Sowdi Camel Jockey’s Refuse To Shake Hands With Jews At Annapolis

* This whole thing is dead in the water because the Pal’s have nothing to give and never complied with anything they ever signed. So now its all about Condi trying to pressure Israel into collective suicide. Chances are that with Israel’s current leadership who is ‘tired of winning’ they might just go for it:


Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa, right, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, center and Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Prince Saud Al Faysal attend Arab foreign ministers meeting at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, Egypt Friday

By SALAH NASRAWI, Associated Press Writer

Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations grudgingly agreed Friday to attend next week’s U.S.-sponsored Mideast peace conference, despite failing to get any guarantee of Israeli concessions.

In a sign of the skepticism, even among close U.S. allies, the Saudi foreign minister cautioned that there would be no public handshakes with Israeli officials at the gathering Tuesday in Annapolis, Md.

Arab leaders made clear they were on board in part to ensure that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas does not make any damaging concessions to Israel in any negotiations on a final peace deal. Israel has dangled the possibility of an accord as early as the end of 2008.

Asked if Abbas has a free rein to negotiate a deal, Arab League chief Amr Moussa underlined that Arab countries would not back an agreement deal that did not meet an Arab peace plan calling for a return of all lands Israel seized in the 1967 war.

“I repeat again and again that we are governed by the Arab initiative in all behaviors and … and in our agreement to end the Arab-Israeli conflict,”
he told reporters after the foreign ministers of the league’s member states decided to go to Annapolis.

Arab countries — particularly Saudi Arabia, which has no diplomatic relations with Israel — have worried that the conference would corner them into a high-profile meeting with Israel without securing any commitments about the future shape of a peace deal.

Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said that while he was going to Annapolis, he would not join in any Arab-Israeli handshakes like those stage-managed by U.S. officials at past conferences, such as the one between Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat in 1993.

“We are not prepared to take part in a theatrical show, in handshakes and meetings that don’t express political positions. We are going with seriousness and we work on the same seriousness and credibility,” he said after the meeting.

*There’s a method in the madness. But the Bush administration and the current Israeli government don’t understand the concept of Muhammedan warfare and Islamic jihad and con’t bother to study it.

Otherwise this charade wouldn’t be happening in front of us…

* Think the Arabs will touch this..?


American Folly

“As bad as it might look from the outside, the truth is 10 times worse. This is a nightmare. The Americans have never been so hostile.”

“……the Americans have sided with the Palestinians against Israel”.


Nelson comments:

* Arab-Muslim opposition to Israel’s existence is based entirely on their religious belief that Israel is “on Arab land.”

“of course all Jews are unclean pigs – just as it says in the Koran”

Let’s be fair, the Quran says some (scroll to 5:60) Jews were turned into pigs — and don’t forget, monkeys, too (also, 2:65, 7:166). And Muhammed in the Hadith (Sahih Muslim, Bk 42) says some Jews became rats (scroll down to #7135).


Jeff Robbins from the Australian tries to sympathize with Israel and the Americans, but gets it all wrong like so many before him:

Arabs’ wilful neglect deepens Israeli misery

thanks to Rosie

It was the Arab bloc, including the Palestinian leadership, that decided to reject the UN’s 1947 partition of Palestine into two states, Arab and Jewish, living side by side.

Instead, it invaded the nascent Jewish state rather than choosing to co-exist with it, spawning the conflict that has so burdened the world for the past 60 years.

* Indeed. But the correct answer for this can easily be found in the Koran and the sunnah, in the tenets and atmospherics of Islam, where it states clearly that land once conquered by Islam must never be given back to infidels or, in this case the reviled Jews. The answer can also be found in the Koranic concept of war here, and failing to familiarize themselves with these scriptures, by which every Muslim is bound, will bring many more failures. A piece of paper signed by Arab Muslims is worthless, because Allah has already absolved them of their vows. And last not least it will not end with Israel being destroyed, it will simply encourage more jihad against the West, for example against Spain, Al Andaluz as the Muslims call it, for the same reason: because land once conquered belongs to the ummah forever and the believers are commanded to kill and die for the reconquest. That’s the crux of the biscuit, to be ignored at our peril. Here is more by the eminent scholar Hugh Fitzgerald:

Islam, said Muhammad, is “to dominate and not to be dominated.” No land once part of dar al-Islam can ever fall under Infidel control again. The whole world belongs to Allah, and to his people, the Believers, but pride of place must go to the territories once conquered by the forces of Islam. The land on which Israel now sits, and other lands, including the Balkans, much of south-central Europe, much of Russia, most of India, and of course Spain, were once all part of dar al-Islam, and must be returned to it. But Israel, an Infidel sovereign state run by the despised Jews, and sitting smack in the middle of dar al-Islam, is particularly disturbing. If it remains a sovereign state, not only is land once Muslim not yet regained (as the whole world will eventually be either regained, or gained, for Islam), but the non-Muslims in it will not be living as dhimmis, subject to Muslim rule, and owing whatever rights they have to Muslims. Infidels can be permitted to exist only as dhimmis, and in such a non-Muslim state as Israel they would no longer be dhimmis. This is impossible for the Muslims….

Read it all

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  1. Israel’s brilliant victory of 40 years ago is about to be pissed away in an unprecedented disaster and with US help to boot. History will damn the West and rightly so for what will happen.

  2. There is another option

    Israel Defense Forces could hire mercenaries, perhaps anti-Muslim Indians who have suffered at Muslim hands or even Christians who feel some attachment to Israel. Other reasons, like anti-Islamic racism or revenge for Islamic terrorism, could boost Israeli recruitment. Israel should exploit the Russian hatred of Muslim Chechens and Serbian hatred of Bosnians, Albanians, and Turks. Soldiers respect strength, and cannot be anti-Semitic while Israel is strong. Mercenaries could form most infantry units of Israel Defense Forces. Israel would save billions by not conscripting Israeli youth, not keeping standing Israel Defense Forces, and not mobilizing in response to Arab provocation. Paying the IDF mercenaries mostly from underdeveloped countries would be cheaper for Israel than draining the Israeli economy of young, creative Jews. Other technically advanced branches of Israel Defense Forces can fill their ranks with Israeli volunteers. Mercenaries fit the Israeli war psychology better than any other country’s, since only Israel does not expect her – Jewish – soldiers to die like heroes, en masse and unnecessarily. Mercenaries tolerate low casualties. Israel Defense Forces could attract some of the best soldiers of fortune, because Israeli army provides a possibility of relatively low danger action against Arabs. The United States has recruited foreigners for a long time, though without attracting many volunteers. The use of nuclear weapons during major confrontations with Arabs obviates the need for a large Jewish infantry in Israel Defense Forces. As a last resort, Israelis must be ready to defend the Jewish state, but in peacetime, Israel would find privately managed mercenary armies feasible.

    The modern dislike of mercenaries recalls their poor performance in the late Renaissance, not an institutional failure but rather the consequence of too many emerging states hiring too many soldiers too cheap. King Gustavus II Adolphus invented the modern conscripted army; previously, citizens were conscripted only for defense emergencies, a reasonable policy. Other cash-strapped European powers accepted conscription, and war intellectuals propped the development up with theory. Conscription for offensive purposes violates human rights, making unwilling subjects fight for something they may not support, unlike in defensive wars when the population is unified. National sovereignty sustains the practice: citizens cannot easily move away when defense taxes or conscription threaten. In the age of globalization, previously land-bound people are mobile; they can refuse to serve in the army by emigrating or going to jail; they are averse to suffering and value their lives more than ideologies; weapons of mass destruction make mass armies obsolete.

    Israel may entertain certain unorthodox measures. Recall the example of the janissaries.[1] Slavery is not an option in the modern world, but Israel adopting children from the poorest countries, indoctrinating them with anti-Islamism, and training them for low-rank military service in Israel Defense Forces may be feasible. With ideological training, most would enter the Israeli service willingly and resettle in the Palestinian territories later in life, driving the Arabs away and creating a security belt around the State of Israel. They need not convert to Judaism but might be recognized as God-fearers and adopt the basic tenets of Judaism.

    Israel could create a security belt of Arab farmers, dependent on Israel not only for irrigation but also for technology and genetically modified seeds. Better, however, for Israel is to settle Indian farmers in the Palestinian territories. The Arabs would not scare them; Indians have no quarrel with Israel and a lot with Muslims. Indians would demand neither Israeli citizenship nor Israeli government benefits. Indians have a record of loyalty to countries of temporary immigration, and after decades have changed the demography of the Palestinian territories irreversibly, Israeli farmers could replace the Indians without severe conflict.

    Israel could invite Western Christian radicals to police the Palestinian territories. They would be happy to get a training ground in Israel for their militia. Western states security agencies would infiltrate them, mitigating the potential threat to home countries, and Israel could be assured of less barbaric methods than SLA employed. The radicals or other ruthless foreigners, such as Russian spetznaz, might even be used for anti-Islamic terrorism, a proper retribution on the part of Israel. If, however, Israel abandons or restricts the anti-Islamic terrorists, they would embrace Islamic radicals. Playing with the devil is a game of skill.
    Humane war is costly and does Israel no good

    Large Israel Defense Forces is unwarranted and results from Israel government’s reluctance to use effective nuclear weapons, a policy which only increases Jewish casualties. In a protracted struggle with Arabs, not only more Israeli soldiers but also more Muslim civilians die. Unrestricted force crushes the Arab people’s and the Muslim army’s will to fight; skirmishes encourage them when public opinion demands further “humane” restrictions to scale the war down to a level where Arabs can fight the Israeli Defense Force on equal terms, thereby prolonging Arab suffering and defeating Israeli objectives. Israel Defense Forces’ heavy losses in continuous minor encounters with Arabs turned Israeli public opinion against the Lebanese war. Even worse, after taking Beirut, Israel let the Palestinian Liberation Organization slip away to Tunisia instead of bombing them along with the remaining Arab civilians the Palestinian terrorists used as cover. In 1973 Egypt-Israeli war, Egyptian Minister of War Ismail Ali was ready to bomb his own troops stuck in the pocket alongside Israeli forces pushing to Cairo. Only stupidity prompted Israel to honor its agreement with the Palestinian Liberation Organization instead of sinking PLO’s ships with Palestinian fighters using the Christian South Lebanon Army[5] as a proxy for Israel Defense Forces, thus preventing thousands of subsequent PLO murders.

    Further low-intensity Israeli-Arab warfare would be a mistake; slowly increasing Israeli violence against Arabs would be even worse, as Arabs grow used to Israeli terror. A deterrent is effective only while unused: afterward it becomes tolerable. The enemy devises counter-measures, spiraling devastation incrementally, and the population grows accustomed and less afraid. To succeed, Israeli violence against Arabs should be immediately overwhelming. Israel should show itself a bloodthirsty monster to scare the Arabs into submission. Israel should control casualties in Israel Defense Forces by preventing Arab counter-attacks, destroying the Arab military capabilities, and extinguishing Muslim financial supply. Second best to overwhelming destruction of Muslim facilities is pinpoint destruction, Israel devastating a skyscraper in Riyadh on the background of others untouched. Violence must be exceptional to succee

    November 24th, 2007 at 2:52 am

    Israel’s brilliant victory of 40 years ago is about to be pissed away in an unprecedented disaster and with US help to boot. History will damn the West and rightly so for what will happen.

    Dude.. relax.. if Djimmie Carter [he of the original Camp David BS] was unable to piss away the Gains of Israel.. I doubt that a CiNO like Bush will be able to do so in the waning days of his failed Presidency [the only saving grace of which is to imagine the alternative [Gore/Kerry]. Oy Vey.

    Just so everyone knows I am a native-born German and I am not trying to pose as an Israeli or a Jew. But that does not prevent me from saying quite clearly that my sympathies.. more stronger a word would be needed there.. lie unequivocably with the Brave staet of Israel. In fact I believe that we as Germans in particuar [for reasons everyone should know] ought to be protective of both Jews and Israel – even when [which I do NOT] think that the Jewish State has acted wrongfully on some occasion.

    I grew up in PostWar Germany and the German media handled the nascent State of Israel and her trials and tribulations at the hands of her implacable foes with sensitive, sympathetic and positive reporting… siding with the David overcoming the continuous onslaught of the implacable Goliath of moslem irredentism.

    My guess is that this is paralleled in most of Western MSM, both European and North American.

    Unfortunately they never mentioned that at the very heart of this conflict is the non-negotiable moslem position that [IN THEIR OPINION – not mine] a. Israel is located on islamic/Arab lands and therefore cannot be allowed to exist in any form of any kind. In mainstream islamic thougt.. ie the “moslem street”, Israel is part of “dar-al-harb” meaning the non-moslem “House of War”, all of which must be subdued and subsued under the “dar-al-islam” ie the “House of Peace”.

    To me and many others this is completely at odds with how we view the situation, of course.

    Which gets me right to Reason b. why the moslems cannot.. will never.. accept the existence of the Sate of Israel – UNLESS THEY ARE MADE SO BY EXTRACTING FROM THEM A PRICE IN BLOOD WHICH THEY ARE UNWILLING OR UNABLE TO PAY.

    This Reason b. is that islam does not recognize the existence of Nations nor the Concept of National Sovereignty, the existence and legitimacy of borders and culture.

    As the vehicle of Arab expansionist Imperialism which islam is there is no Nation nor any culture besides islam.

    They see the Rest of Humanity in a State of Permanent war against themselves for as long as we remain free.. continuing to worship – OR NOT – as we see fit, whether handed down to us by tradition or hard-won and researched by conscious choice. That even includes that most incomprehensible [albeit at the same time grossly over-hyped] phenomenon of Westerners who freely and unhindered follow the call of islam.

    For those who are unaware of this.. once they are in they’re in for good. islam does not allow for ‘apostasy’. Once you leave and make this choice public you are permanently marked for death. Yes, the Koran which is for mainstream moslems the literal Word of Allah [I cannot bring myself to misuse the word God to describe this warped understanding of the Will of he Divine – and this is coming from a reluctant agnostic] calls for Death for those who leave islam and who refuse the “offer” [hard to refuse when the alternative is death] to return to the ‘fold”.

    So.. Even if one is not predisposed as I am to be supportive of the State of Israel a priori.. this is the background of what they are up against.. literally in the middle of.

    Once again we see a Totalitarian movement with a World-wide claim… and they are once again coming ‘first for the Jews”. So you may or may not be a friend of Israel simply because you happen to like them.. But if you are not a moslem and wish for yourself and your next-of to remain just so.. and alive.. and free.. then that fact alone should give you some reason to think.

    But I digress [using that pretentious word i hate and usually avoid at all cost]..

    Islamisforlosers has often made many great comments in the years I’ve been following and sometimes commenting on those counter-jihad forums which still allow me to.. and I had to respond because his/her post gave me much food for expressing a lot of thoughts I’ve been having.

    [Much Thanks to the Sheik for providing this site and for continuing to tolerate me on here. Vielen Dank!]

    So.. digressing.. I don’t think that Olmert can just walk in there and give up the store – no matter how many headrubs Condi gives him. Bush is increasingly neutralized each and every day.. and thus the SOWdi lobby in Washington.

    Leave it up to the moslems to shoot themselves in the foot once again by making ridiculous and unacceptable demands while at the same time they behave in their customary rude and insulting manner. Witness the SOWdis giving a press conference to start things of really really well.. to announce that they won’t be shaking hands with their Israeli negotiating ‘partners’ [?].

    They are on US soil and they can’t even bring themselves to shake hands and have to go so far as to hold a press conference to announce that.

    Once again they have an easy situation like they had with Perez and they are doing their very best to blow it..

    Now the second part of Islamisforlosers [GREAT NAME by the way] statement that History will damn us [the West collectively I presume?] for selling out Israel to her foes to an unprecedented round of one-sided and appeaseanist concessions.

    That is predictated on a GIANT BIG ***IF***.. namely that the good guys will win in the end. As one Adolf Hitler remarked – and one cannot help but be amazed at the surprisingly clearsightedness and insightfulness of this statement – “the Victors shall write the History books”.

    Thus Islamisforlosers seems to qualify his initially pessimistic view of the short-term future events with the overall positive view implicit in this that there will indeed exist a historic View which would view these appeaseniks and dhimmi-minded as we all see them right now.

    That is a future which i would give my own life for it to happen.

    There were many in Western Academia who viewed the “Collapse of the Soviet Empire” as the “End of History”, freeing Mankind to enter a timeless Future based on universal peace and spreading global prosperity coupled with- and of course based on – a concomitant rise in Knowledge and mutual respect and tolerance. See one Francis Fukuyama, who deserves credit for acknowledging the errors of his late-80s overly-optimistic ivory Tower musings which I see as a logical result of wishful thinking of Western Establishment Academia.

    If 911 was not enough to serve as your wakeup call and as warning to rethink everything you had until that day settled into so comfortably then I don’t know what I or anyone else can possibly say write or do, to change your dangerous head-in-the-sand stance. A stance which is becoming increasingly a threat not only to me and you and our brethren-in-thought conscious of the threat and its century-old history, but to the vast populations within all Western Lands – with maybe the exception of Israel whom I see as a Western land – who remain comfortably numbed and intentionally uninformed by the media they consume.

    Ultimately I agree with Islamsforlosers implicit Beacon message of Hope.. the world seemed dire indeed in the face of rising Fascism in Europe and one has to wonder what things might have looked like if one Winston Churchill hadn’t continued bravely warning about complacency and appeasement while they called him a racist and a war-monger even in his native England.

    With all the bloodshed, the Blood, sweat and tears Churchill predicted.. and the Holocaust which was hitherto unprecedented in scale and barbarity.. the world came out better in the end.

    I hope I am wrong but I see War [yes, gasp, armed conflict] as inevitable at this time and all I can hope is that in the end the good side will come out victorious so that indeed History will once again record appeasement and acquiescence merely as a self-indulgent and misguided and not as the potential disaster and irreversible “End of History” which the “Final Victory” of islam presents each and every one of us.

    Israel is merely the flashpoint which illustrates the ideology we are up against.

    Sacrificing them is not only an absolute sin since we should know better already. It would also serve notice that we are weak and will compromise and ultimately bow in the face of irredentist threats and bullying.

    Now let’s imagine THEY had our weaponry and we were parading around our own towns firing Kalashnikovs into the air..

    Thank you, Sheik, Islamsforlosers and all you others out there world-wide for joining together to form a new-found “Voice of Winston”..

    Maybe this time we all are leaders in a very small way.. democratically contributing to our common larger Good..

    Let us hope.. pray if You choose.. I am good with that.. that the Israelis remain the Chosen People in the end. As they go.. in the end so do we.

  4. Nuke Iran into a glass parking lot, then see how fast the ragheads smarten up.

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