France: “Expression of Rage” Continues

* Of course. Its the religion of rage and the jihad is permanent and relentless. But the bullshit reporting is so ridiculous it can give you the creeps:

From AFP


Omar Sehhouli, the brother of one of the yesterday’s victims, accused police of ramming the motorbike and of failing to assist the injured teens.

Mr Sehhouli said the rioting “was not violence but an expression of rage” and that he wanted the officers “responsible” for the accident to be brought to justice.

* Does he mean Islamic justice, like a public beheading?

* Meanwhile, French officials wave the white flag of defeat: Appealing for calm, the Mayor of Villers-le-Bel, Didier Vaillant, said he would ensure there was “an impartial investigation” not investigating the perps, of course, but the police who ran for their life’s after the accident. The Muhammedan mob on the scene would have ripped them to shreds otherwise.


Police and politicians warn that many French suburbs remain a “tinderbox” two years after riots that exposed France’s failure to fully integrate the French-born descendants of African and Arab immigrants.

* The above is the same bullshit line used by Al Bebeeceera during the first French intifadah 2 years ago. Now the quote is attributed to ‘the police’ – just why should it be ‘France’s failure to fully integrate the Muslims?’

* The failure of the Muslims to integrate lies in the Islamic belief-system that divides the world in believer and unbeliever. How many native French know that Islam must dominate and not be dominated, that Islam is a complete way of life and an ideology with a global mission, a belief system that regards them, the native French, the kuffar, as vile and lower than animals who must be killed or forcibly converted, because the world belongs to the believers, and jihad in the way of Allah is the highest duty for every Muslim, until only Allah is worshiped or the kuffar is brought low and pays the jiziyah with willing submission while feeling humiliated and subdued?

* How many French, how many Europeans understand that the ummah Islamiyah did not invade Europe to integrate, to assimilate, not to become French, Spanish, German, Dutch or Danish, but that the soldiers of Allah came to conquer, to make Europe Islamic…?

The French are getting there:

The national leader of the opposition Socialist Party, Francois Hollande, said the violence proved the “deep social crisis” of the suburbs had yet to be resolved.

President Nicolas Sarkozy, a former interior minister who is reviled in the suburbs for his tough stance on law and order and immigration, has promised a “Marshall Plan” to tackle exclusion and high unemployment in the suburbs.

* Throwing money at the problem Islamofascists won’t work, Sarko. It never does. Not with Islam.




Update in French: 30 Police hurt , 8 hurt by buckshot


(AGI) – Paris, Nov.25 – After yesterday’s episodes of violence, more have been reported today in the northern outskirts. In Villiers-le-Bel, about 20km from the capital, about 100 officers in riot gear fired tear gas shells against a crowd of demonstrators that was marching against them, throwing Molotov cocktails. Local eyewitnesses claim that a car and garbage truck were torched. Yesterday evening, 21 police/firemen were injured in the riots that broke out following the death of two north-African origin kids, aged 15 and 16, whose motorbike was hit by a police car, still in Villiers-le-Bel. About 100 youths, hooded, attacked the local people and the police precinct, torching about 20 cars. The riots lasted for 6 hours, and even some shops were sacked. One youth was arrested as he was stealing jewellery from a shattered window. Back in autumn 2005, the death of two youths in the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, electrocuted in an electricity booth where they hid to flee from the police, sparked the first riots, that lasted for weeks in the suburbs of several French cities.

Is History About to Repeat Itself?

It will be interesting to see how President Nicolas Sarkozy responds to this growing crisis. Right now he is engaged in a gritty struggle with many of the nations’ unions, and large-scale violent riots by thousands of disgruntled Muslims would be salt in what is already a very painful wound.

It’s also worth considering how other European nations, particularly those with large Islamic populations, might interpret these riots. The sight of hordes of angry Muslims rioting in the streets, clashing with police and throwing Molotov cocktails into homes and stores, will surely cause concern that a broader confrontation between Islam and Europe is imminent. •

* Imminent indeed.


India plays political ping pong with Tasleema Nasreen


By Alistair Scrutton

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – An exiled Bangladeshi Muslim woman writer threatened by radical Islamists has become a victim of political ping-pong in India, bundled from one city to another in a controversy critics say has shamed the secular state.

Authorities rushed award-winning Taslima Nasreen, who criticizes the use of religion as an oppressive force, from her home in Kolkata last week after protests against her by Muslim groups led to riots, forcing the army to be called in.

The riots appeared to be the culmination of years of simmering anger at Nasreen. Some radical Muslims hate Nasreen for saying Islam and other religions oppress women and Indian clerics had issued a “death warrant” against her in August.

After the riots, police moved her to a hotel in the western state of Rajasthan and then she was quickly sent to Delhi at the weekend under police protection.

No one seemed to want her.

“Democratic we may be, but liberal we most certainly are not,” wrote Karan Thapar in the Hindustan Times, criticizing India for failing to defend freedom of expression enough.

The controversy highlights the delicate social faultlines of India, a nation born out of secular ideals 60 years ago but where communal politics still play a huge role.

Each move led to criticism that politicians were pandering to Muslim votes and were unwilling to take heat for defending her.



Iraq: Bombing ‘Wedding Parties’ might be a good thing…

Because ‘war is deceit’- whole bunch of ‘inner strugglers’ arrested

Bride, groom stopped in Iraq actually terror suspects

BAGHDAD (CNN) — Soldiers manning a checkpoint near Baghdad stopped a wedding convoy to find that the purported bride and groom were wanted terror suspects, an Iraqi Defense Ministry official said Monday.

The Army set up the checkpoint last week in the Taji area, about 12 miles (20 kilometers) north of Baghdad.

The soldiers became suspicious of the convoy because its members — save the “bride” — were all male and because one of the cars in the convoy did not heed orders to stop, the official said.


* Would you kiss this bride?

Also, soldiers said, the people in the car seemed nervous and the groom refused to lift his bride’s veil when soldiers asked him to, according to the official.

Soldiers ordered everyone out of the car, the official said.

Upon inspecting the convoy, soldiers found a stubbly-faced man, Haider al-Bahadli, decked out in a white bride’s dress and veil.

Bahadli was wanted on terror-related charges, as was his groom, Abbas al-Dobbi, the official said.

Two other terror-related suspects were detained as well.

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  1. When, when, oh, WHEN, are civilized nations going to start deporting the savages they’ve been inviting into their homelands? They MUST change course and get rid of the “unruly” “seething” “disenfranchised” fanatics who have somehow been permitted to create de facto foreign territories within those European states which have taken them in. Now we have “no-go” areas in which national and local laws are ignored — one might say “Areas in which Western Civilization is no longer practiced”. The governments of these “civilized nations” haven’t had the will or the backbone to enforce their own laws in their own countries; the results are obvious to everyone except the blind policymakers who push for more and more immigration in the name of “diversity” and “inclusion”.

  2. “Would you kiss this bride?”

    Yeah, course I would – a Liverpool Kiss, that is. And if he got up from it, I’d give him another one.

  3. Sarkozy needs to break some heads of the yoots. Otherwise, he’s no better than Pierre Laval Chirac was.

  4. A_Nonny_Mouse, the civilized nations wont deport the savages, because it will be an admission that (a) unity of labor or (b) free market forces do not work. Instead, they will continue to follow the tried and failed formula of establishing Muslim Reference Groups and Social Inclusion Units.

    Al Jazeera was one of the few reports I’ve seen that mention that the motorcycle was stolen; the overnight radio news services all referred to “their motorbike”, implying that it was the thieves’ property. Dunno if it is a requirement to wear helmets on bikes in france, but the “victims” of the police “involuntary manslaughter” apparently weren’t.

  5. ISLAMSFORLOSERS, Sarkozy is safely in Beijing, & has called for calm & for the judiciary to determine responsibility … like this:

    * An internal police investigation has been ordered for “involuntary manslaughter and failure to assist persons in danger”, a state prosecutor said.

    I guess the police are all on workplace agreements, & the Police Association is too timid to defend its members. There must come a time when they demand to be permitted to carry out their sworn duties to uphold the law, and to be supported by the Govt & Judiciary in doing so.

  6. Mullah L-

    Maybe the Chinese can give some suggestions on how to handle unruly folks to Sarkozy. They did a pretty good number on those demostrators back in 1989 with a minimum of media fuss. But I won’t hold my breath that he would actually take up such advice.

  7. ISLAMSFORLOSERS, I don’t know if the Chinese would give any suggestions on how to handle unruly folks without setting up Social Inclusion Units & giving the police sensitivity & diversity training. No need for them to nuke the West, they can just wait for the wheels to fall off, as it did with the Soviet Union. I saw Christmas cards in a shop yesterday – made in Indonesia. I wondered if followers of the “prophet” had made them, and left them there.

  8. oh…those poor yoots. I have a susgestion: Ship ’em in a boat, and send them back to the lands of Alllah. Plenty of stuff to bunr there, so I was told.

  9. Mullah L-

    Amen to that. Western infidels will indeed bring about their own extinction at the rate things are going. Then the commies can battle the Islamaniacs-the winner inherits a civilization comparable to that of the Stone Age.

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