AP Interview: Nationalist leader says Danish identity under threat from Muslim immigrants


* The multiculti-diversity fascists, the red-brown-green alliance, are fuming (as always) and project their very own hatred and accusations at her, while AP supports the lunatic fringe totally:


COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) – Raving xenophobe or fearless defender of Danish values

* Note that AP didn’t even bother to put a question mark behind what has now become a statement…

Nationalist leader Pia Kjaersgaard’s anti-Muslim outbursts have earned her many labels _ and many votes.
Despite predictions of her populist Danish People’s Party’s demise, Kjaersgaard remains a powerful force in domestic politics after winning 14 percent of the vote in last week’s election.
«The most important thing for the Danish People’s Party is to maintain the Danish identity,» Kjaersgaard, 60, told The Associated Press in an interview.

«I am convinced that the Islamists want to sneak Sharia (Islamic law) through the back door, that they want to combat Western society and they want Islam to become the main religion,» she said.

* Pia is just repeting what the sodiers of Allah are saying all the time. How does that make her a xenophobe?
Her party _ Denmark’s third biggest _ has held the role of kingmaker since 2001, giving the center-right government the backing it needs for a majority in Parliament.

In return, Kjaersgaard has been able to press the government to adopt some of Europe’s strictest immigration laws, which she says have been instrumental in stemming the inflow of Muslims with radical views.

There are an estimated 200,000 Muslims among Denmark’s 5.4 million residents.
«The individual Muslim has never been a problem for Danish society. But their number has,» Kjaersgaard told AP in her office, decorated with Danish flags and paintings depicting Danish landscapes.

To emphasize her point, she said she shops at a grocery store owned by a Turkish Kurd who respects Danish laws and culture.
«He has a lot of great stuff _ fruits, vegetables _ and he’s a good friend of mine,» Kjaersgaard said.

The flow of asylum-seekers has dropped by 84 percent since Denmark tightened its immigration laws in 2001. There is now broad agreement across party lines to maintain the system.

But critics say the Danish People’s Party has polarized Danish society by bashing Islam and stereotyping immigrants as welfare cheats.
«She is a scare-mongering populist and opportunist,» said Holger K. Nielsen of the left-wing opposition Socialist People’s Party. He added Kjaersgaard was a skillful politician who has tapped into undercurrents of nationalism and worries over immigration among Danes.

* Of course the socialists need the Muhammedan migrant vote to push their own agenda, so they don’t like what’s happening here at all…they would love to import more of them…

During last year’s uproar over Danish caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, Kjaersgaard and other leading party members took turns blasting Islam as incompatible with Danish traditions including free speech.
Ahead of the Nov. 13 election, one of the party’s campaign posters showed an artist’s hand drawing a picture of Muhammad, with the text

Freedom of speech is Danish, censorship is not.

«Sometimes I wonder what other people think about me _ ‘is she a monster?»’ Kjaersgaard conceded in a moment of introspection. «I need to brush these things off, otherwise I will go down.


Kjaersgaard, who lives with round-the-clock police protection, quickly added she has no regrets about anything she has said.

* Round the clock police protection? Why would she need that? Isn’t Islam a ‘Religion of Peace?’

She rejects accusations of racism and comparisons to far-right parties across Europe such as the National Front in France.
«There is nothing racist about what I have said, I know that. I have a clean conscience,» she said. «My driving force is the love for my home country. … I want Denmark to be a safe and good and cozy nation that has a good relationship to the rest of the world.


When asked if she thought Islam can contribute to Danish society in any way, she replied: «I don’t think so at all.”

* She has a valid point.

Third-world immigrants – most of them Muslims from countries such as Turkey, Somalia, Pakistan, Lebanon and Iraq – constitute 5 percent of the population but consume upwards of 40 percent of the welfare spending.


Denmark convicts men in bomb plot


Just joking: the result of Islamic jokes in Iraq

* Another bullshit headline from Al Bebeeceera. They are ‘men’- you see? What kind of men? Babtists, Mormons, Buddhists or Amish? Now how are we going to know that it is the MUHAMMEDANS once again?

* They were just joking! You can laugh! Hahahaha!

A court in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, has handed down sentences of up to 11 years to three men convicted of planning bomb attacks.
Mohammed Zaher, Abdallah Andersen and Ahmad Khaldhahi were part of a group of four arrested after a raid in the city of Odense last year.

Chemicals used to make explosives were found at one of the men’s homes, the court heard.

The men had also been recorded discussing targets to attack.

Zaher and Khaldhahi were sentenced to 11 years in jail, while Andersen received a sentence of four years.

The fourth man, Riad Anwar Daabas, was acquitted by the court.

Denmark’s military contribution to the US-led campaign in Iraq has prompted fears it could be targeted by militants.

Last year, the country was also the focus of worldwide protests by Muslims, who were angered by a Danish newspaper’s publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

* Notice how AlBebeeceera dutifully puts the ‘prophet’ in front of Mohammed?All that’s missing is the pbuh, good dhimmies they are no?

Two men were arrested near Copenhagen in September on suspicion of planning terror attacks.

Charges denied

Two of the three men convicted on Friday are Danish citizens.

The third, Ahmad Khaldhahi, is an Iraqi Kurd, the Associated Press news agency reports.

The men were charged with acquiring chemicals and equipment used to make triacetone triperoxide (TATP) – an explosive compound used in the 2005 London bombings.

The evidence against them included a bottle containing a small amount of TATP, found at one of the suspects’ homes, and surveillance recordings in which the men are apparently heard discussing targets for possible attack.

The men had denied the charges and said they were joking when discussing the targets, the AP news agency says.

* Hahahahaha!

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  1. It must be clear by now to the dimmest Muslim that they are not wanted in the West. Most people who had any sense of honour or shame, would leave for their home country if they were so detested. Hindus, Sikhs and any other group would do so, as they have a sense of honour and shame, even though they have just one country to go back to.

    So why is it that Muslims still stay here, even though they have a choice of over 50 Muslim countries? The answer is that they are not here to integrate but to Islamise/conquer Britain, with increased immigration and a high birth rate. We have to wake up to this and put a stop to it. Charges of “racism” or “bigotry” are irrelevant, as the very survival of our nation and culture is at stake.

    The only answer and way to defeat Islam is to stop the Jihad from progressing in the West. And that means to acknowledge that a totalitarian ideology such as Islam and an open society, cannot live in peace at the same time and place. Even an open society has to recognise that there are exceptions to tolerance of all.

    Muslims and Islam have thus to be separated from the West. Or else we are looking at a civil war in Europe that will make WWII or Bosnia look mild by comparison.

    I hate to write this, but that unfortunately, is the only humane option left if we wish to retain our open and tolerant society.

  2. What does a “People’s Party” accomplish? A “People’s Republic” of course, complete with all the commie trappings. Eastern Europe knew all about those people’s parties and their wonderful people’s republics. The only people such a party benefits are the dregs of humanity- moochers, criminals, Islamaniacs, illegals, in short, the left’s children. Such parties should be outlawed because all they do is wreck nations.

    November 24th, 2007 at 3:00 am

    What does a “People’s Party” accomplish?

    ISLAMSFORLOSERS I would like to correct you on this one. The Danish People Party is the complete opposite as to what the name may suggest to you. The DPP are more closer to the BNP the they are to the leftist red fascists.

    Kjaersgaard, who lives with round-the-clock police protection, not only from the islamists but from left wing autonoms that have alredy attacked her on several occassions.

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