Airplane Bomb Plot ‘Ringleader’ Suspect To Escape Terror Charges

The torture never stops:

* Our governments and the judiciary are insane, suicidal, incompetent and perverse.

* help me out here: Did they really let him go to track and follow him and pick up his jihadi buds but then found out that they’re too dumb to do it?


Stephen Grey and Gretchen Peters Report:

The suspected ringleader of an al Qaeda plot to blow up passenger planes over the Atlantic won’t face criminal charges for the alleged conspiracy, British authorities have revealed.

In an unexpected twist, however, Rashid Rauf may be extradited to the U.K. on an unrelated murder charge. But once in the U.K., British law prevents authorities from charging or even questioning Rauf about the alleged airliner plot.

Rauf, a British-Pakistani, denies any connection to terrorism, though he was named in British press reports and by U.K. intelligence sources as one of the key figures behind a plot to smuggle liquid explosives on board airliners bound for the United States.


Australia: Police convicted without trial

Gerard Henderson wonders why civil libertarians aren’t defending the civil liberties of two ASIO officers savaged by NSW Supreme Court Justice Michael Adams.

It was Adams who this month ruled as inadmissable the ASIO and police records of interview conducted with student Izhar ul-Haque, who’d gone to Pakistan to train with Lashkar-e-Taiba, a group of radical Islamist terrorists:

What was surprising turned on the judge’s evident vehemence towards two ASIO officers (who were named as B15 and B16) along with two federal police members (who were identified by name). Adams found that B15 and B16 committed the criminal offences of false imprisonment and kidnapping at common law. It is established practice for legal officers to find that an individual has a prima facie case to answer and should stand trial. But, in this case, Adams came to the conclusion – without the benefit of a jury’s verdict – that B15 and B16 had committed serious criminal offences…

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Jack comments:

* The collabarationists, fifth columnists and seditionists in Australia bend over backwards to appease, excuse and morally support those who would do us harm. They mock mention of terror, sneer at the anti-terror laws, abuse anyone who acts against suspects and treat the whole thing as a giant conspiracy to take away our freedom or as some diabolical political strategy cooked up in a dungeon by dark forces. I am sure the judge would be one of the chardonnay Leftie crowd of lawyers, academics, media smarties and arts crowd who truly belive we can sit down and have a chat with fanatics in terror groups and sort out our differences. Meanwhile, I shudder and what could happen if our security forces are dumbed down and turned into PC namby pamby prefects.

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  1. You couldn’t pay me enough to be a cop in this day and age. Criminals and terrorists are the only ones with rights. If you’re a cop and step one millimeter off of established procedure that’s all folks-a piece of scum gets off on some crazy technicality. We’re headed for anarchy when laws aren’t upheld because of stupid little loopholes. Why bother having laws at all at that rate?

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