“Muslims are masters of the world, its leaders and teachers, even if the West rejects this.”

“The Muslims and their societies are more advanced and more sublime than the West and its societies.”

* Pamela sez: They are masters alright. Masters of blood lust, murder, subjugation and the murder of the human heart.

Masters of the Universe

No doubt. Ready to prostrate yourself before your new masters?
By Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook for PMW:

One of the defining principles of Hamas and the Islamic Brotherhood is their insistence that the only truth is Islam and that the world is destined to be enlightened only when ruled by Islam. A similar Islamic supremacist ideology was expressed recently in an article by a Palestinian Authority religious leader who was appointed last year by Mahmoud Abbas as member of the Supreme Fatwa Council: “Muslims are masters of the world, its leaders and teachers, even if the West rejects this.”


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Today’s Quote:

“I summon my blue-eyed slaves anytime it pleases me. I command the Americans to send me their bravest soldiers to die for me. Anytime I clap my hands a stupid genie called the American ambassador appears to do my bidding. When the Americans die in my service their bodies are frozen in metal boxes by the US Embassy and American airplanes carry them away, as if they never existed. Truly, America is my favorite slave.”

King Fahd Bin Abdul-Aziz, Jeddeh 1993


Thai jihadist in video beheading soldier, laughing

* Beheading, no doubt,- is totally unislamic and forbidden, as every apologist for Islam will tell you. That’s why the jihadists keep beheading people and keep laughing.


Nick Berg Beheading

Mobile phones seized in restive* southern Thailand depict gruesome videos”

from The Associated Press

*Homeric epithet alert. It would be hard to find a story that didn’t describe Southern Thailand as “restive.”

* The article omits the usual ‘nothing to do with Islam’ apologies and protects us from becoming suspicious by mentioning nothing about the Religion of Peace.

* You don’t wanna become Islamophobic! What were YOU thinking?

* No wonder the ‘insurgents’ are laughing…

* Here some graphic pic’s from the Thai Jihad if you’re up to it


Mothers of prevention

* Nothing to do with Islam (of course) The perps are ‘Asian Men’

* When are Britain’s Japanese and Chinese start running amok for being unfairly accused being Asian?

Schoolgirls in Lancashire and Yorkshire are falling prey to sinister gangs of pimps.


Investigation by Julie Bindel

A t the crown court in Preston on August 10, a trial involving two Asian men caused unusual interest across a number of cities in the north of England. The defendants, Zulfqar Hussain and Qaiser Naveed, were each sentenced to five years and eight months for abduction, sexual activity with a child, and the supply of a controlled drug.

They had both pleaded guilty, and they were placed on the sex offenders’ register for life.

It seemed a shabby, seedy episode, probably typical of many cases down the years that have involved exploitative men and naive women. Yet, until these convictions, the police in over a dozen towns and cities, including Leeds, Sheffield, Blackburn and Huddersfield, had appeared reluctant to address what many local people had perceived as a growing problem – the groups of men who had been preying on young, vulnerable girls and ensnaring them into prostitution.

It was a very uncomfortable scenario, not least because many of these crimes had an identifiable racial element: the gangs were Asian and the girls were white. The authorities, in the shape of politicians and the police, seemed reluctant to acknowledge this aspect of the crimes; it has been left to the mothers of the victims to speak out.

Maureen’s daughter Jo was one of Hussain and Naveed’s victims, having been groomed by them and a number of other Asian men when she was 14. Jo went missing from her Blackburn home 90 times during the six-month period in 2005 that she was in Hussain and Naveed’s clutches.

“I was told by one police officer that he did not ‘want to start a race riot’ by arresting Pakistani men for sexual offences,” Maureen said. During the six months that Jo was in the clutches of these men, they raped, beat and abused her to the point where, says her mother, she did not even know who she was any more. Eventually, after she was attacked by Hussain and Naveed with an iron bar, Jo somehow found the courage to report them to police, and they were arrested. The case took 16 months to come to court. In the meantime, other pimps, undeterred by the impending trial, continued to go about their business.

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‘Bullies’- Not Muslim Females, Beat British Schoolgirl To A Pulp


A schoolgirl, who endured a vicious attack from bullies, has spoken about the moment she thought she was going to die.

Bethany James’ mother took this graphic photo as Bethany was in hospital to show the horrifying damage that can be caused by bullying.

“When it was happening, at one point I thought I was going to die” – Bethany James
Bethany spoke about the beating she endured from two teenage girls after a visit to a local video shop near her home in Bradford.



CLIT CUT – OR CUT CLIT: That is now the question:

‘White Wedding is just like Genital Mutilation’- Marxist Feminist Anthropologist. Ms Llewellyn-Davies

* That’s right: Socialist F*kcwits destroy everything including themselves with mental acrobatics in equivalence…


Colossal and Premeditated Abuse of Women by Muslims

The practices of degradation, exploitation, humiliation, subjugation, and physical abuse of women by Muslim men have been, and still are, time-honored traditions since the 7th century.


Muslims’ abominable treatment of the fairer sex was established by Muhammad and copied by his Bedouin Arab followers. They swept across Arabia and into neighboring countries, butchering the male inhabitants, looting and stealing their belongings, and taking their women and children captive to be raped, sodomized, forced into slavery, and shipped off on in droves to the harems and households of the wealthy men of the day.

Muhammad based his “right” to the above behavior on conveniently timed justifications which he passed off as “revelations” on the subject. Because he was ruthless in eliminating anyone who disagreed with him, his followers let him get away with this practice.

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Door closed to African refugees

The Australian

* Well, not really closed. You see, there are these ‘International Treaties’ that must be respected, Because we are so very civilized we have to become a little more inclusive (barbaric) by importing people who practice FGM, honor killings and a bit off head chopping. Besides, Downunder would be boring without the occasional ‘race’-riot over serial rape or innocuous cartoons depicting a certain ‘prophet’…

THE Howard Government will not allow any more African refugees into Australia until at least July next year – and may not accept more in the next refugee intake.

* A KRudd government will be more generous, no doubt…

THE Howard Government will not allow any more African refugees into Australia until at least July next year – and may not accept more in the next refugee intake.


Prosecutors say Chicago jihadists sought to topple U.S. government in favor of Islamic regime


These defendants wanted to wage jihad against the United States, and they tell us so in unequivocal detail,” Gregorie told jurors. “They say ‘the war has to be fought here. And it can’t be just a bombing. It’s got to be chaos.'”

* Their goal may have been far-fetched, but authorities would do well to examine where that idea comes from, and how widely it is held.


Kosovo Mon Amour: Jihadists for Greater Albania in Jail Break

From The London Times:

Among the escapees were Ramadan Shiti, a Saudi-born suspected Islamist terrorist expelled from his native country for allegedly plotting an attack on senior public figures, and Lirim Jakupi, a leader of the rebel Albanian National Army — a group of guerrillas who fight for a greater Albanian state in the Balkans.


Christian Serbian church

Wait a second, wait a second. There are Albanians actively engaged in securing a Greater Albania? But we were told for two decades that this was just a Serbian myth — propaganda to dupe the internationals into thinking that there’s a bigger picture to Kosovo independence.

Read it. You must!


An Albanian man passes in front of a national flag covering a building in central Pristina, Kosovo during a protest calling for a referendum, June 30, 2007.

Serbia warns US and NATO not to grant independence to Kosovo

* Because no one in his right mind would establish a Muhammedan heroin-province right smack in the middle of Europe. Eurabia. But its already a done deal, facilitated by Blow job Clitman and 20.000 Arab-Muslim mujaheddin on Bin Laden’s payroll. Read it and weep:

Major powers have set a December 10 deadline for an agreement on the final status of Kosovo, which has been in legal limbo under U.N. administration since 1999, when NATO waged an air war to drive out Serbian forces and halt ethnic cleansing.

Serbia, backed by Russia with its U.N. veto power, rejects independence for Kosovo. But the territory’s 2 million ethnic Albanians — 90 percent of the population — will settle for nothing less and have received Washington’s backing.


Da’awa & BS by the truckload


‘Ignorance’ is Cause of Bias, Muslim Leaders Say

From the Morgan Hill Times

* Because the ‘truth’ of Islam is self-evident, and if you hear the call to Islam and you still reject it, then you are committing the most heinous crime, because disbelief is worse than slaughter…’


* Qur’an 2:191 “And kill them wherever you find and catch them, and drive them out from where they have turned you out; for Al-Fitnah (polytheism, disbelief, oppression) is worse than slaughter.”

By Serdar Tumgoren – Staff Writer

San Martin – God’s name is nearly identical in ancient languages used to write the Koran and Old Testament. Muslims revere Abraham as a prophet and believe in the immaculate conception of Jesus. And the ranks of mainstream Muslims include plenty of soccer moms and sports fans.


* Yep. And then came the flying pigs….


24 thoughts on ““Muslims are masters of the world, its leaders and teachers, even if the West rejects this.””

  1. What is so disgusting about this is when Nick Griffen of the BNP spoke up about this , the British labour party treid to jail Griffin

  2. * Door closed to African refugees

    It has been wide open for the last couple of years. African groups reject the idea that africans are having trouble integrating, but immediately complain that 18 are living in a 2 bedroom house in Canberra (not integrating, because they like to live in such large groups). Stuff the neighbours who suddenly find a whole tribe has moved in next door … it would be racist and insensitive to suggest that the 18 people adapt & integrate to Australian living arrangements.

  3. Aryans are Masters of the World; Everyone else is Subhuman

    If you think that the title sounds a little out of date, (seventy years or so), think again!
    On August 28, 2007, Dr. Hamza Dhib Mustafa, member of the Palestinian Authority Supreme Fatwa Council, appointed last year by a so-called “moderate” PA president Mahmoud Abbas, stated the following:

    “Muslims are masters of the world, its leaders and teachers, even if the West rejects this.”

    Muslims Against Sharia condemn, in the strongest possible terms, Dr. Mustafa’s statement and demand his immediate excommunication and removal from the PA Supreme Fatwa Council. As a figure of religious authority, Dr. Mustafa has a responsibility to strive for World Peace and not to call for worldwide domination of Islam. We hold PA president Mahmoud Abbas responsible for his appointee and demand a public apology and repudiation of Dr. Mustafa’s statement. We call on all democratic governments, including the governments of Israel and the United States to halt any aid to Palestinian Authority until president Abbas rectifies the situations for which he is personally responsible.

  4. * These defendants wanted to wage jihad against the United States (fight a war, cause chaos)

    Looks like authentic jihad to me, but according to Muslim leaders, I am ignorant, & that causes bias. “Violent Islamic fanatics” have “hijacked” the word Jihad, much as they hijack planes & fly them into towers, and the Islamic veil is not oppressive, but an emblem of liberation, according to the bullmeisters from the “Islamic Networks Group” in San Martin, California, who support building a massive mosque complex.

    * Ignorance is Cause of Bias, Muslim Leaders Say

  5. This is true, Muslims are masters. When Muslims behead non muslims no body talks about that. But when muslims face anthing Riz Khan on Jazeera will talk about that. In muslim countries no religious freedom, no democracy, no body talks about it. If muslims can’t get what they want in Europe everybody starts talking and they say ” muslims have no religous freedom and muslims are betrayed”. In muslim countries they contiously spread fatwa against non muslims and they demand to obey Islamic supremacy. In Eruope you can’t say anything in favour of Christians, even Pope is also not allowed to express his feelings becuase muslims will be outraged. When muslims kill non muslim they blame others or simply say ” extremists”. Who is poisoning all these muslims? Why don’t we find extremists among buddists, christians, jews, hindus, no body knows and not allowed to talk about this. Therefore, muslims are masters of this world.

    Muslims are capturing Europe little by little. After thirty or fourty years Muslims will rule the World.

  6. * “Muslims are masters of the world…”

    Who, on “9/11”, would have thought that the West would waste its time on fighting an enemy it refused to name, while encouraging the real enemy (Islam) to infiltrate to the point where it can call for an Islamic Union to bring “peace and harmony” to the Middle East?

    * A Call to an Islamic Union – Harun Yahya
    http://www.theislamicunion.com/ (also riseofislam)

  7. Winds of Jihad ought to include a link to the Rule of Reason site. Lots of commentary there on Islam. Latest commentary is titled “Pentagon infiltrated by the Borg (aka “moderate Muslims”).

    Ed Cline

  8. The article on Kosova and the whole Greater Albania myth is TOTALLY false. Albanians do not associate with muslims they are a secular nation. They drink alcohol like its holy waterr, the women are some of the most beautiful women in Europe they do not wear the scarf, the Albanian religion is simply that ALBANIAN.

    That article is straight serbain propaganda.

  9. muslims are filthy pigs they are destroying entire humanity with their jihad.west should unite agnist muslims and should teach them a lesson.

  10. genocide of muslims maybe the righteous thing to do if this continues… muslims are picking a fight they won’t win, push comes to shove… USA has more firepower then they do

    keep mouthing off… it will get you somewhere

  11. Islam is a cult of hate and lies. Jesus came into this world and by His sacrifice defeated death, hell, and the grave. In HIM is Life. HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE!! Muhammad is DEAD. JESUS IS ALIVE TODAY AND SEATED AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD ON HIGH.

  12. Be real proud of your ratical Islamic beliefs, kiling inoccent people and opressing women is a real civilized thing to do in the now 21st century. You believe in a god in which praises you for the killing of inoccent people……that is no realistic beliefe and that is no god ! Your so called “god” burns those whom commit such brutal acts. Western powers will always rule the world and you cowardus Islamic radicals and American killers stay hiddin and plant rode side bombs because your are to cowarus to fight man in the open….oh and your not even safe now you sick fucks….watch out for the UAV drones hahahaha there our eyes in the sky and they will kill your pussy ass’s

  13. All muslims are not terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims. This should say something, is it not? They xxxxxx do not have any employment in their country. They get a gun and promise of heaven with 72 virgins if martyred by their leaders. In any spot of the world, where there is trouble, you can see that muslims are involved. Also, to see things holistically, they will continue with pinpricks like bombings, terrorist acts, but they cannot rule ever the world like the islamic caliphate, because it is just not possible. Other nations are too strong to allow these pig fuckers to achieve their goal. What I say is for the developed countries to produce a bioglogical virus, where it is contagious and infects only these bearded assholes and their bodies rot like in syphilis and their race forever vanishes from Earth, and we can all rest in peace.

  14. this no is truth. if albanian are (jihadist) why usa and european union support independent state of kosovo ? we know those state are christian and democratic state .serbia come in balkan(old illyria=albanian ) from carpate monthains they kill and masacred indigenous population.albanian has been under ottoman empire for 5 centuries and they imposed muslim religion because albanians has been a chatolic. Muslims of Kosovo are Muslims are modern and others were Muslims of Kosovo as the world will be living in peace.

  15. if you’ll find out what
    Serbs in Kosovo have occurred in Bosnia and Croatia you can craizy over 1,000,000. …. people are killed over 4,000,000 have been without limbs are beaten and injured by Serbian military and paramilitary police forces ….. over 2,000,000 were massacred… over 1.000.000 albanian are removed forcibly from their houses …………. These have occurred in Yugoslavia you need to remember

  16. how can you call yourself religious people, persons doing the work of God when you kill innocent people. You stone people to death because they commit acts of adultry…you are just as pathethic as those that yourl fight.

    I am a muslim, am proud to be one, but I am not an extreemist. You on the other hand, hand no moral eitque and idea of your true teachinga and the quaran. You are brainwashed sheep trying to fit it. Get a life!

    May Allah share peace with those who truley want peace

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