Tariq Ramadan Update: ACLU challenges US visa ban for Muslim ‘intellectual’

This is what happens when commie organizations team up with Islamofascists to bring down democracy, the rule of law and the constitution.


Tariq Ramadan is hardly an ‘intellectual’ and he is not ‘one of the worlds leading scholars of Islam’- but more than anything a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and a Muhammedan agit-prop par excellence. His maternal grandfather Hassan al Banna founded the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. His father, Said Ramadan, was a prominent figure in the Muslim Brotherhood as well. His brother, Hani Ramadan is also a Muslim activist and resides in Geneva, where he is a French teacher and the director of the Islamic Centre of Geneva.

Ramadan is a two faced SoB with one message for his non-Muslim interlocutors and another, slightly more colorful message for his fellow Muslims. Ramadan believes that the sharia should replace ‘man-made’ law and public beheadings and stoning of people guilty of adultery are in order.

The Brotherhood is being absolutely relentless in their quest to get Tariq Ramadan into America. Each time their efforts are thwarted, they find another way to come at the problem.

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* What Frere Tariq has to say is often enough said by the likes of Anjem Choudary, a British-born self-styled cleric and others like Omar Bakri Mohammed, who say that followers of Islam could not accept the authority of a secular state.

* Omar Bakri Mohammed spoke in a video message to the debate where Muslim fundamentalists and moderates argued the motion that Islam is incompatible with western liberal society.

Lebanon-based Mr Mohammed, who lost his asylum status in Britain after saying the British people brought the London bombings on themselves, said Islam was a complete way of life that could not yield to any other way. “Islam is a complete system of living, the Sharia system. Islam has political beliefs — it cannot co-exist with another political belief.”

He added: “There will be strife. It could be political, it could be ideological, it could be military struggle.”

* Moderate Muslims follow in the story, saying that Chaudary and Bakri are twisting Islam, but not explaining how or why, or what can be done to blunt their appeal among Muslims.

* War is Deceit

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  1. * Islam has political beliefs — it cannot co-exist with another political belief.

    But Western governments that should know better keep persisting with “Muslim Reference Groups” & the like, in the vain hope that they can successfully alloy iron and clay. Some things
    just are not meant to be. Islam is about to pass its use-by date.

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