Switzerland: Heidi & Mehmet in the Meadow

An essay by Takuan Seiyo

Last year, there were 639 rapes in Switzerland. 309 of the 489 identified perpetrators, i.e. over 63%, were foreigners.

198 homicides were committed in Switzerland in 2006 (3). Of the 226 identified perpetrators, 51% were foreigners. There were 9272 assaults with bodily damage and 8568 identified assailants. Almost 50% of the assailants were Swiss residents of foreign extraction. (4)

All these and statistics on kidnappings, theft, burglary etc —- all the specialty of foreigners– may be gleaned in the 2006 Statistical Report on Crime, issued by the Swiss Federal Police.

The term “Foreigners” includes the foreign-born as well as the Swiss-born children of such foreigners. Switzerland does not grant birthright citizenship. In this, and in its tough naturalization requirements, Switzerland remains, in some ways, the last remaining outpost of sanity in the Western world.


SVP has a deep bench of articulate, patriotic, and passionate leaders. The most charismatic of them, Christoph Blocher, is Switzerland’s most famous and controversial politician as well as serving as the country’s current Minister of Justice. He is an outspoken opponent of Switzerland’s multiculti policies and anti-“racism” laws, and is therefore a lightning rod for all the haters on the left.

A foreign resident may acquire Swiss citizenship only upon the approval of a local community that has the rights to interview him as to his “Swissness” and to put his proposed citizenship up for a vote. The prospective applicant must have lived in Switzerland legally and crime-free for 12 years, and have paid his taxes. This prudent procedure has become a demolition target for the bien pensant elite in the Swiss federal government. They wish to replace the centuries-old Swiss confederate rights with federal power wielded along the “enlightened,” multicultural precepts of the European Union.

Micheline Calmy-Rey, president of Switzerland under a rotation system, has called SVP’s campaign “disgusting,” “dangerous” and not corresponding to “Switzerland’s multicultural openness to the world.” Swiss Interior Minister, Pascal Couchepin, has likened Christoph Blocher to Mussolini. These politicians are not coincidentally from Switzerland’s French-speaking region, where the country’s liberal center of gravity lies.

We know only one word

jihad. jihad, jihad, jihad.




Yvan Perrin, vice-president of the SVP, wrote an appeal to voters in July ’07, entitled (in translation) “The Left and its allies bear the responsibility for the criminality of foreigners.” In it, Mr. Perrin stated that in the past Switzerland was one of the safest countries in the world. This was a great economic and quality of life advantage. Mass immigration has brought with it criminality and insecurity. The statistics he cites confirm “that which everybody witnesses every day in media reports”: foreigners in Switzerland commit four times as many criminal acts as the Swiss do.



Switzerland for the Swiss

Andrew Bolt:

Switzerland says no to a borderless world:

A SELF-MADE billionaire, who compares himself to a legendary hero impaled while repelling unwanted invaders, led his right-wing party to victory in Swiss elections yesterday after a campaign marred by rows over racism…

(Christopher) Blocher made his name fighting proposals by successive Swiss governments that were put to the country under its referendum system for major national decisions.

He said no to everything, campaigning successfully against UN membership in 1986, abolition of the Swiss Army in 1989, sending Swiss troops on armed peacekeeping missions in 1994 and European Union membership in 2001. But he could not block a second vote on UN membership, which was carried in 2002….

The main talking point of the election – a poster showing three white sheep booting a black sheep off a Swiss flag – was withdrawn (by Blocher’s party) before polling day. The SVP maintains it was illustrating its policy of ejecting foreign criminals but political rivals said it was clearly racist.


*  Turkish “Islamophobia expert” says  Switzerland must become more Islamic

Another Muhammedan agit-prop doing his Islamic duty to make Europe Islamic. For this “expert” — and for the Swiss government — the responsibility for it lies solely with non-Muslims.



Australia: Muslim Serial Rapist gets only 9 years

* From the ‘Clueless-like-a-cow-in-the-field’ department:

County Court Judge Jeanette Morrish said yesterday Avci had waged a “cowardly, aggressive and violent campaign” on vulnerable women but believed his prospects of rehabilitation were good because of his youth and his return to the Muslim faith.


* Ol’catmeat sheik Hilali will straighten him out, no doubt…


Kate Jones

A MAN has been jailed for at least nine years for raping four women and attacking two others.


Sedat Avci, 21, of Broadmeadows, terrorised women in the northern suburbs between April and August 2005.

Most victims were walking alone in the evening and were subjected to terrifying sex attacks.

Avci had pleaded guilty to seven counts of rape.

County Court Judge Jeanette Morrish said yesterday Avci had waged a “cowardly, aggressive and violent campaign” on vulnerable women but believed his prospects of rehabilitation were good because of his youth and his return to the Muslim faith.

She sentenced Avci to 16 years in jail, with a minimum of nine. The maximum term for rape is 25 years.

Crime Victims Support Association president Noel McNamara slammed the jail term and said he planned to write to the acting Director of Public Prosecutions, Jeremy Rapke.

“That’s 1.5 years each for six women who have got life sentences — it’s a terrible disgrace,” Mr McNamara said. “It’s a great insult to the victims and the community.”

Mr Rapke will review the case.

Avci was just 19 when he violently assaulted women in Coburg, Coolaroo, Brunswick and Hawthorn.

One victim was about to drive off when Avci asked to use her mobile phone. He then forced his way into her car and repeatedly raped her.

In a victim impact statement read in court, the woman said her life had been turned upside down.

“I will have to work every day of my life to make sure this doesn’t define who I am,” she said.

A victim who was raped twice while walking her dogs said the memory of the attack haunted her.

Avci also pleaded guilty to a count of aggravated burglary and another charge of robbery after attacking a pregnant woman in front of her children, aged three and four.

The serial rapist was arrested in August 2005 after police matched his fingerprints to those on a newspaper at the scene of an attack.

A psychiatric report revealed Avci did not have a mental impairment at the time of the attacks, but was using amphetamines.

Avci threatened most of his victims with a knife and in one case told a woman who tried to escape he would shoot her if she tried again.

In a letter of apology to his victims, Avci said he had “no good excuse” for what he had done.

“To say sorry is not enough to heal the heartache and pain I have caused to your lives and your families’ lives,” he said.

* The rape of infidel women is ‘war-booty’ in Islam

* Thanks to Shiva we have the relevant sura’s right here:
Qur’an 33:51

“You may have whomever you desire; there is no blame.”

Qur’an 33:51
“You may put off whom you please, and you may take to you whomever you desire. You may defer any of them you please, and you may have whomever you desire; there is no blame on you if you invite one who you had set aside. It is no sin.”

Europe’s fear of Muslims increases


By Shelley Emling in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Ehsan Jami sees himself as the legendary Dutch boy who used his finger to plug a leaking dike.
Jami, a Dutch politician, is trying to prevent a flood of what he views as intolerant Muslim immigrants threatening to overrun the Netherlands and all of Europe.

He’s not alone. In France, Germany and across Western Europe, a vigorous public debate is under way over preservation of national identities, the assimilation of minorities and tolerance of different cultures.


* Enlightened progressives already have the cure for this fear, mysteriously named ‘Islamophobia’: More Islamic immigration!


Italy: Muslim radicalism ‘on the rise’ survey finds


Paris, 15 Oct. (AKI) – Half of Italians believe that Islamic extremism is growing in their country, and over 50 percent believe it is a mounting worldwide threat. These are the findings of a survey carried out in Italy last month by the French satellite rolling news channel France24.

France24 surveyed 950 Italians from 20-23 September. A total 53 percent believed that Muslims have many more areas that unite them such as religion than those dividing them, such as nationalism.

Immigration is an area that splits Italians: one-third believe immigrants represent a threat, while 30 percent say they are a resource. Among this latter group, half view immigrants as an economic resource, while the other half consider immigrants to be a positive force for cultural interchange.

Almost three-quarters (74 percent) believe illegal immigration is a threat and 54 percent fear the growth of immigrant ghettos in Italian cities.

Most Italians believe that immigrants do not wish to integrate , while fewer than one-third blame Italian society for a lack of integration.

More than three-fifths (63 percent) think the immigration policies of the current Italian centre-left government led by Romano Prodi are inadequate

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  1. Re: Australia:muslim rapist

    Seems there are different laws/penalities for koranimals in Aus. Take the case of Pakistani medical student Shakee Mirza in early October this year, widely reported (not) in the media.

    Mirza pleaded guilty to one count of attempted indecent treatment of a child for offering an 11-year-old boy a penis massage as they watched a movie together in February last year.

    Judge David Searles placed Mirza on a 12-month probation order but did not record a conviction because it could have jeopardised Pakistan-born Mirza’s visa status.

  2. malsikcuf

    That sentence is disgusting. A non-mohammedan would have received a longer sentence and been listed as a paedophile. If the 11-year-old boy had been Judge David Searles son, would the sentence have been more realistic? Maybe.

    Leftoid judges, leftoid politicians and leftoid academics surely have pebbles for brains.

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