Tjibbe Joustra: A Living S#*tnik


‘Strong anti-Muslim tendency is threatening’

From the ‘deluded fukcwits & empty suits’ department:

No. Change that. He belongs in the dept. of ‘Whoring for the caliphate’

By Wim Bartelds Peter Groenendijk

The National Coordinator for Terrorism Suppression (NCTB) Mr. Tjibbe Joustra fears the consequences of the strong anti-Muslim sentiments worded by some prominent Dutchmen in the debate about Muslims.

He refers to, amongst others, the words of Member of Parliament Mr. Geert Wilders. “If someone says such things, I look at it with mixed feelings”, said Joustra in an interview with the Algemeen Dagblad newspaper. “Such radical statements can push individuals, who are already on the brink of becoming violent, right over the edge.”

Joustra has the same feelings about some words of Mr. Ehsan Jami, founder of a committee for ex-Muslims. “We have nearly a million Muslims living in The Netherlands, but the vast majority by far do not approve of any form of violence. The group of extremists we worry about consists of just a few hundred individuals. If you listen to the debates recently, it seems people do not see that perspective.”

* Prove it. Just prove it!

Joustra stresses that freedom of speech is the highest good in a democracy. “Anyone can say what he wants, but that doesn’t mean one has to say it. You have to think clearly before opening your mouth.”

* ????

* Tjibbe, that’s exactly what makes YOU a wanker and a flake!

Geert Wilders considers Mr. Joustra’s assertions ‘inappropriate’. He said he was democratically elected into parliament. “Thus, it is rather inappropriate for a civil servant to state that my words push extremists over the edge” according to Wilders.

* Tjibbe: You are a cowards scum!

Tjibbe affirms the right of free speech, while simultaneously denouncing “unpopular” speech in order not to offend.

What he is really saying is: You have a right to free speech as long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it.

People like Tjibbe (its amazing how many of them) frustrated Ayaan Ali Hirsi to such a degree that she left Holland and went to the US.

Tjibbe pack up! Go and hide your appeasing ass in some Muhammedan cave. Are you Dutch?

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* A readers comment on Tjibbe:

I actually know this Mr. Tjibbe Joustra personally. He worked for some time as one of the top officers in the Ministry of Agriculture. In those days (almost twenty years ago) he was by far the most unpopular man in the ministry. A mistake (expect his own) could only be atoned for in blood. For the most trifling mistake he demanded and (sometimes got) a platter with someone’s head on it. An (over)ambitious career man so nasty and self-centered that I still remember him after all those years. As a normally cheerful person who doesn’t hold a grudge, and rather forgets these unpleasant characters, that’s saying something. Luckily, I never suffered his ire personally.

I actually wonder how an agriculturalist can be appointed Head of Anti-Terrorism Intelligence, and even more one who is as cowardly as Mr. Tjibbe Joustra.

— H. Numan


Update: Dutch leftist and rightist Islam critics speak up together 

Critic of Islam, Ehsan Jami, and Freedom Party leader, Geert Wilders, compared the Prophet Mohammed to Adolf Hitler in a co-written article published in the Dutch daily Volkskrant Thursday.

In their article, Wilders and Jami say strong criticism of Islam is absolutely necessary.

“If we do not act now against the far-reaching Islamisation of the Netherlands, then the 1930s will be revived. The only difference is that back then the danger came from Adolf Hitler, while today it comes from Mohammed.” 

The Norwegian Insanity

“The Security Service fears that serious harm will be done to Norwegian Muslims in case of a terror attack in Norway”


Norway: Oslo To Ban Muslim Veil In Schools

Not “The Security Service fears that a jihad terror attack will do serious harm to Norwegians.” The concern is all with an imagined backlash, not with preventing it by heading off a terror attack, and calling upon Muslims in Norway to be active in anti-terror efforts.

A translation by Christian of this Norwegian article, “Frykter lynsjing av muslimer” in Nyheter.

Mental flatliners from the land of the midnight sun:

Norwegians are stupid and not good at integrating.

This according to Norway’s Police Security Service, which fears a lynching mood in case there will be a terror attack.

The Security Service fears that serious harm will be done to Norwegian Muslims in case of a terror attack in Norway.

– We are unexperienced and a bit stupid as regards diversity and a multicultural population, says head of Security Service Jørn Holme to

– We confuse Islam and Islamism. Islamism is after all a very particular form of Islam. I believe many Norwegians mix it up completely.

* They rarely come dumber than that…

– The Security Service is particularly worried about the possibility of extreme right-wing elements attacking Muslim compatriots, and that we will have a polarized population attacking and losing confidence in each other.

The minister of justice agrees with the head of Security Service.

– This is a preoccupation shared by all of us. Serious crimes like these create even more stigmatization and even more problems in connection with the preventive efforts, says Knut Storberget (social democrat) to

Wednesday evening the head of Security Service for the first time particepated in a public discussion, arranged by the Muslim Students’ Society. As reported by NRK previously this week, many Muslims think they are under surveillance and feel they have to face responsibility for what extreme Islamists do….


>* So why not actively cooperate, and help police find the “extreme Islamists”? If they were operating someplace known to me, that’s what I would do. If they were operating in the name of something I believed in, I would make every effort to stop them, instead of claiming victim status for being under surveillance. Want to not be under surveillance? Take away the reason why anyone would be watching. ><>* >* Hugh sez: You have misunderstand.

That “there’s always…hope” is not spoken by me. It is what those Interfaith Dialoguists must tell themselves, as they continue to ignore the evidence, continue to ignore logic, common sense, a sense of self-preservation.



We should beware anyone who seeks to explain 9/11 by using the words “each other”: They posit a grubby equivalence between the perpetrator and the victim – that the “failure to understand” derives from the culpability of both parties The 9/11 killers were treated very well in the United States: They were ushered into the country on the high-speed visa express program the State Department felt was appropriate for young Saudi males. They were treated cordially everywhere they went. The lapdancers at the clubs they frequented in the weeks before the Big Day gave them a good time – or good enough, considering what lousy tippers they were. September 11th didn’t happen because we were insufficient in our love to Mohammed Atta.


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  1. I suppose if people of this ilk would take the Islamaniacs to task as well for their views and actions it would give them some credibility. But they don’t-it’s always all about Islamophobia.
    The Infidelophobes always get a free pass from this crowd. But that’s OK-if they ever do win
    people like this guy will be swinging from the trees from the usual gratitude shown by Islamaniacs whenever they are helped.

  2. * “Anyone can say what he wants, but that doesn’t mean one has to say it. …”

    This modern tendency to affirm the right of free speech, while simultaneously denouncing “unpopular” speech reminds me of “The Clash” & “Know Your Rights”…

    Know these rights

    Number 3
    You have the right to free
    Speech as long as you’re not
    Dumb enough to actually try it.

    OTOH, Muslim treason & sedition is actively encouraged & rewarded by tickerless pollies.

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