Clueless & Befuddled in Arabia

From the Sheik Yer’mami hijab department:


Not a dime’s worth of difference… 

…between the two parties.


France to hold Palestinian jizya conference

* And the money will flow, in exchange for still more empty promises that will be broken practically before they’re even made. “France to host Palestinian donors conference,”

from AFP (thanks to DW:

PARIS (AFP) – France will hold a special conference of donors for the Palestinians at the end of the year which will be co-hosted by the Mideast Quartet special envoy Tony Blair and Norway, a joint statement said Wednesday.

“France will host a major donors’ conference for Palestine at the end of the year at the request of (Palestinian) President (Mahmud) Abbas,” the statement said.

“Tony Blair and Norway will co-chair the conference with France,” it said, adding: “Tony Blair in his capacity as special representative of the Quartet and Norway as chair of the ad hoc liaison committee (AHLC).”

“This conference will aim to mobilise the donors … to provide political and financial support to the Palestinian Authority by creating the capacities and the conditions for building a viable Palestinian state.”


Kouchner added that a meeting has been organised by Blair next week in Jerusalem to give out invitations to the donors’ conference.

“A state is not a negotiation about territory, it has also got to be about what that state does, the nature of that state, how it runs its security, its social, educational and health systems, encouragement of the private sector and economic development,” Blair told reporters.

“It also means changing what is happening on the ground so that…the prospect of jobs and prosperity, particularly for the Palestinian people, as well as security for the Israeli people can come about.”

* Briars comment:

Tony Blair is a pathetic loser in the same frame as Neville Chamberlain. The entire emphasis of the Palestinian state is hatred and murder. It’s a mob of gangsters bent on destroying Israel and filling their own coffers in the process. This is like donating money to a herd of junkies. It will be used to buy more drugs. In this case it will be used to buy more ammo to destroy Israel. Tony Blair is a coward, an opportunist, a misguided, spineless traitor and should go down in Western history as such.

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  1. It is only logical that if Jordan is 70% Palestinian, then a Palestinian state should include at least 50% of Jordan….Why should the Jews give up land that is historically Jewish.

    We see the same happening with European states and the NeoPalestinians. They have their lands, yet they wish to claim European land as theirs….

    This is what happened in India…

    This is what is happening in the Philippines…

    This is what happens all over the world whenever a large enough mass of Islamists forms..

    The Palestinians and the NeoPalestinians are Arabs; they speak Arabic…they are the same thing. We myopic Europeans are allowing Islam to

  2. continue unabated its demographic war all over the world. In fact, the myopic left is abetting these Jihadists.

    If the Arabs want a Palestinian state…it is already there: Jordan.

    Those Arabs and islamists that want NeoPalestinian states in Europe are to be removed sent back to Saudi Arabia.

  3. So, why is it that you never hear Palestinians wanting Jordan as part of a Palestinian state? Because their agenda is to steal lands that are not Islamic…this is an islamist agenda…they have been doing it since Mohammed.

    This is the agenda they also have in Europe.

  4. Briars comment is a precise description of the traitorous Tony Blair. The Leftoids of the world, such as Tony Blair, are the second biggest threat to civilization after Islam.

    If Islamists were nudists would emptyheaded appeasing Western women cast off all their clothing in deference to their Islamic masters? I think not. So why submit by donning hijabs?

    Islamic females do not discard their hijabs out of courtesy for Western values.

  5. Actually, it’s the Lefties who are more dangerous to the world than the Destroyers. The Left has made all their Western inroads possible by giving birth to PC. Whether Lefties realize this or not can be argued but either way the Destroyers have made large strides in swallowing the West like a snake.

    And I can’t think of a bigger waste of money than to throw it away on the palestinians.

  6. The problem as I see it. If Israel is a land that comprises 1/200th the size of the all the islamist lands in the middle east, and the islamists are so against the idea of there being a nonmuslim state in their midst…

    Imagine what will happen to Europeans if islamists had their way. Those that would not submit would not be allowed to have even 1/200th of the Land in Europe. Hence, total persecution of nonislamists.

    Is this what we want?

  7. Yes, you are correct ISLAMSFORLOSERS and I was wrong. The Leftoids are the most dangerous to Western civilization. They have allowed and encouraged the tidal wave of the virus of Islam to engulf all of Europe and the UK.

    The situation is about to get even worse. Imagine the scenario in Australia if Mr. Rudd is voted in, as seems likely, along with his army of politically correct civil libertarian appointees and advisors.

    Similar story with a Democrat victory in the US.

    The forecast for the world is looking dismal, indeed.

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