UK: Mohammed Rapes 12 Women But Must Not Be Deported

Because that would violate his ‘human rights’-


* Blue-eyed stupidity: Justice Hodge says the attacker’s right to family life must be upheld

Anger as sex attacker stays in UK

A victim of a serial sex attacker is “appalled” that he will not be deported in order to protect his human rights.

An Asylum and Immigration Tribunal upheld a ruling which blocked moves by the Home Office to deport the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

* The victim’s name and picture is out and this rapist scum cannot be named?

Mr Justice Hodge said the 20-year-old should stay in the UK as he came here from Sierra Leone, aged six, and had virtually no family in West Africa.


Victim Gabrielle Browne, 42, said he had no right to stay in the country.

Family life

Ms Browne, who waived her right to anonymity as the victim of a sex attack, said she felt “devastated and let down”.

“I am appalled by the decision,” she said.

“How is it right that somebody who has offended so seriously against defenceless women is allowed to remain in this country?”

Her attacker had admitted indecently assaulting 11 women in the past five years.

He is being allowed to stay in the UK after his release under article eight of the Human Rights Act, which gives a person a right to a family life.

Ms Browne, a mother of two, was training for the London Marathon when she was attacked.

“He was hiding behind a blind corner on the canal path and could see me coming although I could not see him.

“He stepped out and blocked my way then asked me for the time.

“He threw an arm around my throat and dragged me 100 metres.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “We believe that foreign nationals who commit serious crimes should be deported.

“We are disappointed that the courts reached this decision on 1 March 2007, and as a result deportation could not proceed in this case.”


* Mohammed has a long record of armed robbery, theft, drug-dealing and fraud. He came to Britain when he was 6 and was in and out of jail ever since he was 15 years old.


Australia: Charges brought against brothers for rapes

From the ‘infidel women are war-booty’ department:

Geesche Jacobsen /SMH

THREE brothers known as the K Brothers have had charges brought against them for a number of rapes, one of which was allegedly committed in March 2002, in the midst of a gang rape rampage in Sydney.

On July 31 police laid charges against one of the brothers, known as MRK, and two of his siblings.

Yesterday the Herald succeeded in having non-publication orders lifted in relation to the charges.

It is alleged that MRK, 22, MMK, 21, and MSK, 29, raped a 13-year-old girl in late 2000 or early 2001 after plying her with alcohol so she could not move or speak.

The girl, who was in a sexual relationship with another of the brothers, MTK, who has since died, was visiting the Redfern house shared by the eight brothers, according to police documents tendered in court yesterday.

She suggested they buy some alcohol and the girl, a friend and some of the brothers started drinking, police allege.

She was starting to feel tipsy after five vodka and Cokes when she was served a sixth one, which “tasted very strong”. She became light-headed and sluggish and started losing control of her body, she told police.

She crawled on her hands and knees to an upstairs bedroom and felt she lost the ability to speak and had blurred vision with “bright flashing blotches” in front of her eyes.

The next morning she awoke and her pants and underwear had been taken off. Her boyfriend, MTK, told her they had had sex.

But she told police she later remembered that she had woken up during the night and seen MSK raping her, but could not push him off because she felt paralysed and had no control over her body.

She alleges MRK and MMK then also raped her.

She told police MSK had previously exposed himself to her and had an uncircumcised penis, which, police say, is unusual for a Muslim.


Yesterday MSK agreed to let police photograph his genitals so that they could corroborate the woman’s complaint.

In the second alleged incident, MRK allegedly repeatedly raped and indecently assaulted a 15-year-old girl in Ashfield in March 2002.

It is alleged he sexually assaulted her three times.

The cases are back in court in December.

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  1. The judge is a marxist moonbat,married to a government minister. Vote labour,and this is what you get. Import muslims, this is what you get, Muslims vote for the wefare parties,so socialists import them

  2. You act like this, you forfeit whatever human rights you might have had. Let the victims decide the fate of such scum and let the court abide by that decision.

  3. the judge, lawyers and the defendant should all be deported. Britain, a land fit criminals!

  4. OK, let’s “empower” this fellow and have him choose which punishment he prefers:

    allow him to remain but be castrated,
    let him stay intact but be deported and NEVER allowed to return.

    He can pick whichever he likes.


  6. The judge is clear proof of the concept highlighted by J.Cleese and the Monty Python team in the skit “The upper class Twit of the year”. I seem to recall that MSK and clan are Pashtun Pakis . He and his family have sponged off Australian legal aid, whilst physically threatening the single victim who was willing to testify that these muss were rapists. The “cat meat ” sheik also stood up in the defence of these rapists – but what you expect from a (muslim) thug who would rape a woman because she is wearing a skirt!

  7. Alright you people, I agree irrespective of whether the guy was muslim or not he should meet proper punishment. I too am apalled by the fact that he still roams Britain because of a loophole in the Human’s right documents. He stole those women’r rights by raping them, why are his rights taken into consideration at the compromise of his victim’s rights? If this man where in Sierra Lione, his execution would occur swiftly, which is why I understand people want him deported.

    His crimes cannot be excused, but your utter vindiction at the man seems greater due to the fact that he is ‘muslim’, you people would not be so unforgiving if he was a regular member of the UK native community, you would punish him more for being muslim than for his acctual crime. You are focusing all your rage on that one effect.

    And muslims are “the scume of the earth” “Get them out of Britain”, please, don’t make me laugh. If you were to pull out all the Inidans, Pakistanis, Phillipinos, Arabs, Africans and OTHER white people who are also Muslim, your economy would go bust and the UK would all but be an unemployed underproductive waste of a ghost town. You need these people in more ways than you know, please don’t act like they owe you everything, it’s rude and racist and all those other things that go against morals.

    Conclusion? = Stop hating on a people just because you don’t understand them, you aint so high and mighty yourselves.

    Hell, if you kicked out all the muslims you’d probably find another community to whine about, next you’d run your mouth about the Jews and kicking THEM out of the country, then after that you’ll probably get riled up on the Japanese…sure, you’ll find something else to hate when your done hating those people. Seriously, you’re just wasting your energy by blaming everything on other people, look at your own flaws, because it seems to me that you recognise all flaws of others and blow them out of proportion but realise none of your own.

    A lesson in morality and brains, my children. Now go to school, no one needs your hate and profanity painting the internet red.

    Negativity is a bad thing. Have a nice day.

    1. Peace from Kenya sez:

      ” If you were to pull out all the Inidans, Pakistanis, Phillipinos, Arabs, Africans and OTHER white people who are also Muslim, your economy would go bust and the UK would all but be an unemployed underproductive waste of a ghost town.”

      We don’t need lessons in “morality and brains” from mohammedan zebiba boys.

      This website is about Islam, not about race. Muslims contribute little but cause enormous problems in the West, a situation which needs to be reversed.

      “You need these people in more ways than you know, please don’t act like they owe you everything, it’s rude and racist and all those other things that go against morals.”

      Whose morals? Yours?

      What do we owe them? The jiziya?

      We owe them nothing. Nada. Zilch. Niente.

      We have no problems with those who accept our values and adapt, assimilate and respect our democratic society.

      We have problems with those who wage jihad in the way of allah and intend to strike terror in the hearts of unbelievers in order to make the world Islamic. Do you understand that?

      Don’t worry about the Japanese. They are light-years ahead of you. They don’t engage in FGM, honor killings, jihad, polygamy, misogyny, rape, fraud and deceit in the name of some imaginary ‘allah’.

      Mohammedans do.

  8. Alright, so in order to adapt to our “WAYS”, i would be refused the right to wear a headscarf? Please don’t make me laugh, for one who supports freedom of religion and race you sure do lack the ability to promote it.

    And Ahmed Zabina boys? Aw, man, that really is funny. I suppose I should be calling you what? I don’t know if I can find a word to decribe a person who has no real reason to hate anything but uses the anonymity of the internet to secretly hate and abuse the several communities of the world.

    If you were actualy public about your Anti-sentiment of, well, EVERYTHING, I would actualy consider calling you Fascist. Think about it, it’s one level above Teenage Child With Aggressive Tendencies And No Emotional Outlet But The Internet Let Me Out Angst Everybody status.

    You demonise every thing without facts to back up your statements, and whatever facts you DO have are construed out of thin air. Notice how, you just targeted parts of my post in an attempt to confirm your own paranoia without even attempting to consider the fact that I do not consider the man innocent, I went so far as to condemn him. But YOU, my friend only sought to make me out as one who really had no idea what morals are.

    Morals? I think everyone knows what morals in essence are, why should my idea of morals be any different from yours? But yet, you act as if this is not possible, for me and you to adhere to the same moral principles as the rest of society.

    Ah, but then I remembered that you are a hater, and really must have understood what morals even are. A bloggist with too much time on your hands when you accused me of…what is it again? “Mohamedism”? That is as ridiculous of me accusing a Jew with “Abrahamism” or a christian with “Jesusism”, in fact it would be downright hilarious. Seriously, do you even KNOW hwat Mohamedism is? Do you have any idea WHY certain rules apply in Islam? I think not, you see the execution of a rapist or a paedophile as cold blood, as wrong, as “murder”. But you do not question why Muslims see execution as just, you simply condemn. You do not try to understand how and why people do things.

    And by the way, I am Muslim AND Female AND proud. I am also Arab. That doesn’t mean I hate you, it doesn’t mean I even CARE that you hate Islam. Infact, hate Islam all you want, I just wish you would do it in a well-informed educated manner where you wouldn’t embarrass yourself.

    My advice to you is to reread my post and consider the Reason and LOGIC behind it, then THINK before you post something and meet my argument point for point.

    THEN maybe you have a chance at convincing people who are edcuated rather than the common blogger, who really cannot think for themselves at all.

    Suicide in Islam is WRONG, murder is WRONG, all these things that terrorists do are condemned in Islam. The terrorists have a distorted veiw of Islam and are ruining its name. You fail to distinguish the differences between True Islam and what the Terrorist beleives in Islam and choose to take both as the latter and hate all Muslims.

    Sheikh Yer’Mami,do you even KNOW what Islam is, honestly?

    Britain does not necessarily depend on Muslims or all the other small communitites, but you do have to admit, you cannot discharge all on the basis of paranoia and animosity.

    You are one of those people who complain and rant about things without really SEEING them. I’d go so far as to say whatever knowledge you have was spoonfed to you, you hate and complain but you will not actively do anyhting about it.

    Open your eyes.

  9. Dear Peace,

    “You demonise every thing without facts to back up your statements, and whatever facts you DO have are construed out of thin air.”

    I suspect you are suffering from a comprehension disability directly related to your belief system.

    “My advice to you is to reread my post and consider the Reason and LOGIC behind it, then THINK before you post something and meet my argument point for point.”

    I didn’t ask you for advice. I have never come across a Mohammedan who was able to employ reason or logic. But everyday I see more fanatical frenzy and irrational, murderous conduct, which you deny is the case.

    “THEN maybe you have a chance at convincing people who are edcuated rather than the common blogger, who really cannot think for themselves at all.”

    How would you know about the intellect of bloggers? Isn’t Mohammedanism a belief that discourages thinking for yourself? Once again, you engage in what we call projection. Did you ever engage in free and open discourse or scientific enquiry?

    I think not.

    If you have an argument or a point you wish to discuss, please do so, keep it short and keep your emotions out of it. In the meantime, it might help you to learn something about your belief system. We have been there and done it.

    Everything you need to know about Islam

  10. At least these Arabs know which orifice of a woman to stick their pricks in, you buggering Brits.

  11. It shames and disgusts me that this rapist calls himself a Muslim. The punishment for rape under Sharia law is a hundred lashes and exile from the country. I’m not saying Sharia law should be applied to England, since England is a state of mixed races and religions and a Sharia government would basically fail, but I agree with Ms. Browne: This rapist has no right to stay in the UK. It simply goes against human rights, common morality and the attitude true Muslims would have with this rapist.

  12. Why Xona? He is merely following one interpretation of YOUR religion. He thinks it is the right one!!!! This is why islam is so dangerous and a threat to the development of mankind – a potentially violent and regressive philosophy forced at gunpoint onto the people of the third word, and now the very same are trying the same in the first world.

    How many more muslims will choose to interpret the quran and hadiths in the way that this mindless muslim thug has done??? You might be a reasonable person but a very significant number of muslims are not – rather than bewailing what this MUSLIM has done why don’t you work to try and prevent it happening again? I am tired of the so-called moderate muslim majority turning their heads for every atrocity commited by muslims because of their religion and saying “It was not us”.

  13. what does this have to do with muslims?
    duhhh!! your smart
    go get a life and talk about your own problems-

  14. SANAA, FEB. 23 — (IRIN) It was every little girl’s dream; she was to get a new dress, jewellery, sweets and a party for all her friends.
    What 10-year-old Aisha did not know was that after the wedding party she would have to leave school, move to a village far from her parents’ home, cook and clean all day, and have sex with her older husband.
    “He took out a special sheet and laid me down on it,” Aisha told IRIN, wringing her small plump hands. “After it, I started bleeding. It was so painful that I was crying and shouting, and since then I have seen him as death.”

    Drugged and beaten
    ” My Dad told me to sleep with my husband, or he would kill me, but I refused”

    10-year-old Aisha
    After a week of fighting off her husband every night, Aisha’s father was called. He had received 200,000 Yemeni Rial ($1,000) for his daughter in ‘shart’, a Yemeni dowry, which he could not pay back.
    “My Dad made a cup of tea and put some pills in it, which he gave me. The pills made me feel dizzy,” said Aisha. “My Dad told me to sleep with my husband, or he would kill me, but I refused.”
    Instead Aisha broke a glass bottle over her head in a desperate attempt to stay awake. “My Dad hit me badly. I was bleeding from my mouth and nose,” she said.
    After spending a few months in her husband’s home, where she said he would regularly drug her and beat her, Aisha managed to escape. Now, two years later, aged 12, she is unable to divorce him.

    Rape not marriage
    So, for now, there is no law protecting children against early marriages in Yemen.
    “I don’t call it marriage, but rape,” said Shada Mohammed Nasser, a lawyer at the High Court in Sanaa. She has represented several child bride divorce cases in court, but admits she has lost most of them. Only a handful of child brides have successfully managed to divorce their husbands.
    “The law on marriage stipulates that a girl should not sleep with her husband until she is mature,” said Nasser, which according to the law is the age of 15. “But the law is not enforced.”
    A girl can be married at just nine, but cannot legally seek a divorce until she is 15 or older. The money paid by the husband for his “wife” is a further obstacle to divorce, while the case can only be heard in a court in the governorate where the marriage took place.

    Arcane views
    “Usually the marriage will have been signed in the husband’s governorate and the judges may look more favorably on their own kinsmen,” said Nasser.
    “Usually the marriage will have been signed in the husband’s governorate and the judges may look more favorably on their own kinsmen,” said Nasser. “Many judges are governed by arcane views on women.”
    Just under half of Yemeni girls, 48 percent, are married before they turn 18, according to the Washington DC-based International Centre for Research on Women (ICRW). This is classified as underage, according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
    In some governorates as many as half of all girls under the age of 15 are married, according to an unpublished study from 2007 on early marriage by Sanaa University’s Gender Development Research and Study Centre.
    Yemen has signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). ?A glimmer of hope?

    Children having children
    “The girls are forced to have children before their bodies are fully grown instead of going to school and playing with other children,” Wafa Ahmad Ali from the Yemeni Women Union.
    “The greatest problem facing Yemeni women today is child marriages,” said Wafa Ahmad Ali from the Yemeni Women’s Union, which has long campaigned for a raise in the minimum age of marriage. ?”These early marriages rob the girl of the right to a normal childhood and education. The girls are forced to have children before their bodies are fully grown instead of going to school and playing with other children,” she said.
    However, Minister for Human Rights Huda al-Ban told IRIN that President Saleh had recently agreed to put forward – for discussion in parliament in May – the bill with 17 as the minimum marrying age. “If the bill is successful it could be passed as a law in September,” she said.

    A violent world
    “I’d rather die than go back to him,” 10-year-old Aisha in reference to her husband.
    While politicians wrangle in parliament, young girls like Aisha are caught up in a violent world of adults which they are too young to understand, let alone escape.
    “These are our traditions,” said Aisha’s father. However, he admits that Aisha might have been too young for marriage. Though she now has a lawyer, Aisha cannot divorce until the two men who control her (her father and husband) agree on how much money each will receive.
    What Aisha wants is clear: “I’d rather die than go back to him,” she said, wiping a tear from behind her veil.

    And the father and husband think they are good muslims, the husband is nothing more than a twisted pediophile, and the father should be jailed for the way he has treated his own blood, a child no less, do muslims have a word for peddiophile, I think not….

  15. “Peace”,
    Firstly understand on what people are commenting – then open your mouth. Otherwise, you look like an idiot!!!

  16. “Peace”,
    in fairness not all muslims are like that, i have met muslims who are liberal, non-arab, and don’t try to forcibly impose their values and such on others. also, they’re not jihad-obsessed idiots who commit atrocities in the name of God.
    However, what we ARE commenting about is the teachings of islam. There is a higher propensity for islam to incite violent acts and regression of freedom in its followers, be it the actual text itself or the intepretations of it. Find me a verse in islam that explicitly says that you should love your neighbour, whether he is muslim OR NOT, as you love yourself, that is accepted by all the mullahs and such.
    Even the veil itself is a limitation to women. When it was conceptualized, it was meant as protection against raiders and the desert winds. now, however, there isn’t any need for it anymore unless you are still living in the middle of the sahara. While other religions seemed to have evolved over time, islam hasn’t been able to change its concepts to suit the development in freedom and human rights.
    Sure, the crusades happened, and look at the dalai lama in tibet before he was kicked out (everyone who wasn’t a monk was a slave, and owned by a monk or monastery) and everywhere there will be people who commit atrocities in the name of their religion. But that’s in the past when human thinking hadn’t evolved yet. It has now and islam doesn’t seem to have caught up.

    as for this case, it’s wrong that the rapes happened, but the ruling, which is what you guys are all quarreling about, is no fault of islam. it’s simply the fault of the british and western law systems who perversely insist on upholding the fictional rights of disgusting criminals. like someone mentioned, this could easily be a non- muslim, white guy. That doesn’t make the crime any better. Western law systems are screwed up.

  17. Sounds like ‘sharia’ already ! The criminal sex-assaultive who attacked a British victim needs deporting. If not, well is beginning to look like sharia is here after all…. Are extreme Leftist-Anarchist-Marxists working themselves into various government positions in order to construct these objectionable practices and laws that currently protect far too much, the criminal. The victim gets marginalised, and all this is jolly good cricket and so Mohammed need not be sent back to Africa, but may remain in UK to continue his criminal career. English snobbery once again gives the working class the V-sign, and the imported criminal gets to live again on Social Security checks, as his extensive rap-sheet renders him unemployable. I said, as the judge tucks into the venison, downs the claret within his country mews house by the trout filled lake far from any council estate with its marauding teenagers.

  18. Dear Peach,
    Thank you very much for your clear conception on the matter you were saying. I am also a Mohammedan and feel proud to be a Mohammedan. I am from Bangladesh. What problem I can see in Muslims, they don’t study more and know more about Islam. I really feel very happy reading your blogs. Whatever blog I saw in the net against Islam, most of the blogger doesn’t know the matter clearly, but they are expert in saying against Islam. We appreciate more educated people to write against the vulgar of anti-Islamic blogger. Here am quoting one fake news published in this blog site, as a Bangladeshi Muslim I personally criticize those sinful scholar. read my blog at that topics :

    Jihad du Jour: 6 Buddhist Villagers Massacred…
    20-25 Hindu Girls Abducted Each Month, Forcibly Converted…

    Fitzgerald: Do Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton know what’s going on in the Chittagong Hills? If they did, would they care?

    Muslim settlers attack Jumma in the Chittagong Hill Tracts
    Hope and Terror in the land of the Jumma
    If you visit this site every day, you know that there are three kinds of news stories related to or about Islam. There are the stories that, within a day or a week, will make it to the New York Times, and NPR, albeit in less intelligible and often tendentious form. Then there are the stories that only appear months later, and you can’t quite figure out why it takes so long for the editors at The New York Times or the Washington Post to recognize the significance of such Jihad News. And finally, there is a third kind of story, the kind of story that you read here, that appeared in places quite obscure, and that you will never read again, unless the story put up here is publicized so that others who write online pick it up and force the major news organizations to start reporting about such things.

    Here, for example, are two stories about what took place in the Chittagong Hills of Bangladesh recently. The Chittagong Hills (or “Chittagong Hill Tract”) have for centuries been lived in by the indigenous Jumma people, who are the last remaining indigenous Buddhists (the Tibetan refugees not being “indigenous”) on the entire subcontinent, though it was in India that Gautama Buddha was born and Buddhism first flourished. In 1947, at the time of Partition, 85% of the population was Buddhist and 10% Hindu. Now, in 2010, 50% are Buddhist and 48% are Muslim settlers.

    The two stories:

    #1. Chittagong – Muslim violence against Buddhists

    Five groups of ethnic minorities have demanded a probe into violence by Muslim settlers in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) in Bangladesh. The leaders of the affected communities, who are Buddhists, have made the request to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Office. In a memorandum, they sought a ‘people’s inquiry commission’ to investigate the violent attacks in Rangamati and Khagrachari districts and the arrest of the attackers.
    They also demanded taka two million ($6,800) compensation for each affected family, reconstruction of damaged shrines and rehabilitation of the victims, New Age newspaper reported Tuesday. The government says one person was killed in the violence but the tribals say six people died in attacks by Muslims settled by the government in the two districts. Hundreds of houses were burnt and several places of worship vandalised.

    #2 2 Japan MPs arrive with peace call

    Two visiting members of the Japanese parliament met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday and urged her to fully implement the 1997 Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord.
    They submitted a petition signed by 35,757 people from 105 countries and 12 autonomous territories. The statement also has peace messages from 2754 people including 1976 Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Corrigan-Maguire.

    The peace message by Nobel laureate Mairead says, “After more than 30 years of violent conflict and deep suffering, the Jumma people have a right and deep desire for justice and peace. I hope therefore that you and your Government and all parties to the conflict will increase and sustain your important efforts to move to the fulfillment of the 1997 Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord. Peace in the Chittagong Hill Tracts will give hope not only to the people of Chittagong, and Bangladesh, but also to people around the world, that peace is possible”.

    The signatories include 62 members of the Japanese parliament, four members of parliament and legislative assemblies of Australia, a member of constituent assembly of Australia, a member of constituent assembly of Nepal and civil society representatives of Bangladesh.

    Thanks for the patient

  19. Religion isnt the problem here, its zealotry, and you both are breeding it to an extreme. If you just take a quick step back and realize that your issues are not with one another but with those who oppose those ideals you both ho,d dearly, you will understand the true nature of your argument.
    An Agnostic

  20. Dirty smelly camel jockey towel heads……piss off back to your mud huts back in xxxxxx land you disgusting rodents…….xxxxxxxxxx crawl back to where you came from and leave the Western world for the Infidels you kiddie fiddlers.
    Your woman are so ugly they need to be covered up from head to toe to avoid men vomiting at the sight of them.

  21. Dear Folks,

    I think this rapist should burn in hell, such people cannot in any way be regarded as muslims, a muslim is only he/she who practices Islam and not one born in a muslim family having that distinction by birth.

    Such things happen in every society, a rapist or a murderer does not have any religion or morals, they’re scumbags and should be punished severely. Islam is a great religion, those who misinterpret it for their own selfish reasons are not muslims but hypocrites, and enemies of Islam.

    Folks, you should read the Quran – the actual translation to know what the religion is all about instead of making assumptions on how some weirdos who call themselves muslim act in our society.

    Suicide is forbidden in Islam, Rape is a major sin, drinking and gambling is forbidden, you can’t even kill women and children or destroy any sort of plantations even if you’re at war with some country, u can only fight its men who are armed and stand against u, these terrorists who blow up buildings and plant bombs at public places are not muslims but insane weirdos who got nothing else to live for. You cannot tag them as muslims. We don’t want them either.

    You hate muslims for what some of them have done in your society, they hate you for what some of you have done to them. Like a famous man once said, To those to whom evil is done, do evil in return. Not to forget whats happening is Palestine (Gaza) where everyday, women n children are being killed by Israel, heavily funded by the U.S.A. What are we doing to eradicate the core issues to resolve terrorism and hate in our society?

    1. “What are we doing to eradicate the core issues to resolve terrorism and hate in our society?”

      Simple. Stop lying. Stop pretending the hatred and the terror is not Koran based. Stop pretending that it is not Muslims who rape, terrorize and blow themselves up for allah. Get rid of the Koran. Start becoming productive citizens instead of hateful Mobots.

  22. Women and children die in Gaza because they are used as “shields”.
    Arabs have killed more palestinians than the Israeli.
    Arabs never tried to solve the palestinian problems,
    because it’s always easier to blame others (Israel, USA)
    to distract people from the problems at home (oppression).
    the majority of muslims are ignorant and afraid.
    real islam (or real christianity, real hinduism, real buddhism)
    won’t do the job only pneuma anaikanosis (spirit renewing) through
    YHWH Ruach.

  23. * a muslim is only he/she who practices Islam and not one born in a muslim family having that distinction by birth

    Really, Rocker? Does the false prophet know that? Perhaps you could clue him in, via allah, and get back with his response.

    According to Mo, everyone is born a muslim:

    * Believe It or Not: You were Born Muslim!

    (I don’t buy allah’s porkie, but many fall for it)

  24. Here you go, Rocker – who is right, you or the false prophet?

    Can you work with allah and Mo on your who is born what routine?

    The Prophet Muhammad said, “No babe is born but upon Fitra (as a Muslim). It is his parents who make him a Jew or a Christian or a Polytheist.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 033, Number 6426)

  25. “Folks, you should read the Quran – the actual translation to know what the religion is all about instead of making assumptions on how some weirdos who call themselves muslim act in our society.”

    You are one blind man , Rocker. When was the last time you read it. We have – the actual translation (are you insinuating that there are more than one version?) Them weirdos that you make mention of are the very bi-products of K. reading. In other words, anyone who reads it BECOMES a weirdo.

    Your religion is a cult.

  26. I think the judge is right. If they don’t want to deport him he should be allowed to stay in the UK. I don’t know how tall he is but make the box at least 7′ long in case he is tall. I know this might be considered a waste of good wood but we of western morals must make the sacrifice. Again, since it a waste of dirt you’ll have to find some space to store his body. I don’t know if any trees would grow over people like this but if so make a park and forget this vile creature ever existed.
    Look how easy, he’ll get to stay forever and you don’t have to worry about his actions ever again. Case closed, next?

  27. By the way, I agree with nolaughingmatter. All evidence to my mind screams ” very bad cult”. Islam, to be taken seriously as a “religion of peace” needs an outcry from it’s adherents against the wholesale slaughter many Islamic leaders are proposing. Those leaders spend a lot of time quoting the koran.. Muslims say it is simply misinterpreted. Well, a hell of a lot of your fellow Muslims are doing a smash-up job on misinterpretation. You can’t tell me every single one of the video’s coming off all the TV networks are faked. Even the “normal” Dr Phil type programs blow my mind when discussing how to live by the koran.We infidels are that stupid if we can watch that and not have a “what the hell are they talking about?” revelation.

  28. “If you were to pull out all the Inidans, Pakistanis, Phillipinos, Arabs, Africans and OTHER white people who are also Muslim, your economy would go bust and the UK would all but be an unemployed underproductive waste of a ghost town.”

    I was unaware the UK was able to tax their benefits so heavily. Oh what a relief.

  29. I’m surprised that there are muslims commenting on this site at all. How do they find the time, you know, with being on their knees half the friggin day?

    Is there anyplace on earth where they get along with their neighbors? What do they contribute to any society they are a part of? Is raping little girls and brainwashing little boys really in the Koran?

    1. Is raping little girls and brainwashing little boys really in the Koran?

      Some of it is in the Koran. But you need to know the sunnah, the sayings and traditions of Muhammad, to put it in context.

      Aisha & Muhammad

      “The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with ‘Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” – Bukhari 7.62.88

  30. The RAPE of non-Muslim women is an integral part of Islam, and it is a DECREE for Muslim men, in accordance with the Koran. Islam tells us how Muhammad wrote his crime into his Koran.

    Hadith of Sahih Muslim 8 #3432:
    …Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) sent an army to Autas…Having overcome them and taken them captives, the Companions of Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) seemed to REFRAIN from HAVING INTERCOURSE with CAPTIVE WOMEN because of THEIR HUSBANDS… Then Allah sent down regarding that – Koran 4.24 “And all married women (are forbidden unto you) EXCEPT THOSE (CAPTIVES) whom your right hands possess. IT IS A DECREE OF ALLAH FOR YOU.”

    Clearly Muhammad wanted the women RAPED as a means of destroying the tribe, and so taught that RAPE was “Allah’s” decree.

    Also see Koran 33.50
    ‘O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and THOSE (captives) whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as SPOILS OF WAR…thou mayst be free from BLAME, for Allah is ever Forgiving…”

    Muhammad knew rape was a crime, so pretends Allah says he was “free from BLAME” – why else would a “god” even think Muhammad needed to be excused from “blame”?

    For Muslim readers, imagine a Crusader writing “God decreed that I have sex with Muslim captives and said I was not to blame”. Now you KNOW this is RAPE.

    Other references to raping women on Muhammad’s say-so include:

    Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 276:
    Narrated Al-Bara bin Azib:
    … Then the infidels were defeated. By Allah, I saw the women fleeing lifting up their clothes REVEALING THEIR LEG-BANGLES AND THEIR LEGS. So, the companions of ‘Abdullah bin Jubair said, “THE BOOTY! O people, THE BOOTY! Your companions have become victorious, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR now?” …”Have you forgotten what ALLAH’S APOSTLE SAID to you?” They replied, “BY ALLAH! We will go to the enemy and collect our share from the war booty.”

    Remember how in Koran 33.50 women are called “spoils of war” – this is the result – women are called “the booty”.

    Next exhibit. If Muhammad’s victims had obviously been raped and were pregnant, the RANSOM Muhammad and his men sought would be more difficult to get from the women’s families. This presented a quandary – handled by Muhammad as described in the hadith of Malik’s Muwatta – section ‘COITUS INTERRUPTUS’:Book 29, Number 29.32.95:

    “…Abu Said al-Khudri said, ‘We went out with the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, on the expedition to the Banu al-Mustaliq. We took some Arabs prisoner, and we desired the women as celibacy was hard for us. WE WANTED THE RANSOM, so WE WANTED TO PRACTISE COITUS INTTERUPTUS…. We asked him about that and HE SAID, ‘You don’t have to NOT do it [EJACULATE]. There is no self which is to come into existence up to the Day of Rising but that it will come into existence.’ ”

    So Muhammad advised his merry men not to worry about getting their rape victims pregnant.

    Everyone with morals above that of a psychopath needs to REJECT Muhammad’s religion.

  31. I would dare say that people like ‘Mickey Blue Eyes’ Justice Hodge are, on the long run, more dangerous for Britain than the members of Oswald Mosley’s ‘British Union of Fascists’ during WWII. Even ‘Lord How How’ propaganda was less harmful than the ‘political correct’ sick ideology run by left wing elite and intellectuals. During wartime everyone knew that German propaganda was based on lies; in order to weaken morally the Allies. Every single British citizen could depend on the unity within the British nation and British policy. Now is Britain as well as big parts of Europe on the fringes of destruction. The policy is based on the morbid philosophy of the so called ‘melting pot’ and integration. Native Britons and native European have, according to policy makers, to adapt themselves to a life in a Darwinistic Safary Park inhabited by humanoid species from all over the world. They have to give up national feelings, and ethnicity and share their life with people with whom they have nothing in common. As in every biotope in nature, imported species try to expanse their living grounds on cost of the locals. This is what is now happening with Islam and Africans. Judge Hodge decision to let a dangerous negro in Britain fits the Bolshevik ideology: the way to a goal is dotted by the blood of victims. He does not really care for the rape victims. His consideration goes solely to the integration of the black rapist.

    Reinaert, The Netherlands

  32. Rocker,
    I suggest you study YOUR religion and how YOUR co-religionists interpret it. Feel free to correct them but they will probably behead you. And when you have YOUR umma behaving like intelligent beings come visit again. And we are NOT born muslim – where ever did you dredge that fetid statement from?!!

  33. I have just been reading through the comments on here and was wondering why Peace ultimately tried to deflect the thread away from the facts. This rapist should either be locked away for life or sent back to his homeland. She says she condemns him yet will she speak out anywhere and publicly condemn him? Will any of the so called peaceful muslims speak out against any of the atrocities being practised by devout muslims the world over?
    Why, if it’s only a tiny minority of muslims that carry out these acts, won’t the overwhelming majority of peaceful, law abiding muslims do anything about it. Yet you will come on blogs / websites etc., and protest about what other peoples’ interpretation of the muslim world actually is.
    Why do you try to shift the emphasis of this story from being about a muslim who believes it is his right to rape these women (as quoted many times above) and should be deported, to one of racism, bigotry and general hatred of your cult.

    As for the other contributor who said it could’ve been a native of the UK that committed these horrendous crimes, you are correct. However there are two points to consider here,

    1) He would be our countries problem to deal with, we would all despise him in exactly the same way, but we couldn’t complain about him not being deported because he is a product of this country. He would not be someone who loves all the benefits of being in this country, and when i say benefits i mean it in every sense of the word, but at the same time is so hateful of our way of life and democracy that is slowly being eroded by the human rights acts and by people like rocker and peace playing the race card.

    2) As Peace is an educated person who has no doubt utilised the BENEFIT of our school system to the fullest extent perhaps she would like to try a scientific experiment in social studies.

    ” If you were to pull out all the Inidans, Pakistanis, Phillipinos, Arabs, Africans and OTHER white people who are also Muslim, your economy would go bust and the UK would all but be an unemployed underproductive waste of a ghost town.”


    If all muslims left these shores there would be some unemployment, i have to agree. It would however mainly be human rights lawyers, jobcentre and all associated benefit staff, doctors and nurses which we no longer need, in some towns maternity wards would all but close so yes, tower hamlets and various other boroughs of london, leicester, bradford etc., would be like ghost towns. However our own indigenous spongers would then have no excuse and would have to work, and therefore we could get back to some productive manufacturing work like we used to do in the good old days.

    Isn’t it strange how all these people have come to this country for a better life in what was once a great country but are slowly draining every bit of money they can from it and it won’t be long before we too are bankrupt, living in a shithole of a backward country. Maybe then all the muslims will feel even more at home.

    Call me racist if you like I really don’t care, but please encourage all your fellow muslims to try out the experiment I have suggested, you never know, you may prove me wrong !

  34. any one /organization/s in/out of aussie … thinking/acting or promoting/inciting/committing[ violently or not ] their totalitarian, anti democratic , anti freedom of speech , behaviour etc. [[ ie. which is everyones western…. & eastern .., basic democratic judo-christian, God given right , to be right or wrong , although not a muslim right .. .. remember ?? before the sneaky & blatent abuse , by islam/ muslims , against our political/ cultural correctness [& stupidity.. ]] by persistant dogmatic, political/[ 5 times a day plus ..] religious beliefs ; upon naieve aussies , who may or may not ,thru dum ignorance ,mis-understanding , or whatever.. , can sooner , not later, firmly expect , abrupt , total rejection … , by systematic , thoroughly hopefully respectful but &/not neccessaryily violent means …. so .. c’mon aussies …pubs with no beer .??., ‘melbourne cup’.??.,no freedom..??.. yeh ! no bloody freedom ever… just another islamic /muslim state/to total world [ sharia law ] domination ..i 4 one feel ‘ enough is enough ‘…they must be encouraged to piss off or else ..

  35. world domination.., with cultural , political , religious islamic /muslim/ sharia law 100 % …. is their deadly , evil , single minded shocking purpose … for this earthly life 4 us all … nice try…. but not to-day .. or ever …. muhamed .. yer barking [ mad] up the wrong bloody tree…get on yer camel mate… and don’t come back .., ever… we’ve heard it all before… oh ! pick up some contraceptives …ta..we know how to make our own mistakes ..don’t need ya evil help….o.k..yeh.. just pissoff & don’t try it on in the west .. cause ya know history is a good guide ..

  36. history is full of useless politans … its time ! we need to wake up !! wright or wrong it’s time… your country needs …you…yes you .. to ” save ” your ‘ hard fought / won…’ freedom / liberty & culture .. .. usa , europeans.., scandinavians.., germany ,russians.., viva la france , viva italia.,viva hispania , india , africa, china , asia, n.z , australia , south america , canada , central americas … if they refuse to respect – yes respect our rights … then the right assertive options need to apply a.s.a.p …!!! amen …alas…sorry but true…

  37. p.s. the [ one ] true judo- christian god is ” a loving god ” !!! the islamic/muslim god is defnitely not the same . … allah ‘s origin [ says history] clearly states – allah [ a moon god – of submission .. yes submission.. ] was the arab’s number one -top [ pagan ] god… , then.. mr.mohamed [ suffering from sunstroke] claims the arch angel gabriel appeared during his desert crossing etc., etc ., around a.d 6oo& something ….then he proceeded to think like …..adolph [ bloody] hitler [mein kamf fuerer of nazi ww2 germany infammy ]… so its all happened before … but worse now because… it’s all wrapped up in totalitarism/religion of total submission/cultural & worst of all extreeme political [male sick ] sharia[ paranoid nonsensical arab dominance ] law !!!!so sorry mr mohamed you’re just another poor disallusioned wacko,who conned a bunch of mindless not so innocent sword/ power crazy infidels by threats of old style arabic submission/ torture & OR DEATH… SORRY..



  40. The so called intelligentia ,who now include Hon’ble Judges as well are becoming increasingly conscious of the so called human right of the terrorists and heinous criminals , consigning the hapless victims to eternal damnation.This is a sure symptom of anarchy.It is likely that one of these days such victims get united and find out means to take their revenge proportionate to the crimes committed .And after such taking of laws into their own hands, in the line of their perpetrators they too must appeal and demand pardon on the basis of their human rights.I wonder , if a girl or woman of the judge’s family is raped and tortured, would the so affected hon’ble judge consider the rapist to be more human than others !

  41. The so called intelligentia ,who now include Hon’ble Judges as well are becoming increasingly conscious of the so called human right of the terrorists and heinous criminals , consigning the hapless victims to eternal damnation.This is a sure symptom of anarchy.It is likely that one of these days such victims get united and find out means to take their revenge proportionate to the crimes committed .And after such taking of laws into their own hands, in the line of their perpetrators they too must appeal and demand pardon on the basis of their human rights.I wonder , if a girl or woman of the judge’s family is raped and tortured, would the so affected hon’ble judge consider the rapist to be more human than others !This comment not posted earlier)

  42. the arselifters of pIslam never cease to amaze with their justifications for the crimes they commit and then they cry like little girls when someone holds them to task for them.

    Someone should just build a wall around the entire middle east and send them all home and let them kill each other off.

  43. Shocking stuff. Living in Jakarta, we see at first hand what kind of oppressive rules are laid down, and then twisted, to disfavour minority religions. You might like to view our blog. Ross’s Right Angle.

  44. how is it that people can read about and be enraged by these islamic monsters and yet constantly criticise israel if jews do anything other than surrender to the deathcult like our spineless leftard politicians.
    islam was spread by the sword 6 centuries AFTER most the middle east and north africa freely chose christianity.

  45. what about the “human rights” of the twelve
    women he raped. Has this judge lost his mind

  46. So how does Islam have anything to do with a couple of rapists and some teenage sluts? I wonder if Catholicism had anything to do with pedophile priests?

  47. barry, you’re right and to top it off, the Copts (eg Egypt & Nubia) (a and other Christians (and Jews) who used to live in the middle east were all slaughtered or driven out.

    “Mr Justice Hodge said the 20-year-old should stay in the UK as he came here from Sierra Leone, aged six, and had virtually no family in West Africa.”

    So what?

    He was in the UK since he was sick i mean six – so he’d had a good live for 10 years before he went to jail the first time. So don’t give me that twinkies defense in whichever format.

    Seriously, so what if he doesn’t have any family there? Criminals should lose their right to stay. I read another report about how a muslim middle eastern immigrant inn the UK repeatedly raped the farm animals he was supposed to care for. He got himself a stint in jail and on a sex-offenders register, but violated his parole and got involved in an assault or something as well. Why they didn’t report him either, I also don’t get!

    But, when any decent Westerner wants to immigrate there, they have to fulfill all sorts of requirements, there are point systems and whatnot based on income, education etc. But they refuse to take out this garbage? It’s like they have a death wish or something.

    Granted this article is just over 3 years old – I wonder what the situation is now, given there are at least 85 shariah courts in the UK on the one hand and the EDL on the other…

  48. Maz, here’s your answer:

    “It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl,” says Hamid, in an interview about a gang rape involving a Swedish girl and immigrant perps. “The Swedish girl gets a lot of help afterwards, and she had probably f**ked before, anyway. But the Arab girl will get problems with her family. For her, being raped is a source of shame. It is important that she (Arab girl) retains her virginity… It is far too easy to get a Swedish whore… girl, I mean;” says Hamid, and laughs over his own choice of words. “I don’t have too much respect for Swedish girls. I guess you can say they get f**ked to pieces.”

    But everyone else in Canada knows better. The 23-year-old, who’s accumulated at least 16 convictions since he sought sanctuary in Canada five years ago, probably doesn’t want to go back home to Sudan. No surprise, then, that he didn’t bother showing as required at an Edmonton probation office on Monday.

    BTW the blacks in the Sudan are being killed by the Arab muslims because the blacks (called “abd”: “slaves”) are apparently “too black”. The celebs who talk about Sudan will never say a thing about the muslims being behind it…

    And by the way, the Church and western society condemns it, but you get pedophiles everywhere. On the other hand, the quran / sunna has rules for things like sex with children, animals and even the non-living (therefore basically condoning it). Have you ever heard of the Bacha Bazi aka ‘dancing boys’ – for muslim men’s pleasure and entertainment? That’s actually institutionalised sex trade in young boys. Check out barenakedislam’s page about the Bacha Bazi if you don’t believe me.

  49. infidel December 10, 2010 at 3:42 am – corrections:

    “…good liFe”

    “the Copts (eg Egypt & Nubia) (a and other Christians (and Jews) who used to live in the middle east BEFORE MOHAMMED STARTED HAVING HIS DELUSIONS were all slaughtered or driven out.”






  52. He should be castrated and then deported. #1 he is not human and #2 a criminal on his level should have no rights. He surrendered his human rights and his citizenship when he started his criminal rampage at age 15

  53. It totally stuns me how some jumped up judge whose only experience of the public is seeing them in court can make statements about an attackers rights. As far as I am concerned if some militant criminal comes here and starts up drug dealing where gun wars are a regular part of it then he’s quite used to being in danger so send him back home, he has the same chance (hopefully high) of being killed.

    Sex attackers are no better, if women can’t feel safe then why should he, send him back AFTER he’s done his time.

  54. Looks like the gal’s in the UK are going to have to extract justice in this case. Ladies . . . I’d advise you all to all take an Israeli style self-defense course that teaches you close hand to hand and knife fighting techniques. That way the next time “Mohammed – Family Rights boy” shows a woman his genitalia, it can be removed quickly and cleanly and stop the rapes for good.

  55. Maz,
    Christians do not condone rape of non-Christians while islamists support rape of non-muslims. And pedophile imans are very common!

  56. GO MUTTLEY!!! Now YOU have a the good answer to these human monstrocities. I wonder how they feel about eunuchs? It would kinda make all those virgins in heaven pointless, lol I favor a more, shall we say, permanent solution. According to the FBI stats, we have bought over 90 MILLION guns since 1991, yet violent crimes (murder, rape,etc) have reached a 45 year low and decreased by 49%. This is rarely reported by our lame stream media but it points out that criminals do indeed think twice when facing an armed “victim”.

  57. Judges like this, along with Englands immigration policies will eventually destroy the Kingdom and it is now falling to Islam. Enjoy Shariah Law Britian, you asked for it.

  58. im afraid you are right,tho i t fails to make any sense to me and millions of others,i see no reason why we need to keep taking in these parasites,they will destroy this country as they have more or less stated thats what they came to do,try protesting,complaining even voting,nothing has changed,they still pour in,and we still have apologists and muslim lawyers fighting every corner for them.while we pay for it,a truly sickening state for a once proud country.and as you know its most of the western world thats being targeted,with a lot of help from politicians.

  59. Being a catholic, i believe that we all should respect all religions. People do indulge in all sorts of sex offenses. Regardless of what religion they belong to, they should be punished.

    BTW can anyone answer if someone asks you how Mother Mary became pregnant with Jesus without having sex? Or may be she had sex, but did not reveal it because if she did she would bring dishonor to her family. She started adultery.

  60. Dennis sounds like a mohammed troll – no Christian would think with Dennis’s perverted logic. Go shoot yourself dennis, you useless muslim t____.

  61. Hi yall, I’m a 23 year old Muslim chick from the US. In regards to what dennis said, Virgin Mary was a Virgin when she became pregnant with Jesus Christ. I know this because it is in the Quran. Chapter 19 titled Mary.

    Also, the rapists are savages. Has anyone ever thought that “ok he was 6 when he came here. He has no family.. Maybe he wasn’t raised properly?” And don’t go on telling me that all gang members and rapists are Muslims. Clearly these punks were non-practicing. By the way, Kafirs/ Infidels are considered people who deny God. So Christians, Jews, Sabians and all believers of God are safe according to the Quran. Check out chapter 2 verse 63 and I suggest u look at an actual copy of the Quran instead of reading twisted interpretations online.

    And one last thing, Muslims are supposed to be circumsized cuz Prophet Abraham said so! 😉 enjoy learning a bit of the truth. Ciao my loves

  62. Also, I was wondering. Are all these filthy men in prison? If not, y are they still walking the streets? Getting them deported would be the last thing I aim for, don’t you guys have the death penalty for monsters like them?!? SERIOUSLY don’t blog about it, protest. I know its a little late now but maybe u guys’ laws should be tweeked a bit!

  63. Islams Princess,
    Next time you quote about Mary quote from the orignal copy – the Bible – – and not what was stolen and copied into the quran. Deportation is what islamists fear the most – death has little meaning for them because they have been duped into believing that because they think tey are going to !paradise!.

  64. Hello IslamsPrincess,

    The U.K. hasn’t had a death penalty for years, so much for executing a rapist in Merry Ole England. Muslims who follow the letter of Sharia consider Jews and Christians to be Kafirs because we reject Mohammed as Allah’s final Prophet…

    Is your family Muslim? or did you convert? Pardon my curiousity, just asking…

  65. Hello Kaw, which “original” copy of the Bible are you referring to? The Quran recognizes the Gospels as the true Bible of Jesus Christ. And why would u say Islam “stole” teachings of Jesus and Mary? Is Islam not allowed to follow the teachings of the messengers of God? Trust me, Jesus and Mary (peace be upon them) are both cited, no plagarism here! Lemme remind u, the sicko moved to england when he was 6, who’s to say what type of upbringing he had? All I know is he was raised in Englad so if yall are breeding psychopaths(regardless of religion) then u best get on that!

    Hi Rojhoward!
    Thanks for informing me on the death penalty in the UK! And I’ll start by saying I was born in to a Shia Muslim family, my parents were born in Lebanon. Also I’m assuming that u didn’t look up the verse I mentioned above, Chaper 2 verse 63. Its one of many which states proof that Islam believes that any believers of God and the Last Day are entitled to paradise if they live righteously. Muslims follow the 10 commandments that moses brought down, the teachings of Jesus Christ and the 5 Pillars of Islam. I feel sorry that there are bad people in the world because they are the source of stereotypes against certain groups. Extremists exist everywhere and everyone knows that interpretation of an old language in Holy Books is a touchy subject. I have recited verses in english to people and each person gave me a different interpretation. Its scary, that’s why religions divide into sects and disagree on certain issues. My sect of Islam follows the teachings of Imam Jafar AlSadiq, google him if you’d like, lol all I know is one day we will achieve peace when Jesus and Imam Mehdi come to save us! Read the stuff that’s not anti-islam and you’ll see the difference. God loves us all so why shouldn’t we love each other? As far as the Wahabis aka al Qaeda extremists etc I hate them more than you do. Reasons: 1. They despise Shia Muslims and would kill me before they killed you. 2. They make me look like a bad person in the eyes of islamophobes. 3. They take advantage of the illiterate poverty stricken and weak people to carry out their evil deeds and poison minds.

    Tweet me @ZeeMoughnia 🙂

  66. Because the content and relevence of Christ has been significantly and subtly changed from the original Gospels, which were themselves modified from the earlier old testaments in very significant ways. The quran is, in reality a mixture of the gospels, the old testament, with some other contribribtion thrown – all being modified to suit the purpose of a particular warlord, and for which there has never been a single unifying interpretation. This is why your particuar group would be destroyed by other groups of muslims, and why the shia-shiite conflict continues. The inner conflicts of the christian religion (ie protestant against catholic) were demonstratably driven by politics, but this is not the same for islamic internal conflict which is driven by dogma and which makes the islamic conflicts more dangerous. You have no central authority and any cleric can choose the intgerpretation he desires for the people who listen to him to follow – since most muslims seem to be unable to critically discuss their religion this is not a good thing at all

    The muslim you refer to may have been raised in England but it was raised in a closed society that was islamic in nature. If anything, his actions demonstrate the a weak person is easily enslaved to the evil that can be a particular interpretation of islam. In this sense islamists demonstrate their weakness, and this is demonstrated by screams to murder any critic of their religion which is also sufficiently weak so as to be unable to withstand serious criticsm. Unfortunately he is not alone – Scandinavia is now suffering under an islamic rape epidemic – and these criminals are muslim immigrants. The criminal however, is really the brand of islam they follow.

    You people quote the bible out of context and without the moral authority to do so, and most muslims have not even come close to understanding its central message. You want to make a change – then preach to your fellow muslims because unless they change their behaviour your faith (actually islam isnt really a faith rather an all encompassing social control system) will be extinct. If you do this many of the people will understand you are going into harms way and will support you – the real question is are you willing to put your life on the line so that your co-religionists learn that other religions are equally as valid and that there is more to be gained by living and working together and learning from each other as opposed to killing in the name of a diety which is your own creation? Only you can answer that, and when you have then come back to chat with us.l

    A final thought – religion is a human creation – be very careful in claiming that a statement made in a holy book is divine.

  67. Hello IslamsPrincess,

    Many American Muslims do say that Christians and Jews are believers, is this something that you really believe? Unfortionately, this is not the belief of most Middle Eastern Muslims. I made the mistake of taking my Bible with me to Saudi-Arabia back in the 1980’s, and can remember very distinctly that while the customs officer was tearing it to shreads- one of the names he called me was “Kafir”. People of the book (Jews and Christians) are considered kafirs because we do not beleive that Mohammed is the the last Prophet of Allah.

    And one of the things I can’t help but notice, Muslims get to come to the West and build their Mosques and worship freely with little or no persecution. In much of the Middle East, the people of the book (Jews and Christians) live in a state of dhimmitude and are much less than second class citizens.

    How are the Meranite Christians doing in Lebanon these days? Are they even still around?

  68. Hi RojHoward, I’m so glad you responded, u named a few common misconceptions.
    1. Yes I truly believe that because I read it in the Quran. I own a Bible. I follow the teachings of all the Prophets of God. If Muslims name Adam, Moses, Noah, Jesus and Abraham Prophets of God then how could Muslims deny the religions and teachings of these men?

    2. Maronites are chillin!! Lol I love Lebanon, I visited once. Its beautiful. My family has catholic, orthodox and Maronites friends. And I have some too! The arab Christian friends that I have are from Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria. Christians in Lebanon are over 50% of the population and I hope to visit this Greek Orthodox guy that I’ve liked for a while, he’s super sweet and cute! Lol sorry that was personal..

    3. Now when u talk about Saudi Arabia please remember this I HATE SAUDI ARABIA!!!!! As most muslims do!! Grrr and Afghanistan! They’re sick minded, nasty, terrorist Wahabis! (For the most part) the government is horrible and the people are psycho as a result of the tyranny! I’m surprised they didn’t stone u for bringing a bible! They’re the worst! All other Muslims don’t even consider them to be Muslims.

    See I really believe that its the few Wahabis extremists that are making Islam out to be evil. Just look at the statistics, the rate of people who convert to Islam is higher than any other religion. There’s a reason for that. Islam is truly beautiful when u really sit down and read it thoroughly.

    Oh by the way, I celebrte Christmas too, u shocked? U shouldn’t be. Islam recognizes the miracle that was the Conception and Birth. And yes Jesus spoke when he was born, walked on water, cured people, rose the dead. And yes my family gathers on Christmas, we open gifs and have dinner and my Christmas tree is super cute this year, red and gold themed lol by the way, Happy Holidays!

    1. ” If Muslims name Adam, Moses, Noah, Jesus and Abraham Prophets of God then how could Muslims deny the religions and teachings of these men?”

      Fartwa: Muslims can use Bible for cleaning after defecation…

      ” I hope to visit this Greek Orthodox guy that I’ve liked for a while,”

      You want to make him Muslim?

      ” I HATE SAUDI ARABIA!!!!”

      Sure you do. But remember: they practice the real Islam, undiluted, straight up.

      “the few Wahabis extremists that are making Islam out to be evil. ”

      Hardly. Did you ever read Koran, sira & hadith with understanding?

      Jesus? What do you know about Jesus?

      Check out Isa, the Muslim Jesus

  69. Hello IslamsPrincess,

    I do not have twitter, but am still loggin into myspace Yes, Jesus commands His followers to love everybody. Your family allows you to have a crush on a Christian suitor??? Their may be hope for you yet then…

    As the good sheik says in the blue box above, he engages in sattire. Muslims are my nieghbors, and I love them as my Bible commands, but I can definately identify with what is being said here as well…

    Merry Christmas

  70. Darn, I don’t use myspace. My family recognizes that it is my choice to love whomever I please! According to islamic Sharia, a girl chooses if she wants to marry a suitor. She cannot be forced! But personally if I fall for a non-Muslim I wouldn’t marry him if he didn’t convert because in Islam the children are raised by the fathers beliefs and take his last name. I would like prayer and fasting to be a part of the lives of my partner and children. And of course I always make it clear to men that may have interest in me that I will only marry a Muslim for those reasons. My dad always tells me “don’t bring him home unless ur sure he’s the one, I don’t wanna meet all these guys for no reason” LOl he’s a jokster. And sweetheart, “hope for ME”?? I’m one of the happiest girls in the world, there’s hope for all of us 🙂 I hope and pray that one day you see me as an equal. As a beautiful creation of God and a genuinely good person.

  71. Hello IslamsPrincess,

    My Bible also teaches me not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. What this means is that, if at 51 years of age, if God has it in the cards for me to marry- it will be a Christian woman with similar beliefs and values. So yes, if you remain a Muslim, you will most likely marry a Muslim.

    Just because we are unequally yoked in what we believe doe not make either of us less human, but our respective faiths demand that we be true followers, and there in lies the inequality.

  72. Ughhh again who was the dumb a** guy who made that fatwa? Oh and one thing he may have based his lil fatwa on is that some christians altered the bible to say that Jesus is a God, that’s where muslims have an issue with it. Regardless its a holy book that needs to be respected. If u got people who disrespect ur bible how do u react as a christian?
    As for my friend, I like him, I don’t have ay intention of marrying him lol and he already knows I’ll only marry a muslim so if things ever become more between us then whatever happens, happens! Also, I don’t like to say “converting people” if someone converts it should be by their own desire and will. I have guided a man before. All I did was talk to him about life. I was the first Muslim he ever conversed with. He was Atheist, became interested in my thought process so I suggested he bought a Quran, weeks later he told me he loved the Quran, after that he became a Muslim. <3
    Saudi Arabia doesn't practice the real Islam. Even tho they say they do. Its been known that religious scholars and leaders throughout Islam (my version of Islam) have said Saudi Arabia will always be the purest of lands with the unpurest people.
    I'm an educated chick buddy, I read everything with understanding, and with an OPEN MIND,something you obviously lack.
    I follow the teachings of Jesus, watch youtube video "Do Muslims follow Jesus Christ more than Christians? Dr. Laurence Brown on The Deen Show" «I think you'd like it.

    1. “my version of Islam”—

      LOL! Another Irshad Manji!?!

      Do you think you can cook your own private little Islam? No such thing, as you can see here:

      “It is not fitting for a Muslim man or woman to have any choice in their affairs when a matter has been decided for them by Allah and His Messenger. They have no option.” Qur’an 33:36

      “keep spreading the hate?”

      The hate is all yours, honey pie.

      We don’t hate. We care about our culture and civilization that is a million times better than your retarded Islamic cult.

      Thanks to our generosity and foolishness we have allowed people from Islamic occupied lands to invade our countries. Islam only grows because of inbreeding, overbreeding, deception (taqiyya) and mindless hatred of the kufar.

      We will reverse the trend, because we must. Allah (satan) must be defeated, and he will be, trust me on that.

  73. My comment from earlier didn’t post. Anyways it was good talking to u all. Good luck and FYI I LOVE MY RELIGION, keep spreading the hate, ironically ur helping people do their own research on Islam. People are not dumb, they recognize that Muslims don’t commit the crimes u accuse them of, so people go out and read about Islam. And in most cases embrace it. Have fun trying to tear down a religion that preaches submission to the one merciful God. My faith frustrates you, you are confused as to why I am able to see things differently. Open your heart and your mind. Allow your sould to breathe. Take deep breaths of the air that God has given us to share and think clearly. The path is waiting to be followed by your footsteps. Much love.

  74. Hello IslamsPrincess,

    You say that “some christians altered the bible to say that Jesus is a God, that’s where muslims have an issue”. Does this include Jesus himself?

    The real Jesus told the Jews who were clinging to their Abrahamic heritage “Before Abraham was. I am.” (John 8:58) Seems like an enacuous enough statement in English, but do you know why the Jews “picked up stones to cast at him” in verse 59? They understood full well that Jesus as calling himself the great I Am, ie, God (Exodus 3:14).

    I have read an English translation of the Koran, IslamsPrinces, and am aware of the verses that say “Allah is has not begotten, nor is he begotten”, which is why I go back to Allah’s true historical roots among the Arabian Pagans. Even the Jews believe that their Messiah will be Divine, and this is what separates Islam from the Judao-Christian faith.

    Dear Princess, Jesus said that “I am the way, the truth, and the life and no man can come unto the Father except by me.” Don’t go jihad on me here, I say this out of love, you do not worship the God of Abraham. You are worshipping an Arabian moon god masquarading around as the God of Abraham.

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