“My Veiled Lady” Sacked in Scotland


* Was is canceled before it bombs or before the bombs go off?

Remember: there are no jokes in Islam!


University’s banning of Muslim comedy attacked

MUSLIM comedians have been banned from performing at a Scottish university in a move described as “ridiculous and undemocratic”.

* Which it is. But notice Fiona Mcleod’s wimpish “banning of comedy attacked” only to put the obvious in apostrophes. What a dhimmi!

Glasgow Caledonian University backed out of hosting Allah Made Me Funny: The Official Muslim Comedy Tour this month after complaints from its Muslim Students’ Association.

Oceanic, which organised the tour, was told by the university that the group felt the act was derogatory to their religion.

* Is there anything, anything at all that is not ‘derogatory’ or ‘offensive’ to the RoP?

Preacher Moss and Azhar Usman will still perform the show at Dundee University on 27 November with the full backing of its Islamic Society. Yesterday, Fozia Ali, the campaign executive with Oceanic, said that she and the comics were disappointed with Glasgow Caledonian University’s decision.

She said: “It seems somewhat ridiculous in a democratic society, in the era of freedom of speech, that the objections of a few cause an educational institution such as Caledonian University to walk away from a contractual agreement.”

A spokeswoman for Glasgow Caledonian University said: “When the Muslim Students’ Association expressed reservations about the show, it was decided the booking would not go ahead.”

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  1. There IS humor in Islamania. Trouble is, it’s all unintentional and they don’t see the irony in it.

  2. Freedom of speech?

    Yes they have freedom of speech as long as it furthers the cause of Islam. You can also check kitman & taqiyya, tu coque and circular reasoning, all designed to not allow infidels to look to close at the doctrine of rape, murder & terror, jihad and subjugation…

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