Londonistan: ‘Islam is Peace’ a campaign of blackmail & intimidation

In Part 4 of Robert’s look at the UK’s “Islam is Peace” campaign, he takes on the third point: “To call upon the government to create a just and lasting peace…” A close look reveals that the campaign is really focused on achieving the same ends that the jihadists seek, just with different means.

‘My Allah is better than yours’- campaign in Pakistan: 70 roasted

* the Peacenix from the religion of peace are at each others throats once again:

Sunni-Shi’ia clashes kill 70

PESHAWAR – Fighting between rival Sunni and Shia Muslims in northwestern Pakistan’s troubled tribal belt has claimed 70 lives, security officials and state media reported Sunday.
State television said another 150 people were injured as heavily armed tribesmen clashed in the Kurram district bordering Afghanistan.
Security officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said at least 61 civilians had died in fighting in the district’s main town Parachinar, where sectarian clashes in April left 55 dead.

The military said nine soldiers from the army and paramilitary forces had also died, with 15 wounded, after being caught in the crossfire.
Witnesses reported continued fighting overnight despite a curfew in place since Friday.
Fighters from the Shia-dominated Turi tribe and the mainly Sunni Muslim Mengal clan were perched on rooftops and hills overlooking Parachinar, armed with rockets and a mix of heavy and light weapons, witnesses said.

“Both are well entrenched and they are firing on each other,” one resident said.

“I can’t give you the exact casualty figure as fighting is still going on. Last night we had 45 dead and up to 90 wounded,” local administration chief Fakhre Alam told AFP.



* Why would anybody object to a bunch of halal butchers providing freshly slaughtered lamb on the way to Mecca?

LONDON, NOVEMBER 15 – Travel industry officials, including those from Islamic countries, have criticised as “impractical and unworkable” the idea of creating a special airline to cater to religious Muslims, an idea mooted by a World Travel Market (WTM) report. With an increasing number of Muslims travelling, such an airline could provide halal food, calls to prayer, religious programmes on the inflight entertainment system and separate sections for male and female passengers, said the WTM report, presented this week during the WTM annual conference in London, which wraps up today, reports Gulf News. “We already have this airline. This report is probably talking about us,” Nurul Suzainee Abdullah, manager of Royal Brunei, said wryly. She said there are already several airlines that take into account special needs of their Muslim passengers so there is little point in discussing the idea. Saudi Arabian Airlines, Sharjah’s budget carrier Air Arabia and Kuwait Airways are among the companies that prohibit alcohol use and many airlines from Muslim countries play a pre-recorded journey prayer during takeoff. Dismissive Dimitry Laspas, publisher of the “Tourism Around the World” e-newsletter, was equally dismissive about the need for an airline exclusively for religious people because travel matters affect all passengers irrespective of their religion or beliefs. In making a case for a “halal” airline, the WTM report pointed to a budget carrier set up by the Vatican to transport pilgrims. Laspas said people cannot go about copying what the Vatican does. “The Vatican is also the world’s smallest country with the biggest army in per capita terms,” he said. The report on travel trends also said there is an “opportunity” for building hotels exclusively for Muslim women. The suggestion has been similarly rejected. (ANSAmed)


Today’s dose of Michael Savage

and today’s Koran lesson:

“Fight them, and God will chastise them, He will have them killed, at your hands and degrade them, humiliate them through capture and subjugation, and He will give you victory against them…”


* Actually, we prefer this one: “if following our prophet and the Koran makes us terrorists, then we’re all terrorists…’

* But honesty is hard to come by when dealing with the ummah Islamiyah, because war is deception, and being a Muslim one has to wage permanent jihad against infidels and Jooozzz….


“Moderate” Indonesia: Islamic mob attacks suspected ‘Christian church’

Jakarta, 19 Nov. (AKI) – About 30 self-appointed Islamic vigilantes are alleged to have raided a house suspected to be a Christian place of worship in Citeureup Village of Bandung in the Indonesian province of West Java, on Monday.

The owner of the house, Ranto Gunawan Simamora, told reporters that dozens of people raided the house and went directly to the living room which is normally used for Christian gatherings and worship.


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  1. One of these days the phrase “Islam is peace”! will be shouted instead of “Allahu akbar” when the Destroyers lop off the heads of infidels. Might as well fill the ears of infidels with propaganda right to the bitter end.

  2. Regarding Pakistan, something the media never mentions about Benazir bhutto- she’s a communist who’s husband ripped off the countries treasury and she had her younger brother executed. What a fun place that must be.

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