Israel Will Replace CNN With Al Jizzeera

Israel set to dump CNN

* Because paying for the Caliphate News Networks ‘services’ is an insult to anyones intelligence.

Cox News Service

JERUSALEM – With negotiations over a new contract at a stalemate, Israel’s largest cable provider is set to bump CNN from its program roster at the end of the month.

The news that the Atlanta-based network might soon disappear from a majority of Israeli living rooms will probably not come as a disappointment to a vocal segment of the Israeli viewing public that views the cable network’s coverage of Israel and the Middle East as biased against the Jewish state.

Yet the same crowd is unlikely to be very happy with this week’s announcement about the channel that the cable and telecommunications company HOT is poised to sign to a contact instead: Al-Jazeera English.

Yossi Lubaton, a spokesman for HOT, says a deal with the controversial Qatar-based news network is imminent. It “should be finalized within a few days,” the Israeli English-language daily Jerusalem Post quoted him as saying.

Lubaton insisted that price is the only issue in the contract dispute. The British Broadcasting Corp., Sky News, Fox News and Al-Jazeera charge less for their signal than CNN, he said.

* At least there is more honesty on Al Jizz, or at least you know what their agenda is.


Islamofascist Awareness Week Raises …Awareness..!

* Shouted down, vilified, accused of everything from ‘racism/bigotry/xenophobia/Islamophobia’ and ‘right wing extremism’-, a small group consisting of Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz and a few others embarked on a speaking tour to some American universities. Few wanted to hear their message and many tried everything they could to boycott the message from being heard.

* Some listened and didn’t like what they saw:


Many Muslims seemed to favor radical Islam

Before this week, I felt convinced that all Muslims don’t sympathize with terrorism. I figured that out of 1.5 billion Muslims, very few actually sympathize and support radical Islam.

Things changed a bit after former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum’s speech on Tuesday.
Santorum made a point of identifying that within Islam, there is the ideology of Islamo-Facism.

He in no way said that all Muslims were evil, just those who were in the sub-genre of radical Islam. Santorum’s father was an Italian during World War II, where there was the threat of fascism. Santorum said that his father acknowledged that Benito Mussolini was evil.

You don’t have to think all Italians were evil, just those who subscribed to Italian-Facism.

At the speech, many Muslims spoke up about Santorum’s speech. Out of the Muslims that spoke out, almost all criticized Santorum as being ignorant and spewing hatred.
If you criticize someone because they speak out against radical Islam, then it would seem you support radical Islam. This led me to believe that all those Muslims identified themselves with Islamo-Facism.

Now, I’m starting to think that maybe, more Muslims sympathize with terrorism than I thought.

I don’t want to believe this, but I can’t seem to refute what I saw.

Len Torchia
junior-electrical engineering


Some deliberations:

* Islam gets a free pass from these “students”, while remaining unexamined.

* Intellectual dereliction of duty seems to be the common trait of these kneejerk protesters.

* Read the Koran, then try to defend it…



4 thoughts on “Israel Will Replace CNN With Al Jizzeera”

  1. Al Jazeera in Israel? I hope not. It wouldn’t be much of an improvement over CNN!
    (but it may help educate Olmert.)

  2. These 3 fellows (Horowitz,Spencer and Pipes) are doing what must be done by more of us. Can their speeches be published here?

  3. Gramfan said “Al Jazeera in Israel? I hope not.”

    It is not so silly when you think about it. Like lemmings heading for the cliff, or scenes from Dog Day Afternoon, the Israelis seek to appease the unappeasable and rush to the defence of Islam. The Oklahoma lawmakers had the sense to reject the Koran “gift”, but have been attacked not just by CAIR, but by Jews & churchmen who should know better.

    * Quran rejection is criticized

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