10 Billion Dollar Mushi


Mushi in your pocket…

* Pakistan is build on Islam, nothing but Islam. Pakistan is a failed nation because of Islam. After 9/11, the Bush administration transferred more than 10 billion dollars to the Mushi-generals in order to ‘help’ the US against the global jihad. A monumental failure and miscalculation. Naturally, the Islamic nation of Pakistan will wage jihad, but not against its own people, because the jihad must continue against infidels and Jews (there are no Jews left in Pakistan) but that is what is taught in tens of thousands of madrassah’s around the country. That’s why the jihad for Kashmir continues, relentless. That’s why the jihad against India continues. That’s why thousands of Taliban find it easy to slip accross the border after attacking coalition forces in Afghanistan.

10 billion dollars.

Did this unbelievable amount of money help America in any way to secure the help of the Muslims of Pakistan? Ask yourself: how is it possible that Ayman Zawahiri and OBL are sitting pretty, somewhere in Pakistan, with all the amenities of modern life, unmolested in relative safety? Do you really believe that OBL with his many wifes and some 30 children can vanish from the face of the earth? Do you for one moment believe that the Pakistani secret service doesn’t know where these people are?


Eight years ago, President Clinton pressured and persuaded Pakistan President Nawaz Sharif to try to withdraw Pakistani Army forces and scale back the Pakistan Army-backed jihad against India in Kashmir. Army chief Pervez Musharraf and his supporters responded by overthrowing Sharif and taking control of the government, where he has remained for the past 8 years.

Mushi just declared martial law, for which the Bush administration criticizes him. But make no mistake about it: It won’t get any better. Mushi is the best we can get for our money. Anyone who believes that ‘democracy’ or any other abstract western fantasy will bring ‘light upon the Muslim nations’ is a Carterite fool.

During their devastating earthquake, no country was more forthcoming with aid than America, but they still hate the US. Over the last 5 years, no country has given them more money than America, but they still hate the US more than ever.

While the United States “reimburses” Pakistan billions of dollars for its “efforts” in the “war on terror,” Alexander Downer takes a more realistic view.

“Pakistan ‘less than robust’ at combating extremism,”

by Craig Skehan in the Sydney Morning Herald

The Howard Government has accused elements of Pakistani military intelligence of continuing to support Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, where two Australian soldiers have been killed in the past month.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer complained that some members of the Pakistani army were “less than robust” in combating Islamic extremism.

“And we’ve been concerned about some elements of the Pakistani intelligence services and their links to the Taliban,” Mr Downer said.

He said the Taliban – deposed in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the US because it had given sanctuary to al Qaeda – was originally a creation of Pakistani intelligence agents.

Such ties have their origins in the 1980s when the US channelled billions of dollars to Islamic militants fighting Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

The Australian Government believes some members of the Pakistan military’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) still provide covert support to pro-Taliban forces.

*Jihad terror in UK sourced in Pakistan

* Here is more indication of how energetic the tottering Musharraf regime has been in fighting jihadists in Pakistan. More on this story: “Terror in UK sourced in Pakistan: MI5 chief,” by Prasun Sonwalkar for Indo-Asian News Service (thanks to JW)
Over the last five years, much of the command, control and inspiration for attack planning in the UK has derived from Al Qaeda’s remaining core leadership in the tribal areas of Pakistan, according to the head of Britain’s intelligence service MI5.
In a rare speech to the Society of Editors’ annual conference in Manchester Monday titled ‘Intelligence counter terrorism and trust’, Jonathan Evans, the MI5 chief, said that often the planning used young British citizens to mount the actual attack.


Pakistan: Reforms fail at many madrassas

More background here on why the Musharraf regime is fighting for its life. The madrassas — all too many of them — “were preaching jihad before September 11, and they are still preaching jihad.”

And they don’t mean an interior spiritual struggle, either. “Osama is a Muslim, and whatever he is doing is in the interest of Islam,” says Muhammad Allahyar, who clearly must be some kind of Islamophobe.

“Reforms fail at many madrassas,”

by Willis Witter in the Washington Times (via JW)
Just a tiny fraction of the madrassas — estimated by some to number nearly 30,000 — have complied with rules requiring registration with the government, an accounting of private donations and an expanded syllabus that adds traditional subjects such as math and science to core religious classes.
The Jamia Naeemia madrassa in Lahore, which was visited by The Washington Times last month when the prospect of emergency rule seemed out of the question, stands out as an exception.

“There are two kinds of madrassas, those who changed their courses after September 11, and those who did not,” said Sarfraz Naeemi, the school”s headmaster.

“There”s no jihad, there”s no terrorism here,” Mr. Naeemi said of the school for 1,350 boys, a white-columned three-story complex that surrounds an open courtyard of smooth paved stone.

* “No jihad,- no terrorism”- that’s a good one. But jihad is the ‘pinnacle, the crest of Islam’- and without jihad no Islam, without Islam no terror. But ‘terror made me victorious’- said Muhammad, and he was the perfect man. So how can a good Muhammedan find salvation if he doesn’t become a ‘martyr’ and kills and dies for Allah?

* Let us know, all you peaceful, law-abiding Muslims out there. We’re really dying to know…


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  1. I have been wondering where OBM has hidden himself…and lately I have been thinking …

    if the King in Saudi Arabia is in his mid 80s…and soon will be ready to move on …maybe OBM may want to be in Saudi Arabia some day very soon, if he is not there already.

  2. What a waste of money! As if a muslim nation would help an infidel country!
    The west has collective stupidity and we are paying for it, literally.

  3. You simply cannot buy love-certainly not from the ummah. The more you give them, the more they hate you. When will silly infidels finally realize that and quit wasting their money?

  4. [MI5 Speech] *Jihad terror in UK sourced in Pakistan

    The speech is here, complete with the “mandatory” delinking of the “extremist message” from [mainstream?] Islam:

    Intelligence, counter-terrorism and trust
    [… …]
    Extremist ideology
    [… …]
    The role of the media
    […] we must recognise the extremist message for what it is. Anything which enables it to claim to be representative of Islam; anything which gives a spurious legitimacy to its twisting of theology will only play into its hands. […]

  5. Considering that the saudis fund the terrorist training in that country – maybe Musharraf is getting a kick back from those funds too. That is why nothing really gets done in Pakistan. I noticed that they only do something when the paycheck/jizya from us is due. I haven’t heard them do anything lately of note. I don’t count their lip service as doing anything either.

    Now that they are ganging up against Musharraf – we heard a bit of something done. I won’t hold my breath though.

    For as much money as we have given them – we should just walk in and do what needs to be done. I don’t know why we don’t use all our satellite technology to find what we are looking for. We have cameras that can find a hair on a gnat from 10,000 miles away – why can’t we find UBL?

  6. “anything which gives a spurious legitimacy to its twisting of theology will only play into its hands”

    And THAT is the West’s problem in a nutshell. Sheer madness.

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