Yasser Arafart (was) offered leading role in Jordan. Did you know?

By Peter Day/Telegraph UK

* There is no ‘Palestine’ and there is no ‘Palestinian people’– Yasser Arafart is the inventor of these mysterious Palistanians who are, in fact nothing but Arabs from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq. The trouble with Israel is simply that according to the Koran no land that has ever been conquerd by Islam must be allowed to be reconquered by infidels or Jews.

* The Jews in Israel never bothered to learn about the ideology that drives their neighbors, something like a deathwish…

* But the soldiers of Allah are serious: Jihad is permanent and relentless, ever since its inception in the 7th century.

* That’s why the Turks overran northern Cyprus less than 30 years ago. That’s why Bin Laden claims Spain (Al Andaluz) That’s why the jihad worldwide continues…

The much hated and forever vilified Jews, the perceived arch enemy of the marauding prophet of the Muhammedans, must not be allowed to live in peace in that tiny sliver of land called Israel, their ancestral, biblical homeland.

Even the Koran grants Israel to the children of Israel, but todays Muhammedans won’t have it: They simply claim that Jews are not the children of Israel.



The AIDS-ridden homo-terrorist on his way out

Back to Arafart:

King Hussein of Jordan was prepared to make Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader, his deputy prime minister, according to newly released secret documents.

The proposal was made through an intermediary in 1974 as the king faced the prospect of a Palestinian government in exile attempting to divide his country.

The Jordanian West Bank territories — where most Palestinian refugees lived — were occupied by Israel as a result of the Yom Kippur war in October 1973

Mr Arafat, as leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, was agitating for their return to form an independent state. He was backed by Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

King Hussein feared the break-up of his kingdom, with territory on both sides of the Jordan river being ceded to the Palestinians, and sought to woo Arafat in 1974, according to files released yesterday at the National Archives.

However, the proposal appears to have led nowhere and later that year the king conceded the prospect of a separate Palestinian state.

* Because its not about ‘Palestine’- that will never happen, either way. Its all about the destruction of Israel.

That’s all. No more, no less.


“These Hamas people are very immoral and corrupt”- Fatah

Hamas top officials caught on tape having sexual intercourse with other men and young boys.

* Charles comments: It’s like an episode of “The Village People Gone Wild,” only with guns and suicide bomb vests:

Two documents that were allegedly seized inside Preventative Security Force headquarters provide insight into the method used to collect information about the sexual conduct of the top officials.

According to one document, entitled “A Large Number of Homosexuals,” a number of wealthy and influential figures in the Gaza Strip had formed a “gang” for practicing homosexual intercourse.

“Some of them were summoned for questioning and they admitted to having sexual intercourse with boys and adult males,” the document, dated May 12, 2005, stated.

“Some of them had individual sex, while others preferred group sex. Some of them paid money for sex, while others performed sexual intercourse with males in front of their wives.”

The sex allegedly took place in hotels, clinics and private homes – in some cases with a picture of Yasser Arafat hanging overhead.



Neil Boortz and a Muhammedan Taqiyya doctor

This is what happens when people stand by their values and don’t buy any Muhammadan propaganda or politically correct rubbish….



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