Britains Huge Problem: “Want Peace? Submit or pay the Jiziyah!”

If the BBC is reporting this, it’s got to be even worse than it appears: Jail ‘hardening’ terror convicts.

From LGF
Al-Qaeda prisoners in UK jails are being hardened instead of reformed, top Whitehall sources have told the BBC.

A major programme of radicalisation is underway in prisons, targeting vulnerable young men and preaching violent jihad, it has been claimed.

The BBC’s Frank Gardner said sources claim Islamist convicts are undergoing the same process IRA members did at the Maze prison in Northern Ireland.

* Real bad clueless crazyness:

Ministers hope to tackle the problem by training prison imams, he added.

* They may just as well teach bomb making skills in prison, so these disenfranchised youths will have job skills when they return to their rightful place in society.


Scottish “wannabe suicide bomber” jailed

LONDON (Reuters) – A Scottish (?) student, described by prosecutors as a “wannabe suicide bomber”, was jailed for eight years on Tuesday for possessing terrorism-related materials including bomb-making instructions.

Mohammed Atif Siddique, 21, from central Scotland, was found guilty last month of possessing and distributing terrorist material via Web sites.

He had argued he was only conducting research and was merely looking at Islamist terrorism to find out “why young Muslim men like him act the way they do”.

Judge Lord Carloway said: “You told fellow college students that you intended to become a terrorist and one of your targets would be central Glasgow.”
Siddique’s lawyer, Aamer Anwar, told reporters after the trial that his client had been “found guilty of doing what millions of young people do every day — looking for answers on the Internet”



UK Muslims to govt: Want us not to become jihadists? Give us money


Paying tribute to barbarians: Britain’s shameful history and America’s war against the Barbary states

A direct and honest appeal: Want peace? Pay the jizya.

A Government Minister was told yesterday to stop talking and start funding as he addressed a group of young Yorkshire Muslims battling to prevent members of their community becoming extremists.
Community Cohesion Minister Parmjit Dhanda was told that young Muslims were still annoyed about the war in Iraq and tensions in the Middle East.

And, in what he described as a “robust debate”, he was told by members of the Leeds Muslim Youth Forum (LMYF) that they were fed up of having meetings with Ministers that appeared positive at the time but never resulted in the funding they were after.We don’t want to sound money hungry but we need it to progress as an organisation, to allow us to get our voices heard within the community. The problem at the moment is Ministers listen to what we say, but never act upon it.”

But, but, says the government official, we’ve already ponied up plenty:

Mr Dhanda, a Sikh, told the Yorkshire Post: “We have invested £6m of money nationally in our Preventing Violent Extremism programme, with £17m over three years behind that.

* Why not tell them this, Dhanda? “We’re going to enforce British law. You are in Britain. You must obey it. Poverty and disenfranchisement are no excuse for mayhem. Renounce Islamic supremacism and any hope to impose Sharia, accept the parameters of British society and law, work with law enforcement officials to root out jihadists from your community, and things will go well with you.”



Caught Another One: Mosque man jailed for tobacco and DVD scam

THE man behind plans to open Corby’s first mosque was sent to prison for six weeks yesterday for selling illegal tobacco and possessing pirate DVDs with intent to sell them.

Mohammad Choudhury, 49, of Blenheim Walk, Corby, was sentenced after two separate courts heard the same case when magistrates on the first bench could not reach a decision on whether to send him to prison.



YouTube helps to cook Cat Stevens History


* The coffee-filter fits…

Incriminating vid taken off the web:

The former pop star known as Cat Stevens, aka Yusuf Islam, aka Yusuf (no Islam, for gullible Westerners), has had YouTube remove the video in which he Wishes for Salman Rushdie’s Death by Fire.

When asked if he’d go to a demonstration to burn an effigy of Rushdie, Yusuf Islam replies, “I would have hoped that it would be the real thing.”

But if you click on the YouTube logo in the video you’ll see this message:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Yusuf Islam

How can Cat Stevens claim the copyright on a British TV show from 1989?

It’s just another outrageous example of the pro-Islamist bias of YouTube.

Wikipedia has another account of the show that Cat Stevens doesn’t want you to see:

Two months later Yusuf Islam appeared on a British television courtroom-style program, Hypotheticals.

In the episode, (“A Satanic Scenario”) Stevens/Islam is videoed having this exchange with moderator and Queens Counsel Geoffrey Robertson:

Robertson: You don’t think that this man deserves to die?
Islam: Who, Salman Rushdie?
Robertson: Yes.
Islam: Yes, yes.
Robertson: And do you have a duty to be his executioner?
Islam: Uh, no, not necessarily, unless we were in an Islamic state and I was ordered by a judge or by the authority to carry out such an act – perhaps, yes

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  1. Exile.

    This is the only solution to the problem of Islamania. Prison is only a breeding ground for more Islamania. Deportation only removes the Destroyers physically-it does not prevent them from causing long distance mischief via Internet or other means. Killing them all would be crazy. Therefore, exile is the way to go. There are plenty of remote islands capable of sustaining life-send these bastards there at least on an experimental basis to see if it’ll work.

  2. Hi frakked-

    Yeah, nothing ever seems to get done regarding the Destroyers. More and more keep coming, they multiply like rabbits, they demand more and more, they riot without anyone doing more than watching and they keep on plotting to capture the world. The quality of Western leadership is at an all time low and it couldn’t come at a worse time. Exile would be a cheap and highly effective method of dealing with troublemakers-imported as well as native born (the ones everyone seems to have the hardest time on deciding what to do with)-
    yet spineless “leaders” still do nothing but kowtow.

  3. America’s war with the Barbary pirates did not put a stop to piracy. America’s contribution was small and insignificant. It was only the invasion of Algeria by France under Napoleon, and then the subsequent intervention by Britain in that region, that put a stop to piracy in the Med. The Royal Navy was th power that eventually put a stop to piracy in the Med, and also the slaver ships in the Atlantic, that were doing a brisk trade between Africa and America.

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