US: Muslim ‘religion’ taught under guise of history

Students perform skits about the tenets of Islam belief’

By Bob Unruh
© 2007

The “Five Pillars” of Islam – charity, fasting, prayer, belief and pilgrimage – are being taught to public school students in Nyssa, Ore., under the guise of world history, the school has confirmed to WND, even though a parent raised a complaint about the same teachings a year ago.


The future of American Schools?

In a letter to parents following the concerns that were raised at that point, Supt. Don Grotting and other school officials told parents that the text called “Journey Across Time” features a chapter on “Islamic Civilizations.”

As part of that, “class activities have included guest speakers (including an American soldier serving in Iraq and a practicing Muslim woman who is an American citizen living in Mountain Home) who talked about geography, dress, climate, religion, economy and culture and student skits, in which students prepare and perform three- to five-minute skits about the tenets of Islam belief: charity, fasting, prayer, belief, and pilgrimage.”

Janine Weeks, the curriculum director at the school, this week told WND that the curriculum, and class activities, are continuing.

“We’ve not made any changes,” she said. “The content standards require that we present information about the rise of Islam in the context of world history.”


U.N., EU offer social services to pardoned terrorists

But gunmen slated for ‘reintegration’ still committing attacks, refusing to disarm

Hmmm, why would that be? Surely that has nothing to do with Islam, because Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’- right?


By Aaron Klein
© 2007

TEL AVIV – The United Nations has initiated a program to provide “job training” and “family assistance” purportedly to integrate into Palestinian society terrorists granted amnesty in July by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Many of the terrorists now slated for aid have boasted of violating their amnesty agreement by refusing to disarm and reportedly continuing to attack the Jewish state.

Israel has information some of the pardoned terrorists have been coordinating activities with the Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist organization.

In a gesture to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Olmert granted the official amnesty to 178 West Bank-based members of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Fatah’s declared military wing, which took responsibility along with the Islamic Jihad terror group for every suicide bombing in Israel the past two years.



An American Beslan in the Making: School Jihad


Experts say terrorists eye your local school

3 years after Beslan slaughter, U.S. educators still unprepared

WASHINGTON – Three years after Muslim terrorists attacked a school in Beslan in North Ossetia-Alania within the Russian Federation resulting in 396 deaths and 437 injuries, terrorism and law enforcement experts say most U.S. schools have not prepared at all to deal with the possibility of such an assault.


More disturbingly, they say, such attacks are most definitely being prepared and rehearsed in Islamic terrorist camps around the world.

In videotapes captured in Afghanistan, al-Qaida terrorists practiced the takeover of a school – issuing commands in English, separating children into manageable groups and killing anyone who offered resistance. Some hostages were take to rooftops, dangled over the edge, then shot for the sake of cameras and onlookers.

In Iraq, the floor plans of several schools in Virginia, Texas and New Jersey were found in the possession of captured terrorists.

Meanwhile, in the U.S. law enforcement authorities have uncovered what appear to be probing missions by terrorists attempting to get jobs as school bus drivers and making inquiries about armed security personnel in schools.

Muslim gunman Sulejman Talovic was loaded for bear in February when he opened fire on shoppers in a Salt Lake City mall. He was armed with a shotgun, a .38 pistol and a backpack full of ammunition. He killed five and would have kept killing if an alert off-duty police officer hadn’t returned fire and helped stop him.

Suleiman was given a heroes funeral back in Kosovo, just like the London bombers, who had tens of thousands attend their funerals. We are being suicidally stupid.

More incidents on Sudden Jihad Syndrome here

In March, the FBI and Homeland Security Department distributed a bulletin to law enforcement across the country warning that Muslims with “ties to extremist groups” are signing up to be school bus drivers. They also noted “recent suspicious activity” by foreigners who either drive school buses or are licensed to drive them.


Something is brewing, read it all…


Sweden judge: ‘Islam is not a race and depicting Mohammed as a dog does not incite racial hatred’

Common sense and the law overrule insanity: A judge shows backbone in Sweden

Sweden’s Chancellor of Justice has ruled that a cartoon drawn by a Swedish artist depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a dog, subsequently published in a local Swedish newspaper in August, does not constitute incitement to racial hatred.
Three Swedish Muslim organisations had requested the justice chancellor to press racial hatred charges against the Nerikes Allehanda newspaper and its editor, who wrote an article alongside the drawing defending press freedoms.
In a statement the chancellor said while many Muslims could interpret the cartoon as offensive, neither the drawing nor the article, could be proven to show contempt for any ethnic group.


The publication of the cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a dog-like sculpture decorating a traffic roundabout, or traffic circle, prompted official complaints from Egypt, Iran and Pakistan.

Until the bombs go off…

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  1. Islamania when taught in schools should be taught as totalitarianism, not history or religion. It puts all other forms to shame. Not even Nazism or Communism dictates so many rules for every mundane aspect of life.

  2. Wait 1 minute here, are you telling me there are Islamic teachings in Nyssa Schools? 1/3 of the class is made up of students from migrant workers and have trouble speaking English. And many are illegals from Mexico as well. Granted, that will mean they were converted to islam when they jumped the border and needed transport to Oregon and Illinois, and CAIR paid for that transport in exchange for their conversion. But to have it taught in the Schools here is outrageous. And since we needed to remove the Christmas display at the School this year only serves to piss me off all the more. You see, I live here in Nyssa. And not one word of this in the local news paper. I need to find this out from a source in Australia. HEY! ShieK… tell me, are they going to have Parent Teacher Conferences this week? Can you call someone in Perth and get back with me? The dough heads here in Nyssa dont seem the know… (man we are so screwed!)

  3. Muslims Against Sharia praise the courage of Lars Vilks, Ulf Johansson, Thorbjorn Larsson and the staff of Nerikes Allehanda and Dagens Nyheter and condemn threats issued by Abu Omar Al Baghdadi and the Islamic State of Iraq. Muslims Against Sharia will provide a payment of 100,000kr (about $15,000) for the information leading to capture or neutralization of Abu Omar Al Baghdadi.

    Muslimer mot Sharia berömmer Lars Vilks, Ulf Johansson, Torbjörn Larsson och övriga anställda på Nerikes Allehanda och Dagens Nyheter för deras tapperhet och fördömer hotet från Abu Omar Al Baghdadi och Islamistiska Iraq. Muslimer mot Sharia betalar 100 000 SEK (ca 15 000$) för information som leder till gripande eller oskadligörande av Abu Omar Al Baghdadi.

    Muslims Against Sharia

    Defend Freedom of Speech – Support Sweden!

  4. Re: Muslim attacks on schools…

    I just went to the sites and read up.

    In 1996, an attempt to attack a children’s primary school in Sydney, Australia, was made by the mad-bastards of Jemaah Islamia (Indonesia’s branch of al-Qaeda).

    The attempt was foiled thanks to the vigilance of three women teachers and a brave bunch of little Aussie Kids!

    It was kept quiet, of course, so further investigations could go ahead….

    I can’t help but wonder just how many attacks by the degraded Savages of Islam have been kept quiet…??

    In the Sydney primary school attempt, there were about a dozen ‘Sweet Muslim-Mums’, complete with pretty-pink headscarves, involved in several attempts to penetrate the school.

    Outlaw Islam.
    Deprt all Muslims.

    If not: expect nice normal little old ladies, such as myself, to just start killing them in the streets and shops and parks and libraries and train carriages and Muslim Commuinty Centres and doctors surgeries and hospitals and oh just about where ever we may find them….

    I’ve got a little list….

  5. I was be memberes of the revolutionary guard for Iran and as one of the best Iranian cartoonist, I give up after I saw so many crime and jail and tortured in Iran by mullahs I left Iran to canada and news is I was be first guy draw cartoons about Mohammad is sexy cartoon over 10 years but no one ever care or look after me because I am a guy was a members of this regime before.
    go on you tube type (Irannews) see my video
    is all about fucking Islam fucking Mohammad
    I’m am not afraid about any things because I all ready lost , my brother die in war , I be in war wounded mullahs in are are tiff they are rung they are going to have sex with children in Mosque , they are stolen million and millions of dolor’s from Iranian oil and bring out of Iran for own or terrorism

  6. i want to say where you were you were when the muslims were forerunners in science when you were with the animals in the caves

  7. peace upon all…

    i am a muslim girl from Saudi..

    i saw a documentary about the horrible Beslan school terror, and Islam is completely against such says in Holy Quran who every kills one innocent person is like killing the whole humanity, and whoever saves one person is like saving the whole humanity..

    and for sheikyermami..yes muslims were the forerunners in science..check this link:

    and for your own sake..don’t look at Muslims people, look at ISLAM itself..

    peace =)

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