Krekar makes new threats

* When will the Norwegian Female Entitlement Brigades grow a set of balls and kick this piece of shit out?


Just three days after Norway’s highest court upheld a state expulsion order against Mullah Krekar, the man who’s considered a threat to the nation’s security has made new threats against the country that’s harboured him for years.

* Muhammedanism is a serious mental condition. You don’t hire pedophiles to babysit your children. You don’t give asylum to genocidal lunatics. You don’t. Norway does. On top of that Norway feeds the extensive clan of this parasite plus a bunch of hangers on…

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Thursday that Krekar, the former head of Islamic guerrilla group Ansar al Islam, told a Kurdish web site that he’s sure the Norwegian authorities will never deport him, because that would spark “reaction” against Norway from his Islamic supporters.

Krekar told web site Awane that the “reaction” would come from his relatives, from an armed group, and also from those who follow his religious teachings and sympathize with him.

* Norway: round ’em up and ship ’em out, no two ways about it!

The groups, he said, “probably are from Somalia or Morocco.” He refused to specify what type of “reaction” he expected.

Krekar’s remarks are being widely interpreted as new threats against Norway, and that, predictably enough, has sparked more anger among Norwegians who can’t understand why Krekar remains in the country.

The official version is that Krekar faces a death sentence if sent back to his native Iraq. Norway won’t deport anyone if their lives would officially be in danger, and no other country has volunteered to take over responsibility for Krekar.

* Western countries take in genocidal maniacs who are sentenced to death in their respective home-countries? Why? We allow them to piss on us and we allow them to plot murder and sedition while living among us and we worry about whether justice is meted out to them when they return home?

* This piece of filth has been to Iraq to spew his hatred and to supervise the jihad at least three times since he is hauled up in Norway.

The mullah originally came to Norway as a refugee welfare parasite, later won permission to have his family join him, and since has lived largely off Norwegian welfare. He first got in trouble with Norwegian authorities when it became known that he had repeatedly violated the terms of his asylum by traveling voluntarily back to northern Iraq, to lead the guerrilla group. US authorities have long considered Krekar a terrorist suspect.

* In a sane world targeted assassinations are in order. Krekar would be the first candidate for target practice…



The UK has similar problems:

Babar ‘set to fight extradition’

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Lawyers shysters say Babar Ahmad, in green, risks the death penalty in the US

* Really? But no terrorist has ever been executed. Correction: Tim McVeigh was executed. But not one Muhammedan scumbag. Why not?

Babar Ahmad will appeal against his extradition to the US to face terror charges, say his family.

Mr Ahmad, 31, a computer expert from Tooting, south London, is accused of running websites supporting terror and of urging Muslims to fight a holy war.

His wife Maryam said her husband would be appealing in the High Court.

Charles Clarke ordered his extradition after giving “full consideration” to representations made on behalf of UK-born Mr Ahmad, the Home Office said.

But Mrs Ahmad said he would be appealing both against the home secretary’s decision and the original decision in favour of extradition made by a District Court judge in May.

She told BBC News 24 her husband should be tried in Britain, if at all.
“If our government has any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Babar Ahmad then he should be charged in this country and put on trial here”

Inayat Bunglawala
Muslim Council of Britain

* The Bunglawala-wussie should be the next on the list to be deported. Why? Because he is is a pathological liar and a Muhammedan agit prop.

Fact to Fiction: The Brutal Truth about the Practice of Stoning

“If the Americans were to provide the evidence and if he was to have a trial in this country it would be very easy for us to mount a defence in support of Babar to show that he isn’t the individual they are pointing him out to be,” she said.

“We’ve seen where the Americans have put forward allegations against an individual and eventually when it’s come to court the case has been thrown out.”

Mr Ahmad is being held in Woodhill Prison, Milton Keynes.

On a posting on his website he said: “This decision should only come as a surprise to those who thought that there was still justice for Muslims in Britain.


British police escort relatives the brood of Babar Ahmad from a London court after a hearing on charges that Ahmad recruited and raised support for the Taliban.


“I entrust my affairs to Allah and His Words from the Quran.”

* That should be enough for ANY judge. Anyone who trusts in the Koran should be rounded up and deported at once!

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