Norway’s Very Own Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Racist. Xenophobe. These are just a couple of the epithets Europe’s cultural elite like to hurl at critics of Islamic fundamentalism. Bruce Bawer reports on the character assassination of Hege Storhaug, author of the new book Covered. Uncovered. and a courageous advocate of freedom.


Storhaug: victim of a full-scale media assault

By Bruce Bawer, author of ‘While Europe slept’

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As Europe’s Islamization proceeds apace, the gap widens between ordinary folks’ growing recognition of the outrages that are going on all around them and the movers and shakers’ cynical insistence on pretending that everything’s just hunky-dory.
Case in point: the responses to Covered. Uncovered., a new book on hijab. Its author, Hege Storhaug of Norway’s Human Rights Service, is this country’s answer to Ayaan Hirsi Ali – a gutsy advocate of freedom who doesn’t mince words about the illiberal conditions (especially for women and girls) in Europe’s Muslim communities. In Covered. Uncovered. she explains why the increasing visibility in these parts of hijab – a potent symbol of totalitarianism and sexual oppression – should not be taken lightly.
The result? A full-scale media assault – marked not by honest engagement with Storhaug’s arguments but by lies, more lies, and sheer personal abuse. Norway’s Dagbladet alone has published pieces by Amin Asskali of the Arabic Student Association, who accused the “woman-hating” Storhaug of “creating intolerance”; by Iffit Qureshi, who labeled her a “totalitarian…out to crush religious freedom”; and by Dagbladet opinion editor (and, ahem, former head of the Communist group Red Youth) Marte Michelet, whose litany of charges against Storhaug included “burkaphobia,” an “irrational fear of Islam,” “paranoid delusions,” and “hateful contempt” for Muslim girls.
“It is absolutely crucial,” said Michelet in a radio interview, “that Hege Storhaug’s campaign to undermine the Muslim religious minority’s rights in Norway be stopped.”

Yes: “Storhaug’s campaign…must be stopped.”

As some readers will recall, it was just this sort of rhetoric that led to the 2002 murder of Pim Fortuyn. Fortuyn, like Storhaug, believed passionately in individual rights – but because he dared to point out that many Dutch Muslims despised those rights, his country’s pols, profs, and pundits labeled him a racist and xenophobe (precisely the words, by the way, that Magnus E. Marsdal, a veteran of the Communist organizations Attac and Red Youth and of the Communist newspaper Klassekampen, hurled at Storhaug the other day on taxpayer-supported Norwegian public radio). In short, Fortuyn was demonized as a threat to the very liberty he was fighting to preserve. Among those who heard that this fascist must be stopped was a man named Volkert van der Graaf.

The rest is history.

Fortuyn’s murder should have put an end to the character assassinations of the advocates of freedom. Nope. Instead they’ve only grown more sophisticated. Nowadays when someone like Ayaan Hirsi Ali assails Islamic fundamentalism, the clever thing to do is call her a fundamentalist – because she’s so uncompromising in her insistence on liberty, get it? In this spirit, a hijab-clad Dagbladet staffer compared Storhaug’s call for Muslim women to “take the hijab off and embrace freedom” to “the rhetoric of the bearded fundamentalists” – thus equating an advocate for the victims of forced marriage and honor killing with the perpetrators of these barbarities.
Such, in 2007, is the cultural elite’s line on Islam. But who’s buying it? To scroll down on newspaper websites from the anti-Storhaug screeds by reporters, bureaucrats, professors, etc., to readers’ comments – which number in the thousands – is to turn from multicultural mendacity and vile ad hominem invective to commonsensical comebacks by sane citizens who prize liberty.
Responding, for example, to Qureshi’s insistence that we shouldn’t allow “the fear of the unknown [i.e., Islam] to control us,” one reader noted dryly that at this point Islam is hardly an “unknown.” Another answered Asskali’s description of Islam as woman-friendly: “Yes, we can see this…in practice in Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.” Yet another directly addressed Michelet and social geographer Kirsten Øvregaard (who, in assaulting Storhaug, had compared hijab favorably to Western girls’ “sexualized attire”): “What will you do on the day your daughters are forced to wear hijab? Why do you hate your own culture and embrace one that degrades and oppresses women? I just don’t get it.”
“Do you think we’re entirely brainwashed?” one indignant reader asked Asskali. But that’s precisely the goal of Asskali and his bien pensant accomplices: to convince the public that the problem here isn’t him, or his religion, but people like Hege Storhaug. As Dagbladet reader Hans-Christian Holm cogently put it, Norway’s media are engaged in “a sick tolerance competition, in which whoever tolerates the most intolerance wins, and the one who suggests that we perhaps should not tolerate so much intolerance is automatically branded as the most intolerant of all.” Storhaug’s own concern, as expressed in an email the other day, is that the relentless demonizing of persons like herself by those who are determined to suppress open liberal debate about these vital issues can only strengthen the hands of both right-wing nativists and Islamists.

And it’s not just happening in Norway, of course. The question is: how much longer can the tension continue to intensify between the plain, unvarnished truth and the outrageous flimflam churned out by a cowardly and conscienceless elite?


* More on Bruce Bawer, Charles Johnson & Paul Belien from the Brussels Journal

Is This What It Is All About?


Fjordman and the questions Charles Johnson never answered:

Little Green Footballs and Racism

As most readers know by now, I have been involved in what has unfortunately become a very public brawl — some would probably say witch-hunt — with Charles Johnson of major American blog Little Green Footballs about the supposed “racism” of the Sweden Democrats and the Vlaams Belang. Many of these claims have already been countered, though LGF refuses to link to this.

I have announced my intention to take a break from commenting at LGF, where I have been active for several years, since it has become abundantly clear that neither Charles nor many of his readers have any interest whatsoever in having an actual debate, and certainly not about the real threats to freedom in Europe.

However, I’d like to continue the debate about “racism,” which now frequently means something along the lines of “I’m a Multiculturalist. I’ve just lost the debate because I have poor arguments in favor of my case. I want to shut you up, therefore you are a racist.”


6 thoughts on “Norway’s Very Own Ayaan Hirsi Ali”

  1. Regarding character assassination. . .this should be recognized for what it is, which is an age-old, desperate measure by people who lack a more intelligent, solid argument against universal human rights.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  2. I’m surprised that Fjordman regards himself as a multiculturalist -his articles are far from that, and in support of the West as a cultural identity.

    Thw whole concept of nation is based on a common culture, language and even ethnicity. Thus a multicultural nation is a contradiction in terms. If this situation continues in Britain, then it will, in the fullness of time, break up into monocultural nations, as we have seen demonstrated yet again in Bosnia and Cyprus.

  3. IIRC Fjordman stopped blogging on his own when it became clear legal influences imposed by the EU were raising the risks. Well respected for all his contributions, Fjordman was welcomed at LGF as a valuable partner in the anti-jihad effort.

    As an outside observer of this dispute, I found it incredibly upsetting to read the columns at LGF regarding such sudden and unexpected, unwarranted negative feedback towards Fjordman and other highly regarded contributors. Debate, even when heated is welcome as long as the discussion remains civil. Many such heated or highly charged exchanges have helped shape my own opinions over the last several years. Unfortunately, petty sniping, as was evidenced in those threads, was unbecoming – as it would be in any venue.

    May cooler heads prevail as we all re-focus our efforts – divided or united – upon jihad against western civilization.

    As far as I’m concerned, Fjordman’s work remains valuable and much appreciated. I look forward with great anticipation to each of his essays as they encompass a high level of scholarship and valuable analyses based on events and circumstances in the Scandinavian arena. His efforts continue to be appreciated, and he should be aware of that. I will continue to look for his insight here and at GoV and JW/DW and Brussels Journal. If there are additional or alternative venues at which Fjordman posts, kindly post the details.

    Thank you Sheik for continuing the discussion.

  4. DP111:

    Europe is, always was, multicultural and diverse. Each and every country from Italy to Spain, from France to Germany and from England to Noway has a distinct culture, history, language, art, literature, cusine and traditions. Most of Europe’s people are proud of their heritage and history and are by and large much more attached to the soil than Americans, who are much more flexible and mobile.

    What Fjordman is saying is that Europe is not multi-racial. He doesn’t welcome mass-migration from Africa or Asia, but he never said he would exclude people because of race. Europe is not, never was, and must not ever become a dumping ground for large numbers of people from failed African or Asian states. If white Europeans are vilified and driven out of Africa (which they are, as we saw in many places, not only in Zimbabwe) why should they accept one-way traffic out of Africa? Or why should Europe pay for the failure of the Islamic Ideology/system to provide for the fast breeding ummah? Islam, without modern weapons and constant raids on infidels, will implode.The cult of Islam is parasitic. Islam has historically sustained itself with booty and conquest and the subjugation of the hated infidels, who exist by the will of Allah only to provide for the believers, either as slaves or to pay the jiziyah until they’re forcibly converted.

    There is a big difference between a multi-racial and a multicultural society. Europe has only opened her internal borders over the last decade, and the Euro, the common currency, is a very new and untried thing. We shall see where Europe goes from here. The US never had any internal borders to begin with and never had any other currency besides the dollar.

    America is different; it prides itself of being a ‘melting pot’, something Europe never was.
    That’s what stirred up the hornets nest, the mudslinging and the accusations of ‘white supremacism’ – the lizards don’t care for culture, history or traditions, not if it concerns white people. For them there is only white on black racism, never the other way around. Neither do they care for cultural identity, but use America as the standard for all things. Curiously, when some posters pointed towards the native Hawaiians open racial discrimination against whites, blacks and Asians, it was entirely ignored. They obviously see that as some kind of ’empowerment’- whatever. You’ll find the same in Australia where a cult-(ure) of do-gooders, socialist utopian’s and misguided bleeding hearts has created a self-serving cargo cult that gobbles up billions with nothing to show for. White crackpots teach Aborigines to hate whites because ‘they have stolen their land’- if it was only that simple…!

    Europe is not America and never will be. Europeans have a love-hate relationship with America. Americans probably feel the same way about Europe. But the lizards hate Europe and can’t wait to see it destroyed.

  5. Perhaps I’m mis-reading it all, Sheik. As I ponder the recent discussions regarding the rift in the anti-jihad movement I see something a little different (perhaps another difference without a distinction).

    It appears that the split centers on those who,

    *like Hugh Fitzgerald/Benes decree -view the only humane response would require a complete separation of incompatible populations.

    * those who simply could not conceive such separation of populations, equating such reponses with ‘fascistic’ tactics, i.e. ethnic cleansing, would prefer to maintain, under the guise of tolerance/universal human rights, acceptance of so called ‘moderates’ who have broken no laws (yet).

    IMO, those embracing EU tolerance levels/multicultural agenda – applying surgical strikes against ‘fundamentalist jihadists’ while allowing the so called ‘moderate’ believers to maintain the slow jihad are consequently inviting a bloody Balkanization of the entire European continent – death by a thousand paper cuts.

    Orianna Fallaci understood this as there is only one Islam based on the Qur’an, hadith and sira and the concept of abrogation which provides the chamelion mechanism within this ideology.

    Many continue to view this as an ethnic issue, based on skin color. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Unlike the ma$$ive “Islam is Peace” re-education campaigns going on in the UK and US, there is no need for such PR efforts from the Hindu, Siehk, Bhuddist or any other non-muslim communities. . . for obvious reasons.

    Only the muslim community has the need to continuously fund and hoist this ludicrous contradiction upon it’s host community.

    Rather than devoting finances and energy to addressing the problems within Islam itself – the Muslim community pushes back against its host.

    The host recognizing such Islamic PR campaigns offer a thoroughly unbalanced one-way dialogue- give a hostile reception . The Muslim community then turns this response into fuel for (self inflicted) victimhood status. The cycle is endless.

    Enough. Islam, be gone.

  6. That’s a well written piece on Hege Storhaug. Thanks for bringing attention to her much-needed cause – and the despicable rubbish being spewed at her. Hopefully the sane and rational Norwegians will continue to make their voices known, to the point of shouting down these fascists who would impose their vile woman-hating cultural imperialism upon liberated and enlightened Norway.

    Now’s the time to fight back, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the rest of Europe! Before it’s too late!

    Kali Politeis
    The Truth About Islam

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