and totalitarian belief-system would have us believe that we have “democratic rights to uphold and to protect…”

By publishing this cartoon both the artist and newspaper have shown recklessness as their actions will create further mistrust, suspicion and hatred between communities. Do we allow such “expressions of freedom” even if they incite hatred?

We urge you to take action but in a non-violent and peaceful way and register your protest with the Swedish Embassy in London.

* Once again, the Muslim Council is seething and seeks to implement censorship by using the liberal laws of the host country to intimidate, to blackmail, to distort and pervert freedom of speech to further the Muhammedan agenda.


11 thoughts on ““Freedom of expression must go hand in hand with the duty to act responsibly””

  1. What is against scoring points? I hope these points are given to those who strive to keep our open societies open.
    Be brave and stay free, and do not let the political correctness and islam get you!

    Quit innocent, this cartoon, esspecially when compared to the cartoons and words published in islampapers concerning infidels, women and all the other people on the hitlist of the religion of peace (and, aren’t we all on that list?).

  2. Oh Right! Of course it is quite politically correct to scorn, abuse and insult the Christian faith but not the muslim faith. We do live in a world of multiple standards.

  3. When comparing these latest cartoons with the three false danish cartoons and their effect.

    Lars Vilks has been on his own Jihad against Sweden for about the 20 years

    I just hope that Muslim world will not pay attention to this crap so that they do not make a loser like Lars Vilks feel important.

  4. When mohammedans apologise for atrocities committed in the name of Allah (Piece Be Up Him) and cease committing them, then maybe apologies for harmless cartoons will be in order.

  5. “false danish cartoons” – what are you talking about, shiva?

    “crap?” This ISN’T crap! You Go, Cartoonists, and a non-apologizing Sweden!

    P.S. It’s Muslims that are “losers,” shiva – I suppose you must be one of them.

  6. Stephany, false cartoons? There were cartoons added to the original ones by an imam in Egypt to infuriate the masses even more. If you were up to date with the tactics of the imams you would know this…

  7. Stephany Says:

    P.S. It’s Muslims that are “losers,” shiva – I suppose you must be one of them.


    I have been practising Taqiyah all along. I am trying to figure out how hateful you kaffirs are.

    Don’t you understand ‘there is no compulsion in Islam’?
    It is crystal clear.

    Those who dare insult Islam should be hacked to death.

    No one is going to insult our loved prophet.

    No one is going to take our Allah-given rights to have sex with children and in-laws.

    I stand by what I say

    Lars Vilks is a pile of crap who is searching for attention.

  8. Shiva –

    No-one who has visited your excellent web site would EVER mistake you for a muslim.

    So called artist, indeed! What a lousy cartoon. Still, I keep waiting for dogs to riot in the streets, snarling, biting, ripping their enemies to pieces, in response to this insult!

  9. It’s not a very good cartoon. I didn’t see a translation of the caption (if any). Where are all the good artists when it comes to capturing the true likeness of Muhammad?

    As there are no photos of (Prophet) Muhammad and as upstanding Muslims aren’t supposed to draw pictures of him (or anything else) how does anyone know that it’s supposed to be Muhammad? (And the same goes for many of the Danish 12 cartoons.) To me it just looks like a generic bearded head on a dog (and another on a stick). Obviously the head on the stick can’t be Muhammad as it seems to be wearing glasses, not yet available in 7th century Arabia.

    Someone recently said that in a free country, the only freedom you are not guaranteed is freedom from feeling insulted. And, most certainly, the freedom to make fun of anything religious stands very close to the heart of the Enlightenment, now over 200 years old, but which has yet to make it the Muslim world. So the Muslims ought to get with the program, or at least be steadfastly informed that freedom includes the freedom to mock anything. If they don’t like it, the scorching sands of home await.

    I’d like to see someone set up a website called “Let’s Ridicule Religion!” with different tabs for each of the world’s religions. It would accept all submissions that denigrate a religion without promoting another religion in its place. Really obscene stuff could be on it’s own set of tabs, so that someone looking for jokes like “These three Muslims walked into a bar and ordered pickled pig’s feet…” wouldn’t have to see something like a picture of Jesus banging Mary, Buddha stealing from the poor box or Mohammed lying drunken in a pile of dog poop.

    Any web-savvy takers out there?

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