Norway: Islamofascist Mullah Krekar appeals deportation

* Once again a Western nation wastes a lot of money, manpower and legal efforts to get rid of a rabid hatepreacher who has done everything possible to undermine security and to deceive the naive, good-natured infidels, who’s hospitality he has long enough abused:

The founder of the Iraqi extremist group Ansar al-Islam appealed Tuesday to Norway’s Supreme Court to overturn an order to expel him from the Scandanavian country as a threat to national security.

Two lower courts had upheld a government order to expel Kurdish leader Mullah Krekar, a refugee in Norway since 1991, even though conditions in Iraq made it unlikely that he could promptly be returned to his homeland.

Norway’s highest court will now review the grounds for the order, which also strips Krekar of his refugee status, visa rights and all related benefits. It also will assess whether he is a threat to national security.

Krekar, born Najm al-Din Faraj Ahmad, founded Ansar al-Islam which is listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. and others. The mostly Kurdish Sunni extremist group is tied to al-Qaida in Iraq and suspected in suicide bombings of coalition forces in Iraq.

Krekar has said he no longer leads Ansar al-Islam, and denies links to al-Qaida. The United Nations added him to a list of people believed associated with al-Qaida in December 2006.

* Sure. If caught, lie and deny. Standard procedure…


The hearings are expected to last through Friday, although the ruling may come later. The high court can either uphold the earlier rulings, which would be final, or send the case back to a lower court.

In court, Krekar’s lawyer Harald Stabell argued that his client has not been allowed a chance to adequately defend himself because the report declaring him a national security risk is classified.

“For Krekar, this has meant weakened legal protection during the handling of his case,” said Stabell.

Norwegian state radio network NRK reported Tuesday that Krekar runs several Internet sites, including one called that presents American loses in Iraq and Afghanistan as positive developments and has links to other sites with videos of attacks on U.S. forces.

Krekar has refused to talk about the site. NRK said there is no doubt that the sites are registered to Krekar’s wife and are operated from his home address in Oslo.

The prosecutors also said Krekar had repeatedly returned home to Kurdish areas in northern Iraq even though he had been granted refugee status in Norway by claiming it was unsafe for him there.


* Fill in here which Islamofascist you would like to see deported from your country………………………………..


Pakistan loves USefool idiots

Pakistan’s Daily Times doesn’t carry a lot of Western news, but here’s an article they couldn’t resist: US appears guilty of torture: Pelosi.


WASHINGTON: The United States appears to be illegally torturing terror suspects contrary to denials by President George W Bush, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday.

* “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

–Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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  1. A pity he wasn’t sent home about 10 years earlier. Saddam would have welcomed him quite nicely.

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