Ayaan Hirsi Ali forced to leave U.S.

Too awful to be true, but it apparently is.

Shameful. Disgraceful. Despicable.

* Is the state department behind this?

Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali returned to the Netherlands, Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad reported on Monday…


The former legislator for the Liberal VVD party was allegedly forced to leave the US as American authorities had refused to finance the expenses of her personal security measures.

So far, the Dutch government has paid all those expenses, but after more than a year of residency in the US, the Dutch allegedly said they were no longer willing to continue this arrangement.

Exit question: The U.S. presumably knew the Dutch were about to pull the security rug out from under her. That being so, if they weren’t prepared to guarantee her security themselves, why did they issue her a green card six days ago?

Hirsi Ali leaves US, returns to Holland


Israel officially denies responsibility for death of al-Dura in 2000

Seven years after death of Gaza boy captured by France 2 cameraman was
blamed on Israel, Prime Minister’s Office issues first official document
stating incident was staged. French reporter defends video, calling it

Peace loving murderers

“The issue here is Fatah and what the hoax tells us about the organization on which the Olmert government and the Bush administration are basing all their plans for a future peace between the Palestinians and the State of Israel.”


Israeli govt: “The creation of the Mohammed al-Dura myth did great damage to the state of Israel”

State: Al-Dura Death Video was Staged

What took them so long?
(IsraelNN.com) Seven years after Arab 12-year-old Mohammed al-Dura was allegedly killed in Gaza, the Prime Minister’s Office has released a statement saying that a video supposedly showing al-Dura’s death was staged. The announcement, the first of its kind from a government agency, confirmed what many activists and media watchdogs have been saying for years.

“The creation of the Mohammed al-Dura myth did great damage to the state of Israel,” said Government Press Office head Daniel Siman. “It was a blood libel against the state… it caused damage and dozens of deaths.” The government decided the video was staged based on several factors, he said, including the fact that soldiers could not possibly have shot al-Dura from the angle at which they were standing, and the fact that crucial parts of the scene are missing from the video footage provided to major media outlets.


Islamic cleric preaching ‘hate’

Hat tip Rosie

Sally Neighbour |The Australian

* But, but, but: Isn’t Sheik Omran a good Muslim?


MELBOURNE Islamic cleric Mohammed Omran has been accused by his estranged son-in-law of preaching extremism and hatred in a bitter war of words following his separation from Sheik Omran’s daughter.

* The accusations have been levelled by 26-year-old Ali Kassae, a former member of Sheik Omran’s fundamentalist Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah association, who was married to Sheik Omran’s daughter, Zaynab, until they separated in August last year.

Mr Kassae claims he has been prevented from seeing his children since the split, and has been threatened and abused by other members of Sheik Omran’s group.

He also accuses Sheik Omran’s organisation of inciting violent attacks on people who disagree with them.

Mr Kassae, who moved to Australia from his native Syria as a nine-year-old, blames the break-up of his seven-year marriage on the extremism of Sheik Omran and his group.

“I couldn’t stand their attitude and beliefs,” Mr Kassae said. “I had left that culture behind. I just wanted to live an Australian life. Then I was forced into the culture again.”

Mr Kassae said he and other group members were “taught to hate” by being shown violent propaganda videos about conflicts involving Muslims in places such as Palestine. One DVD, shown to The Australian, which Mr Kassae said was distributed among members of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah, declares: “You should hate them as they hate you, invade them as they invade you, fight them as they fight you. Whoever dies will be granted the mercy of God and paradise. Jews have no place in Palestine. Jews shouldn’t be there. Jews should die. We should proclaim jihad until they all die, until every single one of them is dead.”

A spokesman for Sheik Omran yesterday said the cleric completely rejected Mr Kassae’s statements, claiming his estranged son-in-law had a “mental illness”.

* Criticising Islam usually carries charges like ‘mental illness’ or death…

“Since leaving (the organisation), I’ve committed an even bigger crime. I’ve been judged – I’m a disbeliever and I should be taken apart,” Mr Kassae said.

“All I wanted was a future, a wife and a family and a home. And they took that away from me.”

* Our Winds of Jihad shrink diagnosed Sheik Omran a while back as suffering from a mental illness called Islam which causes Infidelophobia, Judeophobia and murderous hatred….


6 thoughts on “Ayaan Hirsi Ali forced to leave U.S.”

  1. Re Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

    It’s stories like this that make me think our governments are totally infiltrated with petrodollars.
    Sadly there are too many examples of this all over the place.

    In this case I think Oprah Winfrey, the do-gooder of do-gooders , who has the $$$ and status is certainly one person who comes to mind who is in a position to really help here and really do something for all humanity.

    Somehow I think she won’t. Neither will any of those Hollywood types who are usually the first to scream at other injustices around the world.

    As for Omran: no surprise really. I wish his son-in-law a long life. Wishful thinking, I know.

  2. Its too damn bad that this country wouldn’t give asylum to someone that they KNOW is in mortal danger. But they let the mexicans stay………
    Oprah only helps in popular causes and wouldn’t dare to do anything to interrupt the black-mans religion-islam.
    I wonder what is the exact reason that they made her leave?
    Can anyone find out?


  3. She was not forced to leave.

    She is leaving because the dutch no longer want to support her while not living in Holland.


  4. Ali Kassae is another Muslim who must be given a safe haven.
    It is through people like him that the general public hear the real truth.
    I hope the MSM pick this up, unlikely though.

  5. RE: Hirsi Ali. It’s disgusting that her very existence comes down to a matter of money. That she is such a significant voice in exposing the death cult for what it is, makes it that much more disgraceful. Where are the philanthropists, moral millionaires, and oh-so-compassionate celebs, when such a valuable mind/life is threatened? Oh yea, ‘Save The ANIMALS’!?!?!?

  6. French reporter defends video, calling it ‘authentic’

    Surely he meant to say, “Fake but authentic”.

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