Racism & Discrimination


Winds of Jihad cartoonist Shem takes a hard look at ‘Racism & Discrimination’

* Apply for a job for which you are not suited and scream ‘racist & Islamophobe’ when the kuffar refuses to turn his establishment into a a Muhammedan nuthouse: a parody on this story:

“Hairdresser is sued for refusing a job to woman in a headscarf”


UK: Met Police forced to spend £15,000 on new mascot – because old one is ‘too male and white’

Guess we need more multiculti-diversity in Londonistan:

Sir Ian Blair’s force is spending £15,000 of public money creating “ethnically diverse” police mascots after one officer complained that the original white male model was alienating women and ethnic minority staff.


Scotland Yard approved the cost for creating a cast of four police figures including an Asian female community support officer called Sunita.

The decision has sparked a public row and led to some officers claiming the move is a result of “overbearing political correctness”.

PCSO Steve, a uniformed mascot complete with over-sized head and equipment, was created by the Metropolitan Police for visits to primary schools.

But one of the force’s sergeants slammed the character for failing to represent the capital’s communities.

He said the figure, which is white with blue eyes and blond hair, risked leaving Asian and women officers feeling “isolated”.

The sergeant cited an incident where an Asian colleague was not able to wear the short-sleeved outfit because his arms were darker skinned than the costume.

Now senior officers have said they will invest £15,000 in the design and production of three new characters.

In a written response to questions from the London Assembly, the Commissioner said staff from the force’s diversity unit were brought in to help create the costumes.

There’s more. Read it and weep…


British Exodus continues: Muhammedan proletariat to replace fleeing natives

Britain is experiencing unprecedented levels of immigration with more than half a million foreigners arriving to live here in a single year, new figures show.

Last year, 510,000 foreign migrants came to the UK to stay for at least 12 months, according to the Office for National Statistics. At the same time 400,000 people, more than half of whom were British, emigrated.

An exodus on this scale – amounting to one British citizen leaving the country every three minutes – has not been seen in the UK for almost 50 years.


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  1. All infidels should try this-apply for a dream job, get rejected, say you’re of the cult of death, sue for “racism”. Maybe we can cause enough troubles that the system finally gets fixed.

  2. Give a Shempanzee a few crayons and this is the result.

    Here he is creating another masterpiece.

  3. * Last year, he asked his officers to declare whether they are homosexual, a first step to setting up quotas for numbers of gay and lesbian officers.

    Waahhh! What about bisexuals? Waaahhh! What about transgenders? Wooof Wooof! What about the dog squad? Neeeigh! Don’t overlook the mounted police! Forget calling 999 – dial M for MADNESS & hope for the best.

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